How to make a terrace with his hands: tips for building and design of leisure places

For comfortable rest in the fresh air within a suburban area decided to construct buildings such as gazebo, terrace and patio. Often people can't discern from the appearance of the patio and terrace, the difference which lies in the fact, the terrace is located slightly above the earth's surface and, as a rule, fenced decorative support columns. In order, that would rest in the terrace was as comfortable as possible, you need to choose its location and design, we now discuss.
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The nuances of the creation and construction of terraces with their hands

Деревянная терраса своими руками

Wooden terrace with his hands

Before you begin creating terraces, you need to draw it project. Well, if the decision to build a terrace arose when building a house, because. you can just make a common Foundation and roof.

If the terrace will be attached to the finished house, you must consider the following points:

  • The appearance of the terraces should create with a dwelling house, a single architectural style
  • In order, what would the terrace as much time under the sun and was impervious to strong winds, place it on the South side of the house
  • The Foundation for the terrace is recommended columnar
  • If you live in the region, dominated by a hot climate, it is best to create an open terrace, otherwise the terrace is necessary to protect the walls with large Windows.
  • In that case, if the terrace has decking more 0,5 m, for security purposes, create a parapet or side rail, which will protect from casual attack kids, and hide from sunlight and prying eyes of neighbors.
  • A decorative fence will serve as shrubs and plants, planted around the perimeter of the terrace
  • Be sure to make additional doorway between the terrace and a kitchen or living room, that would be convenient to deliver cooked food
  • Just don't forget about that, the view from the terrace must be nice, for example, the flowered garden, or fountain.
  • The minimum area of the terrace should be 9 square meters (room 3*3), what if it could fit at least 6 people.
  • To save money choose quadrangular geometric shape terrace, because. all kinds of circles and broken lines will lead to additional consumption of construction material, associated with his circumcision
  • In order, what would the rain water from falling into an open terrace, the roof must be done with a small takeaway (about 40-50 cm), what would the trapped water quickly flowed from the resort, the surface must be done at a slight angle, 2-3 degrees.
  • What would the water not going near the Foundation of the terrace, you need to make a small drainage layer of gravel and sand, sprinkle it with soil, creating a slight slope from the Foundation

Materials for construction of terraces with their hands

The construction of terraces can be carried out, using a variety of materials, such as wood, stone, glass, brick, metal etc. The most popular option is the manufacturer of decking from wood, because. this material has the following advantages:

  • Sustainability
  • Low price
  • A pleasant aesthetic appearance
  • Durability (if you select such species as teak, oak or larch and pre-process the material with antiseptic)
  • Easy installation
  • High stability and reliability of the design

It is also recommended to make the design of the terrace, using a combination of materials, for example, metal with wood or bricks with metal/wood, what makes a building beautiful, but more durable.

In addition to the frame of the terraces still need to choose the right flooring material. It is recommended to use for flooring wooden poles (of oak or larch) or concrete blocks, on which further elements are attached to the horizontal flooring: Board, laminate or parquet.

All wooden elements of the flooring in advance to handle substances-antiseptics, which will protect the material from rotting, harm insects and fire.

Video tutorial of construction of terraces with their hands

That would not burden you with a mass of complex information about, how to make a terrace with his hands, will provide you with illustrative video lesson, which demonstrates step-by-step creation of terraces near the river. The installation of this built is not different from terrace, created in the garden, therefore, we recommend to view the video and begin to work at his dacha!

Ways to design terraces – photo examples

After, a terrace will be built with your own hands, it must be decorated using different elements of the garden decor. Consider the most popular options for decorating terraces.

First terrace to arrange the furniture. Room the furniture is not suitable in this case, because. she quickly fractured precipitation. It is best to use outdoor furniture made of vines or cheaper plastic furniture.

If the inside of the terrace to create a fireplace or BBQ, it is possible without visiting the kitchen to enjoy outdoor space, especially since the fireplace will give the setting a romantic tone.

On the terrace walls to hang paintings and vases with flowers, which accentuate the interior landscape inside the building.

The walls are recommended to Refine climbing plants, which not only will make the terrace look more attractive, but also protect from sun rays and skew of precipitation.

Well, the appearance of the terrace as well you can easily make unique and attractive, using decorative lighting with garden lanterns, as well as garden figures right style.

Offer to your attention a few photos of examples of the original design of the terrace with his hands:

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