How to make a birdhouse with your hands and set on a garden site?

With the coming of spring your garden finds its true beauty. In order, that would further emphasize its naturalness and complement garden decor another element of landscape design, make a birdhouse with his own hands, and you will hear a pleasant tweeting of birds during your long-awaited vacation!

Types of birdhouses

Виды скворечников

Types of birdhouses

From the name of this building you can immediately make an erroneous conclusion, that it is found only starlings, but it is not! In order, what would other feathered friends could settle down in your garden, you must choose the right size and kind of the birdhouse. For example, titmouse birdhouse suitable, height 20-25 cm and a diameter of the hole 3,5 cm. Wagtail, you must build a small ramp in front of the house, because. they don't have enough tenacity legs. Pika will feel comfortable, if you make a birdhouse in two holes (right and left). If in your garden there are cats or other hunters on the birds, you need to build some letkov in the construction of birdhouses, what would be even better to protect the bird.

You can also make original look of the birdhouse – nest, from a piece of tree trunk.

Tools and materials for the manufacture of the birdhouse

Инструменты для изготовления скворечника

Tools for making birdhouse

In order, that would make a birdhouse, we need such tools:

  • Gon
  • A simple pencil
  • Hacksaw with medium tooth
  • 2 drill bits for wood (diameters 5 mm 4 mm)
  • Phillips screwdriver or screwdriver
  • Hammer

Materials required the following:

  • Board (1m length, width 20 cm, thickness 2-2,5 cm)
  • Nails or screws
  • Wire (to hang the birdhouse)

The dimensions of the birdhouse will be:

  • Length 15 cm
  • Width 15 cm
  • Height 35-40 cm

Immediately you should pay attention to, the inner surface of the front wall of the birdhouse must be rough, what would a bird could easily get to the street. If necessary, make the surface of your own hands by creating notches.

If the birdhouse will not hang on the tree, additionally, equip it with a shelf, what would the birds could rest on them and fill the garden with their singing.

So it is necessary to take care of, that would be easy to carry out cleaning of the birdhouse. To do this, create a hinged top cover, due to which cleaning of the birdhouse will be quick and smooth.

Instructions for making a birdhouse with his own hands

Делаем скворечник своими руками

Make a birdhouse with his own hands

The first step is to prepare parts of the birdhouse: cover, the bottom, wall, the perch. For this advance it is necessary to outline the scheme of the birdhouse, type the following:

Схема построения скворечника

The scheme to build a birdhouse

To produce the streaking of the details should be right on the boards with a pencil and a square. The finished parts must have dimensions:

  • Three Board 30*20 cm (top cover, facade, the back wall)
  • Two wide boards 15 cm (the side walls)
  • One Board 15*15 cm (the bottom)

The cover should be on 10 cm longer than the bottom, that would get the visor.

Every detail must be signed, that would not further confuse. The first thing we cut out notches in the front wall of the birdhouse. The diameter should be such, what would the bird not hurt when it would get in the house. The notches should be located at a height of 5 cm from the lid, what if the cat did not get the bird with his paw.

Now you can connect all the parts together with screws. First back wall attached to the side, next, insert the bottom and front wall, after which the birdhouse is mounted on the frame and install the roof.

As you can see, the manufacturer of the birdhouse does not require huge skills tree, as well as a large amount of free time, all that's left, is to install a birdhouse.

Installing a birdhouse in the garden

Установка скворечника на садовом участке

Installing a birdhouse in the garden

Installing a birdhouse in a garden plot should be not less than 3 meters from the ground (so the birds will feel safer). Basis for fixing of the birdhouse can be a tree, pole or wall. Birdhouse you need to install at a slight incline forward, that would keep the rain, and the bird was easier to get inside.

One of the main nuances – the right choice of side. What would a cold wind blew in the birdhouse, it is necessary to direct the notches in the South, East or South-East facing.

As for the time of year, suitable for installation of the birdhouse – it is early spring. Best, what would the birdhouse was waiting for feathered guests from the end of March – beginning of April.

Pleasant for the gardener will help the Chicks, which will destroy the pests of the garden – grubs and may beetles. It is necessary to place the birdhouse near the place of harvest.

Скворечник своими руками

Birdhouse with his hands

Here's all the nuances, which we wanted to share with you, that would create a birdhouse with his own hands. We also recommend you to see a similar article – how to make house for squirrels their hands!

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