Decoration pots for flowers and kaslo in crackle technique, the technique of decoupage, mosaic, the patina and sisal + 52 photo decor ideas

If you have suffered the desire to do something with their hands, then by combining the useful with the pleasant, make the brightly decorated garden flower pot. This occupation is very fascinating and will transform your plain, washed the pot into a small work of art, which stylishly complement the entire garden decor.

Украшенный горшок для цветовFor decorating the flower pot ideal ordinary clay pots. The price of them is low, and the material is very comfortable for dressing, unlike cheap plastic. Another advantage of clay pots is, that plants feel comfortable, being in them, and because. the clay material is porous, no problems with the transmission of the required amount of air. In order, what would an original way to decorate the pot you can use any of the existing decorations, starting with the decoupage and the art of painting and ending with crackle. For photo examples of different design solutions, we offer you some ideas for decorating flower pots and Kallo. Crackle technique and decoupage technique, for decorating flower pots, and so the same decoration patina, sisal, mosaics with your own hands + 52 photo decor ideas in the end of the article.

Decorating flower pots with egg shell crackle technique

Декорирование цветочных горшков при помощи техники кракле

Decorating flower pots with crackle technique.

First of all, consider, what is this strange word, like crackle. Technique crackle is a decorative design of pottery "antique", creating surface patterns of cracks, with the help of special tools. Design with crackle use krakelyurnogo varnish, we add creativity and use shell of boiled eggs. Before you can use the shell, it can be painted in any desired color, or you can use natural white and cream coloring. Next, the shell should be flushed, degreased in a solution of baking soda and dry. As well, if you do not wish to paint the shell, you can reverse, paint a clay pot, whatever it was combined with the natural color of the shell. After selecting the color proceed to the application of the shell on the flower pot or jar. On the surface of the pot or jars, apply PVA glue and gently spread the shell (convex side up), then with a napkin or piece of paper, press it to the flower pot or jar, what would the shell thoroughly glued and covered with mesh cracks – craquelure. You can play with the width of cracks, making it more or less. You must then cover the ornament with ink, and the excess is wipe with a wet cloth. So in the end decorating recommended to open ready a pot of varnish for durability of the decor.

Oriental style decor flower pot

Восточный стиль декора цветочного горшка

Oriental style decor flower pot.

As in the above embodiment, decoration, we use decoration flower pot with crackle technique, but the highlight is the Eastern character, the value of which you will be able to choose. All we need is eggshell, PVA glue, acetone, acrylic paint and acrylic varnish. Start all the same, wash and degrease the shell, we dry it, then carefully washed the pot and degrease with acetone. After that, paint the flower pot or jar in the desired color, which can be combined with the character, so with shells. Next, choose any Oriental character and apply it to the surface of the pot. After everything has dried, we now turn to applying crackle. On the land surrounding symbols apply PVA glue and leans against the shell, as usual, cracking it with a napkin or paper. Do not forget to open the pot with varnish and all, your art work is ready!

Decoration flower pot with mosaic

Украшение цветочного горшка с помощью мозайки

Decoration flower pot with mosaic.

In order, to decorate the pot this way, you need colored glasses, stones, PVA glue, grout for tile, varnish and brush.

First you have to pick up the pebbles and glass mosaic of different colors (th more the better), if necessary, design the pattern on a sheet of paper and then mark the pot for the corresponding image. Next, fix the pattern of stones on the pot (significantly speed up the process the hot glue, not PVA). After, as the stones will stick, proceed to the application of grout for tile, which coat the entire pot. If suddenly some pebbles mosaic will disappear, do not worry, they can be stuck in a day, when the grout dries completely. Through 10-15 minutes after applying the grout, a damp cloth can be wiped with a pebbles mosaic, which vypekalis. A day after applying the grout, the flower pot is covered with varnish and is ready to use.

Making flower pots using the technique of decoupage

Оформление цветочных горшков при помощи техники декупажа

Photo making flower pots using the technique of decoupage.

Decoupage technique is the application on the flower pot or jar of colorful pictures, cut from napkins, printing products, fabrics etc.

Imagine you step by step instructions of applying decoupage on flower pot:

  1. The surface of the pot is painted with bright acrylic paint. It is desirable that the paint was the same color.
  2. Select your favorite drawing. If it is on a napkin, cut out the appropriate part and share the napkin into layers (we only need the top layer).
  3. Blend dry figure on dry flower pot (this is important). Next, using the brush smooths the cloth and apply PVA glue in the ratio of water 1:1, moreover, the brush must move from the center to the edges of the picture, that would remove all folds and wrinkles.
  4. When the glue dries, be sure to reveal the flower pot or jar with lacquer.

Decoration flower pot sisal

Украшение цветочного горшка сизалем

Decoration flower pot sisal

Another design decision is the decoration of the flower pot sisal thread. For this we need only glue, construction glue and thread. To begin, we open the pot with glue, then gently laid sisal yarn in a circle. A striking addition of this decoration is considered to be a braid woven from the same sisal yarn. The finished braid can be glued to the wrapped pot, that will create a vivid composition of the product.

Flower pot in a wood-style

If you want to decorate your pot, this version of the decoration is exactly like you. All you need is a thin sprigs, string, burlap and hot glue. As pot you can even use a jar of small diameter. To start the interlaced branches of the same size twine (length of branches should be equal and slightly greater than the height of the pot). Then wrap a flower pot (either the Bank) burlap and fix the ends of the burlap with hot glue. Finally, put on sackcloth related branches, tying joint "bow" the string. Ready!

Decorating flower pot with patina

Декорирование цветочного горшка эффектом патины

Decorating flower pot with patina

The patina is a decorating flower pots in the style of antiquity, antiquity. Make antique pot is simple enough and very easy. To start degrease the surface of the pot any alcohol-containing liquid and fill it with sandpaper grit 70. Next, sloppy brush strokes covered the surface of the pot is water-resistant coat and give it time to dry. On top of the putty, apply paint or swamp dark shade and fill the sandpaper grit 100, those places, where is the filler too much. That's actually your antique flower pot and ready!

Other options decor flower pots – 52 photo ideas

As well the flower pot can be decorate with Luggage moss, birch bark, cones, sleeves of old knitted sweaters, buttons, the same size of ordinary pencils etc. In General, any improvised material, in the presence of imagination will be a bright decoration for the flower pot, the main thing, that was a desire and creative thinking!

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