Gate and gate for villas with their hands: how to build wooden gates and gate of corrugated Board.

We all know the saying: "Man clothes, and escorted to the mind". Suburban area also fits this proverb, because. the first thing we pay attention to the fence and the gate house, and then on the well-groomed garden and cleanliness inside the house. Therefore, the creation and design of the wicket gates to testify should be treated with responsibility, because. they are the first to show the wealth and taste of the owners.

Classification of doors and gates


The first step is to choose the material, a suitable composition of a garden plot. He not only needs to be evident, but combined with all garden buildings, a fence and small architectural forms, located on site.

It is best to choose a wooden or metal gate and gate, because. they harmoniously blend with every garden style. Their benefits also in durability, strength and affordable price. Especially that wooden and metal gates with gates can look spectacular with a stone or brick fence.

Деревянные ворота

Wooden gates

Wood products are much cheaper metal, and aesthetic they are no worse. Although if you order a wooden gate, decorated with carved patterns, their price can be much higher, than all the rest, because. the view instance will be unique and very impressive. Wrought iron gate too, looks very rich, but the price of their respective. An optimal ratio of price and quality are considered to be the gate of corrugated Board, which have recently become very popular. For the manufacture of gates, gates also used mesh netting on the frame, plastic and metal bars.

Кованые металлические ворота

Wrought iron metal gates


The gate size primarily depends on the size of the machine, which will call in the yard. If you will enter the car, door width shall not be less than 2,6 meters, if the truck, then at least 3,4 m. The height of the gate depends on the design of the product and does not affect the entry of transport. Sash must be at a height of not less 15 cm from the ground, what would, when the snow falls, they could easily open.

Width of the gate standard – 1 meter, but you can make adjustments. The height of the gate should be slightly above the fence or on his level. If the gate is fences, aesthetic appearance is ridiculous.

By way of opening

As for gates, they, as a rule, swing, but the gate can be not only a swing, but sliding, sliding, lifting. To date, very popular is an automatic mechanism of opening/closing of the valves. Consider the principle of sliding and swing gates, because. they are more popular.

Which is better swing or sliding gates?

Swing gates are a classic option, which is found in most gardeners. Their advantage lies in the following:

  • Easy operation
  • Decent functionality
  • Simple repair and maintenance
  • Affordable price
  • Used for industrial use (because. not require careful attitude to yourself).
  • A variety of sizes and colors
Распашные ворота

Swing gates

Swing gates will suit the hosts, who need gates, not a race for fashion.

Sliding gates are an example of the slogan "Everything of genius is simple". Their design is a cantilever gates with a hidden mechanism – rollers, which allow to easily open/close the gate. The advantage of sliding gates is in reliability and ease of use. There are also automatic sliding gates, which generally will not force a person to use force when opening. Use sliding gates in that case, if the car frequently leaves/calls in the territory, it mostly happens on the depot., factories and other enterprises.

Откатные ворота

Sliding gates

Gate and gate: photo examples of original design solutions

If you don't know, how to decorate your gate and gate, what would they have noticed the surrounding, we offer you to familiarize yourself with the original photo examples of gates and gate for a country house.

How to make a wooden gate with their hands?

Деревянная калитка своими руками

Wooden gate with their hands

It is worth noting, this work will be a force man, with experience in the locksmith and carpentry work. Time it will take not a lot, material resources as well, but the good mood at the sight of the fruit of their labor you will get daily.

First you need to, that would make a wooden gate with their hands is to choose the right sort of wood. It is recommended to stay on the larch, oak or cedar. Immediately you need to handle plaque antiseptic, to protect them from rotting and insect damage. If you follow all the guidelines and rules when creating a wooden gate, it will last you at least 10 years.

Necessary tools and materials

Before you build the gate with his own hands, prepare in advance all the necessary materials, because. the lack of any of them will suspend the process, we don't need them. As wooden elements can be used not only Board, but the fence, we will do that.

So, materials we will need the following:

  • Fence boards
  • Latch, door handle, loop
  • Metal corners and screws for wood

As for tools, we will need:

  • Building level
  • Emery
  • Rope
  • Appliances (drill, jigsaw, screwdriver)
  • Chisel
  • Planer
  • A simple pencil
  • A hacksaw and a hammer

The steps of creating the gate

Элементы деревянной калитки

Elements wooden gate

1 First we need to determine the distance between supports. Correctly measured the distance between supports will ensure smooth operation of the gate. The supports are metal, wooden or concrete posts. In General, the material of the support is not important, the main thing, what would it be durable and sustainable. That would certainly fix the distance between the supports, they should be put on the ground and to seal any possible means (a fence or wire).

2 Now proceed to install support poles into the ground. To do this, dig the hole deep 0,8 – 1 meter and pours a small layer of pebbles or broken bricks (that would support not to fall into the ground). During the construction of the pillars is necessary to consider the distance between the bottom rail of the gate and the ground, what would the gate be opened freely. As soon as supports was placed in a pit, applicable construction level, that they stood vertically, further, the pillars are fixed by spacers and filled with cement-sand mortar. The construction of the gate must be made only after complete solidification of the solution. If your area has sandy soil, it is also necessary to concrete the gap between the supports. At the end of this phase weld the hinges to the posts.

3 At this stage, made the door. First prepare a frame-based, to do this, fasten four boards at a right angle with metal corners. Next to the frame, attach the hinges and proceed to check frame, what would she fit into the opening. If all goes well start closing up the entire frame fence. The upper part of gate cut with a jigsaw in the form of a zigzag, wave or just straighten. Door handle and the lock cut in the last turn.

4 This is final stage, on it hang the gate on hinges the pillars and check, what would the door freely opened and closed. To lock the gate closed as will secure to the edge of a piece of rubber.

That's all, wooden gate with their hands ready! Definitely after installation, open the gate, varnish or paint with a suitable paint.

Installation instructions the gate of corrugated Board with your hands

Схема установки ворот из профнастила

The scheme of installation of the gate of corrugated Board

  1. To the supporting poles of the fence with both sides welded loop
  2. Installed between the supports and the uprights of the gate metal strip
  3. Weld a piece of pipe between the upper and lower goal posts. Tube length is the distance between the upper racks. Another piece of pipe, divide gate on 2 equal parts.
  4. For installing the cutting Mat in the bottom of the gate weld the horizontal pipe, the same pipe welded in the center of each of the halves of the gate.
  5. Cut the gate in half using a grinder
  6. Ready halves of the gate are removed from the pipes, primed and painted
  7. When the pipe is dry, fasten them to the screws on the perimeter gate
  8. That would cover the crack between the doors, attached to one of the folds of the strip of metal. The building frame is completed!
  9. The finished frame is attached sheets of corrugated Board. The fastener is carried out by using aluminum rivets.
  10. To shutters installed deadbolts
  11. Hung the gate on hinges

As you can see, work on the installation of wooden gates and gate of corrugated Board is still quite difficult and require the assistance of professionals. So, if you do not possess special skills to work with wood and metal, better spend some money and consult the professionals in this case, after the gate the person at home! But still, if you have Golden hands and you basically give preference to handwritten creation of any garden building, then wish you good luck and many creative ideas! We also recommend you to read the article how to make sandbox for children their hands!

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