Minisink for car – tips for choosing a washer, and also creating the device with their hands

Every honest car owner carefully watches the appearance of your car, because it is, how the vehicle looks like on the outside and will say a lot about its owner. Bad weather conditions, creating mud and puddles on the roads, doing the "iron horse" contaminated and not attractive (no matter Zhiguli or a Ferrari), it is therefore not hurt to purchase a washer for car.

Минимойка для автомобиляCar washer not only allows you to save the family budget (after washing the car should be not less than once a week, a modern car – the service is not cheap), but to protect the coating machine from the low-quality detergents car wash (because. often used cheap tools, spoiling body Polish). Because of this, acquiring or creating their own hands personally, the washer will be a very useful component of your garage.

The principle of operation of the car washer

Принцип работы автомобильной минимойки

The principle of operation of the car washer

As you may have guessed, the prefix "mini" means a compact size car wash. Small dimensions and mobility allow to carry the sink in the boot when the nature of the trip/the country/ for work, and the fact, that it can be used anywhere, leaves a stationary carwash a step behind.

The principle of the washer is not very difficult. The main work is on the pump, which creates a certain pressure of water. The works of a pump of a small electric motor. The pressure of water pumped through the hose to the nozzle (its diameter is approximately 0,7 mm). Well, not hard to guess, very high pressure in combination with a small diameter nozzle produces a powerful jet of water, which, actually, and removes from the body of the car pollution of any complexity.

The types and main characteristics of the washers

For the classification of washers, use their basic parameters, on the basis of which creates a gradation of levels (from primary to higher). These settings include:

  • ease of use
  • the quality of cleaning
  • Performance

What would you understand, the difference between the levels of primary and higher, also significant, as the difference between the old and new MOP wet vacuum.

Home appliance – minisink elementary level

These washers typical cleaning small dirt car body. Dimensions, it is not strange, significantly small, and the capacity ranges from 1,3 to 1,6 kW. The major drawback of these sinks is, that allowed to use them no more, than once a week, and while a single operation must not exceed half an hour. In case of violation of rules of use of the minisink elementary level, will be rapid wear of the brushes, then the entire device will cease to function. The only advantage of such sinks – small cost.

The average washer

Unlike the entry-level washers, these washer are more seasoned in relation to lifetime (resource use is 1200 hours), and also have the advantage of high power ( to 3 kW), as a result, performance will be higher. You can also forget about limits use of the sink, after all, it can be used whenever necessary, so, the car will be clean every day.

The highest level – all possible functions in one device

Washer top-level are called washers extra-class. A set of functions this device creates the greatest comfort when using. Such washing is capable of working over a long period of time, to withstand heavy loads, and wash away the pollution of any complexity. They can not only wash the body of the car, but garden paths, curbs, carpets, fences etc. As for speed of cleaning, she 5 times faster, than sinks entry level. This advantage will greatly save your time!

Пример минимойки экстра-класса

Example washer extra-class

Convenient solution for the motorist washing from the cigarette lighter

мойка от прикуривателя

sink from the cigarette lighter

To date, the markets with spare parts and accessories for cars full of various interesting devices, running from the cigarette lighter in the car. One of these handy devices – control devices for car, which can operate from 12V. Small size allow easily carry it in the trunk of a car, and the unit's power enough for, that would eliminate from the car dust and dirty. Of course, this car is inferior sinks and extra class intermediate level, but it is ideal for people, who are constantly on the road.

How to choose the right washer?

Пример автомобильной минимойки

Example car washer

First, decide for yourself, how often you will use the sink. During the selection of the unit carefully read and compare the various features and functions of various washes. Immediately it is worth noting, the speed and quality of the laundering of dirt depends on the generated pressure of the water, it is therefore necessary to choose the sink with the pressure from 90 bar. Among other important characteristics and functions of cleaning, allocate:

The performance of the washing

Performance car wash is a characteristic, which shows, how much water can be pumped the pump of the washer for a certain unit of time. Performance directly affects the strength of the generated pressure. Existing appliances sinks have performance of around 612 l/min.

The technology of water intake

When the washer is connected to the water supply, immediately formed an involuntary water intake, which provides instant pressure in the system. Then it will serve the function of the apparatus, which creates pressure for admission of water into the hose. Therefore, at the time of purchase washing, be sure to make sure, whether a technology of water intake. Immediately draw attention to the fact, that washes the primary level, it is not, so the price will be a bit more expensive.

Pump electric pump

On the strength of the pump pump, depends on the formation of water pressure, therefore, the material of the pump must be of high quality and durable. In inexpensive models units are mounted head plastic, that can handle work up to half an hour a day at low pressure, but this is a minor load. If you ignore the rules of operation – pump fast break, and then you should buy a new sink (because. repair of pump is extremely disadvantageous). In the case, if the pump is made of metal (basically it is silumin or brass), it lasts a lot longer. Version made of brass more, but the pump will have good anti-corrosion properties (such pumps are used in professional car washes). Silumin cheaper brass, but quality is also pretty good, therefore, its use in the manufacture most part of the units.

Water heating

An important role, in the winter, plays water temperature, where are you going to wash the car. As the cold water entering the cracks of the body can destroy the lacquer finish, you should select the washer with hot water function, which will be very useful.

Total Stop System

This system is used to automatically disable the washing while lowering the handle of the gun. The usefulness lies in the fact, that the functioning of this system significantly saves water and prolongs the life of equipment.

Filter washing

The purpose of the filter (in our case, water) is to clean the water from dirt and abrasive particles, negative effects which cause the pump motor to premature unfitness. There are disposable and reusable filters. You should choose reusable filters, because. they are more practical.

Repair washer

Like any other device, different models of washers have their weaknesses. So it is important to try to find out from a consultant, or on various forums about that, what are the critical place that has your chosen sink and what precautions you need to apply in advance. Moreover, the design of devices for washing the car built this way, to best facilitate care for the whole apparatus. Should be the same at the stage of purchase of the car wash to ask about that, where is the service center for maintenance of your sink, and to clarify the terms of warranty.

How to make a washer for the car with his hands

That would make a minisink personally, need a little time, as well as handy tools, that always is in the garage of the motorist. With regard to the means, they include:

External electric fuel pump (in our case from the car "Volga")

Canister 20L

Reinforced hose (it will be enough 5 m)

Clamps, bonded wire

Brush with the tap adjust the water pressure

The switch from the lamp

Plug for car cigarette lighter


The wire for the pump (two-wire). The length of the wire equal to the length of the hoses, the same wire is needed for power.

Collect mobile caution: your hands will not be a problem for any car owner, but the result will save you money and bring satisfaction from my work. An example of such a washer can appreciate in the photo:

Как сделать минимойку для автомобиля своими руками

How to make a washer for the car with his hands

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