Garden design with stones

Which stones to choose for forgery?

Раскрашенные камни в саду

Painted rocks in the garden

Oddly enough, but stones for garden counterfeits have their own unique requirements.

First, the pebbles should be of the same breed, what would the composition was harmonious.

Second, surfaces of the stones should not have cracks and chipping – stones must be perfectly smooth.

Third, the size of the stones should be about the same. If you create a figure of large stones and small pebbles, it's unlikely her view will be attractive.



Based on all these requirements, it is recommended to choose the small stones on the type of sea pebbles and large stones of the same appearance.

The creation of the figures of stones

In order, that would make the figure of the stones with their hands, it is necessary to have on hand such materials:

  • Pebbles of the right size
  • Acrylic paint in various shades
  • Small and large brushes
  • Special waterproof glue for stones
  • Paper and a pencil

To start creating a sketch on paper. Then clear the stones from the dirt and wash thoroughly with water. When the stones are completely dry, start pasting the appropriate figures (for example, frogs, as pictured).

Further, the finished figure of stones should be painted in the desired color and in a day after painting it can be installed in an appropriate place in the garden.

Photo garden figurines stones:

Create a picture of the stones

More creative idea for garden decoration stones is the creation of a picture of the stones. A picture can be hung on the house, the fence, in the recreation area and even retaining wall.

In order, that would make the picture of the stones with their hands You will need the following materials:

  • Stones of small size
  • Acrylic paint
  • Some brushes of different sizes
  • Special glue for stone
  • Body painting – a piece of plywood or Board
  • Paper and a pencil

So, you first need to define the look of the picture and make the appropriate thumbnail.

After that the body painting to paint in any color, which is the background of the product. Then leave the Board at the time 1 day, what would the paint has dried, then go to the stones.

Do not rush to paint the stones, this is done after gluing. First, the paper will lay out the whole picture, to see, how attractive it will look in finished form.

When the Board dries, glue the stones to the picture, and if necessary, paint the stones any color.

To Your attention photo of pictures of stones:

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