Useful tips on design and layout of the suburban area with their hands

What would the country look attractive and at the same time provided all the needs of a country house it is necessary to properly carry out the design and layout of the suburban area. Depending on the size of your house (6,9,10, 15 acres, etc.) there are different "configuration" of a suburban area. Next, we consider the useful tips from the professionals, through which you will be able to effectively allocate a place under various objects on the dacha.
Дизайн и планировка дачного участка

The design and layout of the suburban area

So, after collecting the opinions of experts in construction and landscape design, we highlighted the most important tips on original design and layout of the suburban area with their hands:

  1. The main building – a house, from the location of the home will depend on the comfort further time on the site. With regard to the location of the house on the dacha, his place, as a rule, the front yard at a distance 5 meters and more from the "red line". Another important point is the installation location of Windows, because. through the Windows will pass the sun light (natural heating of buildings). Based on this, it is not recommended to install Windows with exit to the South and North side. In the first case, the house will overheat in the summer, in the second case, the process will be reversed in the winter will be cooler in the house.
  2. Check under the car to the Parking lot (garage either canopy) must also be with the front of the yard, in order of comfort.
  3. All country houses relevant to the garden and the garden, but in the same heap of compost, outside shower and toilet should be located behind the house (in the backyard), that would not degrade the landscape design site.
  4. The garden also must have in the backyard. Please note a very important thing. Most gardeners-beginners, create the space garden "by eye". This is a very big mistake, because. in this case, are used irrationally weave, where so few. We recommend that you initially calculate, how many and which vegetables you need for the diet, then line the beds with the exact number of bushes. On the basis of calculations to take place in the garden. In this case, the area under the garden will be the most correctly matched.
  5. To save space in a small summer cottage (6, 9, 10 acres) it is recommended to set all the objects in the correct geometrical form.
  6. Recreation areas we recommend that you create on the front portion of, especially Playground, she should be in front, on view.
  7. Decorative elements of the garden (waterfalls, streams, small architectural forms) it is also recommended to place on the front portion of, what would the front of the cottage was as beautiful as you can.
  8. To Refine Northern (the rear part) suburban area use ornamental plants, but choose, in this case, shade-tolerant trees and shrubs.
  9. Around the perimeter of the garden, in order to save the territory, recommended to plant a variety of berry bushes, which also will serve as a hedge for decorating nondescript vegetable beds.
  10. Trees need to be planted in front of the plot, in this case, you "one shot kill two birds with one stone": first protect the area from sunlight, and secondly ensure the trees normal growth. Also you should pay your attention to the fact, the trees should be placed at a distance from 3 to 5 meters away from other objects (in order to ensure normal growth of seedlings).
  11. To prevent the spread of odor from the compost piles, seat around them flowers, that will kill the smell.
  12. If for some reason remained unused spot in the garden, decorate it lawn grass, that would definitely help and give the landscape design of the area more decorative look.
  13. You can also take the help of experts in the field of design. They are not for so much money will design your site, use all its advantages and disadvantages to create a more original and attractive patterns, and will make your garden truly unique!
  14. To combine decorative and protective use fence hedges, they are perfect for protecting your country site from prying eyes, will be a source of oxygen and give the landscape design site a more attractive appearance.
  15. While you are in the process of construction of country houses and the design of the planned areas, create the back yard of a lightweight wooden structure, which will temporarily serve as a place for sleep and rest. In future this building can be used as amenities to store all garden tools.
  16. If your country site is on a slope, be sure to use this, at first glance a disadvantage (although the design is a significant advantage) and create such unusual decorative objects, as retaining walls, flowing down the stream, Alpine slide, the grotto etc.
  17. Route garden paths not only between the functional entities cottages (for example, from the gate to the house and from house to hozblok), but for walks in the garden, to enjoy all the attractions of a suburban area. In the latter case, the garden path needs to be more curvy, what would the walk lasted for as long as possible.
  18. Not necessarily as recreation areas to construct capital gazebo or patio, quite comfortable to relax can be and garden furniture under a beach umbrella, and rocking chair next to the Playground.

That's advice, we wanted you to provide in order, what would your future suburban area was comfortable and beautiful. We wish you good luck in the independent design and planning of suburban area!

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