How to make an outdoor shower for villas with their hands: step by step instructions to create this garden buildings.

In hot summer weather, work on the dacha takes a lot of energy, as a result, by the end of the day not even thinking about that, to walk. In order, that would at least like to relieve fatigue and to freshen up, it is recommended to take shower with cold or room temperature water. Therefore, a very useful construction in the suburban area will be a summer shower, we'll talk.

Летний душ для дачи своими рукамиTo build a summer shower with his own hands, and not very difficult, you only need to know some of the nuances of the design and operation of such useful structures. Among the advantages of the soul are the high efficiency, associated with natural hot water, and decoration of garden, in the case of a summer shower to decorate and give it some "flavor". The benefit to the person as significant, because. this invention helps to relieve fatigue, hardening of the body and getting rid of stress. You can also buy an outdoor shower in a specialty store, but of course, his price will be no small, and not always the design of the finished structure will be able to fit into a certain garden style. That is why it is highly recommended to make a summer shower with your hands, the more that our useful tips, which will be presented below, you are sure to help!

Accommodation options the summer soul

Летний душ на открытой местности

Outdoor shower in an open area

The main requirement when hosting a summer shower to give is, that he was constantly under the influence of sunlight. In no case do not place the building in the shade of a tree or another building, because. tank, in which to heat the water, will always cold or barely warm.

The most ideal and popular option of placing outdoor shower is installing in the open space in the garden. Design a simple summer shower consists of a tank, crane, shower heads, 4-x stands, rubber Mat and wet strength of the material. The principle of construction is as follows:

Dig 4 stand, the design was sustainable. Racks installed on top of tank, which should be painted black (best of all it absorbs the sun's rays). Attachable to the tank hose and fasten the watering can. A rubber Mat placed under the feet, and wet strength material wrap finished construction. That's all, 2 hours of work and outside shower ready! Just, convenient and useful! The advantage of this tank is mobility, because. it can be easily moved to another location or remove for the winter.

Мобильный летний душ

Mobile outdoor shower

Another easy way to embed soul, is, its location is based on one of the walls of the house. The main caveat to this option is to choose the right side of the house, what would the sun's rays constantly impinge on the surface of the tank. The number of structural elements was reduced, compared with the first option, because. the framework we now don't need. All that is needed, to install the tank on the wall (just above human height), to connect the tank with the hose and watering can and build a simple curtain. Don't forget to take care of that, the wall, to which will be attached to shower. That the wall is not destroyed under the action of moisture, you must protect her: to impose a tile, cover with oilcloth or impregnated with special water repellent. This version of summer shower will suit strong people, because water will not be able to thoroughly warm up due to the effect of the shadow from the house.

Летний душ на стене дома

Summer shower on the wall

Building a summer shower to give your hands

If you have decided to personally build a summer shower, first we need to make it a project. It will help you not only to visualize the idea, but to estimate the quantity of materials needed. Building a summer shower does not need to be treated carelessly, because. takes into account not only the economical efficiency of the installations, but the efficiency of its construction.

Пример проекта летнего душа

Example project a summer shower

Consider the step by step instruction of creating a summer shower:

Step 1 – Prepare the place for the construction

Place for summer soul should be smooth. It is therefore necessary to find a more less level surface, or as necessary to align the, I have. Next constructed the water flow, that he was inclined. Be sure to spread the Stoke waterproof material, such as PVC film, concrete or roofing material. On top of the drain should be laid with the mesh, in order, that would have been airing and does not cause the accumulation of unpleasant odors. If the shower will be used by several people, definitely need to dig a drainage ditch, depth 2-3 m, at a distance of not less 3 metres from shower. The bottom of the hole you need to pour gravel or sand. The walls serve as a plastic barrel without a bottom or old tires. The top drainage pit cover boards, which put vases with flowers or other elements of garden decor. Be sure to create a visual boundary of the drainage holes, use with decorative masonry, stone, or decorative fence from plastic bottles.

Step 2 – Installation of frame summer soul

To start at the corners of the future soul rips holes with a depth of not less than 1 meter. They will need to dig the bars of support, the lower part of which the treated protective antiseptic and obvolakivaet roofing material. It is important that the bars stood vertically (otherwise, the design will be "a drop too much), for this we use a construction level. Bars pour concrete and wait, until it all hardens. Then do the upper and lower harness supports. Frame shower ready.

Step 3 – Roof covering

It's all very simple: on top rail fasten the rafters, which put roofing iron (it can well reflect the sunlight, with the result that the water will heat up even faster).

Step 4 – The installed capacity for the summer soul

A variety of tanks for the soul is very high: they can be flat or cylindrical, of small or large, metal or plastic. The volume of the tank depends on, how many people will use the shower. For a complete family is enough 100 or 200 liter tank. It is important, what would the color of the tank to be darker, best black (as mentioned earlier, it absorbs the heat). Just don't forget to build tank special cover, which will protect the water from debris and evaporation. Before installing the barrel don't forget to cut it for the removal of faucet, which in the future will join the hose and watering can. You can take advice from experienced owners and to establish the perimeter of the tank support, which are edged with polycarbonate – this innovation will create a greenhouse effect and will promote faster heating of the water. Another necessary device for the tank is an indicator of water level, which will tell us the amount remaining in the water tank. Pour water into the tank using the pump with the hose or the old-fashioned way – in buckets.

Step 5 – Sheathed wall shower

First of all, the walls of a summer shower should be combined with the finishes of other buildings in the garden, otherwise General view of the area will look ridiculous. Material for shower walls can be sheet metal, slate or wooden Board. Regarding the latter, the Board must pre-open protective agent, otherwise they will rot quickly.

Step 6 – Doing gender

If a summer shower will rarely and water flow is not provided, you can just make the floor a slight slope and cut a hole in the wall under the dripping water. If the draining hole is provided, it is necessary to equip the floor with a pipe to drain into the gutter. It is also recommended to separate the shower room from the locker room with a low threshold, that would not have carried out the removal of water. Recommended floor tiles, which further sets the tray and rubber Mat.

Step 7 – Door installation

Here, too, many do not mind. The front door is recommended in accordance with the material of the walls, and washroom and locker room divide curtain waterproof.

Step 8 – Decorate outdoor shower

Plot, which is next to the shower, it is recommended to decorate with garden figurines, ornamental shrubs and plants.

A warm summer shower made of polycarbonate with their hands

Теплый летний душ из поликарбоната своими руками

A warm summer shower made of polycarbonate with their hands

In order to use the summer shower for the cottages, not only in the hot summer, but in autumn and spring, it is recommended to use modern building materials, such as polycarbonate.

The benefits of a summer shower and polycarbonate are the following:

  • Shower gets warm during the day
  • The cabin holds heat for a long time
  • On the polycarbonate surface is not created mold
  • Easy care cabin
  • The durability of the material
  • Quick Assembly/disassembly of the frame
  • A wide range of color palettes

To create such a soul must make a frame (the basis of aluminium profiles), in the future, which is sheathed with polycarbonate sheets, with a thickness of 8 to 16 mm. The water tank is installed under the roof of the soul. In order, which would use the building in cold weather, some install standalone water heaters or tanks with autopedigree. It is recommended to treat the walls of a summer shower made of polycarbonate with a special tool, which protect from ultraviolet radiation. On the floor lies a wooden grate and rubber Mat. That's all!

As you can see, building a summer shower with your hands is not a very complicated procedure, so don't be afraid to experiment and build a garden plot of its own structure. Wish you luck and recommend you read the article about, how to choose pumping substation for a suburban area!

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