The creation of the well of concrete with their hands: manual + 53 photo ideas design well

Very often the surface of the well create from log, but such luxury can afford not every., and the technology requires special skills in the construction business. That's why we decided to provide a creative example of, as you can easily at minimal cost to create and make a decorative well made of concrete with their hands, we now discuss. Next will be presented 53 photo gallery, decoration, decoration of various types of structures wells.

The tools to build a well of concrete with their hands

In order, to create and execute well of concrete we will need the following materials and tools:

  • Cement-sand mortar (one batch, which is approximately equal to 3-4 buckets volume 10 liters),
  • Half-liter cans of paint pastel shade,
  • Brush,
  • Trowel,
  • The container for mortar (10-liter bucket will fit),
  • Spatula,
  • Small natural stones about the same size.

Step-by-step process of building decorative well

So, moving to the laying of a well for the garden. Initially, prepare a place for the well. Fill gravel evenly, tamp. Do circular formwork to create rings or buy pre-cast concrete ring well. Install it on a brick and mortar.

Исходный вид бетонного колодца

The source tab view is the only concrete ring well.

If the finished ring is already, then knead the solution, what is better to use a mixer. After this concrete ring well apply all the solution is evenly, what would the thickness of the layer on all sides were the same.

Then with a spatula flatten the sides of the well and waiting, until the solution starts to grab a bit.

Simple design well, until the concrete has stiffened

Begin design of our decorative well. At the bottom it is recommended to decorate the well with natural stones, enough that with a little effort to push in the solution. The upper part decorate, using creative.

The photo shows a variant design of the well of concrete by creating a pattern of "brick":

Оформленный колодец из бетона

The well decorated concrete

That would be simple to make your concrete well as well, you need to set a little solution, your finger to draw the blocks.

In addition to bricks, you can make any other pattern, using all their imagination and creative thinking. For example, to enter the well from the concrete pattern of the rings, you can take an ordinary glass jar and push her neck into the solution, applied to the well.

After, as the pattern will be created, leave the well for a day, what would the cement has completely hardened, then, using paint and brush, to paint the bricks. Instead of a brush you can also use an ordinary sponge, it is easier to paint the bricks.

That's all, easily create and design the shaft with his hands made. Look so do we have an article about Russian well – the original decoration for garden photo ideas design and even in our material, about photo options decorative wells. As you can see, the process is pretty easy and it can handle even the novice in the construction business.

What would the process of design was more interesting, it is recommended to involve in the work of the child, if there is one, it will bring you closer and will allow your child to participate in the process!

Еще один вариант оформления бетонного колодца

Another option without a special design of the shaft, but according to our instructions, you can make concrete.

The only, what you need to bring to your attention is the color of the coloring well. Ridiculous is a kind of green, pink or other bright colors well, so choose the paint more.!

12 Photo decoration ideas decorative Russian well flowers and other styles.

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Wells concrete, stone, metal and wood, as with the roof visor, and without it. Choose which option will fit your style and landscape design garden, suburban area. Presents various designs of wells, not only a classic Russian style.

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