Develop a relaxation area with terrace, patio and gazebo barbecue with your hands

As a suburban area is not only a place, where we used to grow vegetables, fruit, but the place is cozy break from the urban everyday problems, the recreation area on the dacha should be given sufficient attention, that would be for heavy everyday you always thought about, I can't wait to get to the cottage. Today, there are lots of options for the arrangement of recreation areas: from the simple beach umbrella with chair, to a more complex gazebo with a barbecue or patio. Consider the tips for choosing the optimal variant for the arrangement of the places of rest at the summer cottage.

What to consider, creating a relaxation area?

Зона отдыха своими руками

Relaxation area with their hands

The first thing you need scale to draw on the album sheet the layout of the suburban area, noting the drawing place residential home, the garden and garden buildings.

Further, choosing the most ideal for recreational areas, need using wooden pegs and ropes, observing the real size, to create the boundaries of the recreation area.

Планировка садовой территории с зоной отдыха

The layout of the garden with Seating area

If the selected plot will have irregularities, be sure to remove them, because. it is desirable that the surface was more or less equal.

Then determined with the purpose of the recreation area: or it will be the place to stay in quiet solitude, either place, where you can enjoy a pair, or place of rest in a noisy company in the circle of friends. This factor will depend on the location of the recreation area and its dimensions.

Easier, faster and cheaper to make a compact area thus:

Choose a place in the garden under the tree, set beside it a table with chairs and leads to this place a garden path, paved with paving slabs or gravel.

If the size of the suburban area allows you to select a recreation area a lot of space, it, of course, it is recommended to build a gazebo, terrace or patio with their hands, because. these buildings not only allow the most comfortable rest, but will give your country site for the highlights and a harmonious appearance.

In order, what would the area, hand made, carrying a decorative function, it is recommended to equip it with decorative climbing plants, garden figurines and unusual lighting, such as glowing stones, garden lights and hanging lanterns on solar batteries.

The area can be done as an extension of the house, and individual construction, the main thing, what would the materials combined with the dwelling house (as a roofing, and facing), otherwise the General appearance of the decor will look ridiculous.

Consider the tips for creating the most popular recreation areas: pergola with barbecue, terraces and patios.

Arrange the Seating in a gazebo with barbecue

About, how to make a gazebo with your own hands, we have said, now take a closer look at the options for its decoration.

As you know, the main advantage pergola with barbecue itself is oven-barbecue, which during a vacation you can easily barbecue or cook a nourishing ear, this holiday is not only rich, but memorable.

BBQ oven is recommended to be mounted in the rear wall of the gazebo, what would cooking dinner does not interfere with the guests to move freely to the garden and back. Material for stove BBQ will serve a natural stone or fire brick, depending on, which design do you prefer.

Do not forget also to decorate the gazebo climbing plants and small architectural forms appropriate garden style.

Here are some original photos of examples of decorating a gazebo with a barbecue with their hands:

Doing a patio for recreation

A patio is a, in fact, small patio, in which there is garden furniture to relax, sheltered from prying eyes by using decorative fencing or trellis with climbing plants. In other words, the patio is a room, located in the open air.

The tradition of constructing patios came to us from the Mediterranean countries, where this building is very popular.

In order, it would be right to build a recreation area, as patio, you first need to choose the most perfect place in the garden. Ideal South side on flat terrain.

The earth's surface, where there will be a patio, be sure to put paving slabs or natural stone.

That would give the area a spectacular view, decorate it with wooden elements, which it is necessary to artificially wear out (with brush metal and dark paint).

That would be relaxing on the patio you can enjoy on a cold night, it is recommended to build a small fireplace.

If the patio is attached to the side of a residential building, where is the kitchen, be sure to connect the kitchen and patio door, it would be convenient to bring food and drinks into the area with their hands.

As with the previous version of the area in the gazebo, patio must be done in the same design, like a house, the whole building looked perfectly compliant to the main garden style.

Terrace for the garden as a recreation area

Such a construction, as the terrace is a more revised version of a patio. Their difference is, the terrace is located on a low Foundation, which protects against rainwater harvesting in the place of rest.

The construction of terraces with their hands has already been addressed, so stop better on that, how to decorate terrace.

It is best to decorate the Seating area in the terrace with wooden materials, varnished.

Climbing plants can be a useful and effective decoration of the recreation area.

What would the view from the terrace gave a relaxing vacation, pitch next to the building a fountain or artificial pond (because we all know, the water calms).

At present, there are many options for decorating the recreation area with your hands, who better to demonstrate clearly, so we give you some original photos of examples terrace decoration in summer cottage:

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