The advantages and disadvantages of different irrigation systems plants at their summer cottage

Watering plants at their summer cottage is one of the main types of works on care of garden area. Scientific and technological progress does not stand still and today the work on watering plants with your own hands is minimized. In this article we will list the most popular watering plants with your own hands, and their main advantages and disadvantages.
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Системы полива растений на дачном участке

System watering plants at their summer cottage

Watering plants outdoor watering

Watering garden watering is the most simple form of caring for holiday plants. As you know, in this case, watering is done manually with the help of the most popular garden tools for your garden plot – small garden watering can.

Полив растений садовой лейкой

Watering plants outdoor watering

With regard to the capacity of the watering can, today there are many types of garden watering cans of various sizes. It is recommended to opt for a 10 litre plastic watering cans, because. they have a relatively small weight and is able to moisturize no less 1 the beds.

When choosing garden on the lake you must pay attention to its design features. Often the cheaper lake, the more inconvenient it is to use. It is recommended to choose garden watering cans, having a comfortable handle and a long spout for watering. Also pay your attention to the fact, what would the lake was balanced in the filled state.

Among the advantages of watering the garden watering can isolated:

  • The main advantage of garden watering cans is, that stream for irrigation is targeted, so, have the ability to water a specific plant in a particular place.
  • The next advantage of garden watering cans – cheap. In addition, the price of the heads is miniscule compared to the prices of the following types of irrigation, so even this method of irrigation implies a considerable savings of water resources, because. you will not be watered bare soil, what happens when watering, watering plants.

The disadvantage watering plants outdoor watering is entirely manual labor. If you have a large plot of land, then watering with a watering can every day you will take a long time, especially what to wear for a few hours 10 litre watering can is unnecessary physical exertion.

Summarizing we can say, that watering plants with a watering can is suitable only in case if the area of your garden is to small, a vacation at their summer cottage for you stands in the background.

Watering plants with hose

The following irrigation systems – irrigation with water from a hose. This type of irrigation is widely used by gardeners and is the most popular and equally simple. All you need to do is connect a hose to the water supply system.

Полив растений шлангом

Watering plants with hose

The choice of the hose must meet a few requirements, the main ones are strength and flexibility of the hose, and double-ply nature of the shell. It is recommended to purchase hose with nylon braid, because. it satisfies all these requirements.

How to choose hose for irrigation?

Watering hose is manufactured on large areas of a garden plot. What would watering was the most effective, you must use a special spray nozzle, that creates a focused stream of water, simulating watering garden watering can.

The main advantages watering plants with a hose is, again, cheapness is capable of, easy watering, and as little physical labor.

The disadvantages of watering plants with the hose are:

  • During irrigation it is necessary to carry a hose, which has a weight. Very often it happens, that hose breaks young bushes plants while dragging.
  • If watering a garden hose without a nozzle, the strong stream of water can wash out plants or even break them.
  • Less significant, but the disadvantage of watering plants from a hose is watering manually, and today there are many technologies to reduce manual labor.

Perforated watering hose

The perforated hose is a hose, having small holes at a distance 20 – 30 cm, created at the beginning and end of the beds. A perforated hose can be laid on the surface, and in the soil at a depth of 8-10 cm. To make a perforated hose with your hands very simple, the holes created by the awl.

Полив растений перфорированным шлангом

Perforated watering hose

Watering plants a perforated hose can significantly save water resources, thus by a moderate dosed watering of plants.

Advantage a perforated irrigation hose is, that manual labour in this case is absent, all you have to do is turn on the water and enjoy the country site. Material costs are also minimal, the price of the hose is not very big.

The disadvantages this system of watering plants is, that hose cannot be used for other purposes, because. he "holed". It should also be noted, for watering plants a perforated hose to create a highway of hoses, because one hose is able to pour one, a maximum of two beds.

It should be noted, that perforated watering hose to relate to the so-called "lazy" the irrigation area.

Drip watering plants

Капельный полив растений

Drip watering plants

Drip watering is a bit like watering a perforated hose, only in this case the hose is suspended over the bed (on wooden pegs). Unlike perforated hose, in this case, holes cannot do with their hands, you need to buy a special hose, in which building in the dropper at a distance from 20 and to 150 cm from each other. The result is drip irrigation, which drops slowly moisten the soil plants, that provides sufficient water for the root system.

How does drip irrigation

Dignity drip irrigation lies in the fact, this system of irrigation involves the minimum cost of the water resource and at the same time allows to humidify only the roots of the plants.

The disadvantage drip watering plants is the high cost of special hose, because. length will be required in a few tens of meters.

Irrigation installation

If you have a large garden area, you want to water, it is best to use a watering installation.

Поливальные установки

Irrigation installation

This method of irrigation is a system of hose, water supply and sprinkler heads. Sprinkler head mounted on-site irrigation, it connects to a regular hose, which is the other end connected to the water system. The result is watering all of the garden areas. Sprinkler heads can be of different type and range irrigation. There are circular sprinkler heads, can fill with water terrain around them for a radius of over 20 meters, but for a suburban area it is necessary to choose a weaker setup.

Watering the garden watering the plants more often used in the case, if the garden has large areas of turf grass, you want to completely fill. If you have a large area of kitchen garden with raised beds, it is better to use a perforated hose or drip watering plants.

Advantage watering plants is the complete lack of manual labor and careful watering in the range. The disadvantage is a significant consumption of water resource.

An automatic watering system for plants

Система автоматического полива растений

An automatic watering system for plants

Well, the last, the most modern method of irrigation is a system of automatic watering of plants. This system is expensive and requires knowledge of technology of installation of irrigation elements. An automatic watering system for plants is a control panel, hose, sensors, the solenoid valve and sprinkler heads, are interrelated and form a coherent whole.

An automatic watering system for plants

Today automatic irrigation system becoming more popular, because. have the following benefits:

  1. Provides automatic watering of plants
  2. The costs tend to minimum, because. special sensors monitor weather conditions and soil moisture, then the signal on the duration of watering plants.
  3. An automatic watering system allows plants more time to devote holiday in the country, than daily work care beds.

As for disadvantages this watering system, the main is the high material costs for the purchase and installation of equipment, although this disadvantage will eventually pay off because of the water savings and ensure a carefree holiday.

Above was the most popular system for watering plants at their summer cottage, select the appropriate for yourself and start mounting their own summer cottage!

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