How to make a canopy made of polycarbonate with their hands with photo and video examples

Polycarbonate is an innovative material in the construction industry. For its short time on the world market it has managed to displace such popular materials, as glass, film and even wood. The first time vacationers chose polycarbonate for building greenhouses, because. this material is highly transparent to solar rays, easy to install and has high strength. However, after a short period of time designers landscape garden drew attention to several very useful advantages of polycarbonate, who helped them in the designer case: the material is easy to bend, forming a semi-circular design, and it also has a wide range of different color shades. Thanks to these advantages polycarbonate, today you can observe, as almost all country house complemented by brightly colored plastic visors. Consider the features of polycarbonate, and the instructions for creating a canopy made of polycarbonate with their hands.

The use of polycarbonate for the roof

Suburban area you can build buildings polycarbonate, such as:

  • Carport
  • Canopy for pool
  • The canopy over the porch
  • Canopy for BBQ

A carport for any structure can be a separate structure, and the extension to the house.

Attach the shed to the house in that case, if the location requires protection from the adverse action of atmospheric precipitation. For example, in order to protect the front door from the hot sun, or to avoid puddles and snow drifts on the open balcony Playground.

Навес в качестве пристройки к дому

Carport as extension to house

Free-standing canopies made of polycarbonate are used as carport (protect the car from snow, hail and rain) or canopy for pool (provide shade in the area of swimming and to protect pool from fallen leaves and other debris).

Стационарный навес

Stationary canopy

The features of the installation of a canopy made of polycarbonate with their hands

Навес из поликарбоната своими руками

A canopy made of polycarbonate

Because polycarbonate is cheaper and easier to install, rather than monolithic polycarbonate, it is often used at summer cottage. In order that the design of this material lasts longer, while installation was faster, consider the following features of the installation of a canopy made of polycarbonate with their hands:

  1. Standard polycarbonate sheets have the following dimensions: length 6 either 12 meters, width 2,1 meter. The direction of the channels along the sheet. Knowing these options in advance to calculate the size of the construction shed thus, that would waste as much as possible.
  2. In order to connect the polycarbonate sheets using special construction profile, the length of which 6 meters.
  3. The ends of the canopy covered face profile, the length of which 2, 1 meter.
  4. For creating the design of semicircular shape, it is necessary to bend the sheet across the length of the running channels, because. by bending the sheets along the, formed room, which in the future may crack.
  5. Installation of sheets should be so, what would the channels were placed perpendicular to the earth's surface. Otherwise into the voids of the sheet will become moist and dust, which not only spoil the appearance of the canopy, but will be the cause of the destruction of polycarbonate (because. in the winter the moisture inside the leaves freezes and, expanding, destroys channels).
  6. The top edge of the sheet is necessary to cover the whole protective tape, which will prevent the ingress of midges, dirt and moisture in voids of the sheet.
  7. The lower edge of the sheet is closed with a perforated film, which allows moisture out and at the same time prevent ingress of insects and dust into the voids of the sheet.
  8. During the drilling of the holes for the mounting screws, the diameter of the holes you need to make it a little more, than the diameter of the screws, in order that the polycarbonate could "play" (expand or shrink) during temperature changes and not crack. Should be taken into account, too large holes will have a negative impact on design, because. they will get moisture and dust. What would it prevent using rubber gaskets, set between the sheet and the mounting screws.
  9. For different forms of design and use different thickness of polycarbonate sheet. We recommend the following sizes:
  • Square canopy large, form an inclined – must use leaves, thick 1 cm.
  • For arched structures enough, what would the thickness of the sheet was 0,8 cm.
  • For small canopies sheet thickness shall be 0.6 cm.
  • For horizontal canopy using a more sturdy and thicker polycarbonate sheets -1,6 cm thick, because. the canopy will have to withstand the pile of snow in the winter.

These features of the installation of a canopy made of polycarbonate with their hands should be considered before installation of the canopy, because in the finished design that a change will be much more difficult.

How to build a canopy made of polycarbonate with their hands

  • First build a frame for a canopy made of polycarbonate, him further secured to the sheets. The best material for the frame – galvanized profile.
  • Then proceed to install support posts, which will make design more sustainable. Each support leg must be installed in the pit (depth 1-1,5 meter) and concreted. The distance between the support posts should not be more 2 meters, regardless of the number of racks.
  • In that case, if supports are made of timber, before install, to be thermally insulated bottom portion of the rail in contact with concrete and soil, what would the tree is not subjected to decay.
  • Proceed to install the cross supports. Give the canopy shape of the arch, curving supports, then join them together with struts.
  • Customize the dimensions of the polycarbonate sheet to the size of the finished design. If the sheet is longer or wider than needed, it is cut with a hand saw.
  • Give polycarbonate arc shape. To do this, attach it to the profile, make the profile cuts through every 5 cm and bend sheet. What would the sheet more bent it is necessary to increase the depth of cut profile.
  • Fix each sheet to the frame with screws and practical. The distance between the holes should be 30 cm.
  • Sizing all edges with tape
Video tutorial – create your own canopy made of polycarbonate

Drawings of canopies from polycarbonate

These models of sunshades might suit your country site, therefore, we recommend you to read detailed drawings:

Photo examples of the original designs of canopies from polycarbonate

In order, what you would have seen in the appeal of a canopy made of polycarbonate, here are some photos of examples of awnings, which was decorated with the participation of designers:

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