What should be the drainage system in the suburban area?

Today it is impossible to say with certainty, what suburban area on the slope is a bad location. It, of course, it is necessary to strengthen, but at the same time, there are no works on creation of complex system of drainage from the site, because. precipitation off site by gravity. Now we will talk about, what are the drainage system on the site, as well as consider their dignity, disadvantages and scope.

The purpose of the drainage system in the suburban area

Дренажная система на дачном участке

The drainage system in the suburban area

First of all, consider the sources of increased humidity in the summer cottage. First, and the most dangerous source of increased soil moisture on a summer cottage is close to the location of the aquifer (closer, than 2 meters from the earth's surface). In this case, your suburban area subject to the following the negative impact:

  1. Excess moisture contributes to the death of many plants, because. they start to rot
  2. From an overabundance of moisture in the suburban area formed increased accumulation of insects
  3. The damp smell
  4. The area is subjected to waterlogging
  5. Basements and ground floors of the buildings subject to flooding, they are often resistant to mold
  6. In the winter time is the destruction of capital structures: the displacement of the walls, the offset angles, misalignment in the vertical and horizontal plane
  7. Heat all the buildings much worse

And that's not the whole list of the negative impact of high aquifer. So if the ad sales you lured by cheap suburban area, before buying, be sure to perform a geological reconnaissance, otherwise, the problems will be enough.

In addition to the shallow depth of the aquifer, suburban area can be flooded with atmospheric precipitation, which also contribute to a negative impact on the vegetation and construction of buildings.

So if you have not yet created a drainage system on the dacha, be sure to get to work when spring comes.

The drainage system in the suburban area contributes to the diversion of excess of humidity of the area by creating Vodootvodny trunks various designs. It's time to talk about, what are the different kinds of drainage systems.

Varieties of drainage systems on the dacha

The drainage system in the suburban area are divided into deep and surface. Deep drainage design for shallow shallow aquifer, a surface for drainage of atmospheric precipitation.

In turn, surface water drainage can be a point and line, and deep General and local.

Поверхностный дренаж на даче

Surface drainage at the cottage

If surface drainage does not require special preparation (it is enough to determine the site of accumulation of puddles), to create deep drainage it is necessary to take the help of experts, that will make geological exploration of the site and choose the most effective method of draining soil.

Глубинный дренаж

Deep drainage

Based on this, please note that, that surface water drainage is not difficult to do with their hands, and deep drainage it is better to pass into the hands of the professionals.

Now, a little closer look at each of the drainage systems on the dacha.

The system of surface drainage on the dacha

Система поверхностного дренажа на дачном участке

The system of surface drainage on the dacha

As we have said, surface drainage can be linear and point. On a country site it is recommended to combine 2 view one, this will not only increase the efficiency of dewatering, but also save material resources.

Linear drainage

Linear drainage in the suburban area, as a rule, is conducted through the entire area suburban area, passing through pockets of water to the Central sewer or sump.

Linear drainage consists of gutters, iskopaemykh, inlets and grilles. Today there are various materials of the elements of linear drainage, which in turn affect the durability and price of the entire system.

Spot drainage

In contrast to linear drainage, spot drainage is used for local collection of water. This files most often point drainage installed under the runoff rainwater from the roof, and in places irrigation of turf grass and other ornamental plants, that would avoid accumulation of water, that might cause a process of rotting plants.

That would spot drainage was effective, you must carefully analyze the terrain of a suburban area, on the basis of which calculate the slope of the gutters and other details.

Point drainage system consists of inlets and highways of the pipes (gutters).

The system of deep drainage on the dacha

As discussed earlier, subsurface drainage can be local and common. These subtypes of deep drainage are also separated and have different applications, now we will briefly talk about each of them.

Local drainage

Local deep drainage, as a rule, is mounted in order to divert water from a garden buildings. If the area is dominated by sandy soils, local drainage function total deep drainage.

Local deep drainage is divided into Plast, ring and wall.

Wall drainage is recommended for water removal from basements.

Пристенный дренаж

Wall drainage

Ring drainage for effective drainage of water from the foundations of buildings, and, like wall for draining basements. Very often the circular drainage is used together with the total deep drainage, when not enough gets the job. Annular drainage is a creation of drains around the perimeter of the building at a depth below the floor construction. The minimum distance from the drain to the walls of the buildings shall be 5 meters.

Plast drainage, in contrast to the above systems, drainage, you must create at the time of construction of buildings (during the preparatory work). Reservoir drainage represents the drainage of sand-gravel cushion, which have under construction. The height of the pillow should be 20 cm. Please note that, that creates a drainage reservoir at a depth of 2,5-3 m for future construction. In addition to drainage pillow, in this system, fit the drain, in the distance 0,7 -1 m from the bottom of the building (on the outer contour). These drains and ensure drainage. It is advisable to combine reservoir drainage with annular and wall.

The total drainage

Общий дренаж

The total drainage

To the total deep drainage are:

  • Systematic drainage area (complex deep dren, which apply in the case, if the flow of groundwater is not clearly pronounced)
  • Head drainage (crosses the flow of clear groundwater across their width)
  • Coastal drainage (necessary to drain the pond banks, which can be on the site)

Total deep drainage covers the entire territory of the suburban area and contributes to the effective drainage of the entire suburban area. The complex of actions for creation of a common deep drainage is a very complex, expensive and requires the work of professionals. But still, if you have already faced such trouble, as the high location of the groundwater, it is necessary to create a system of total deep drainage on the dacha.

This is all the existing drainage system in the suburban area, as you can see, a lot of them and have the opportunity to choose a specific system or be a combination of several, that will improve the quality of drainage at the cottage.

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