The advantage of groundcover plants in the suburban area

Lawn area is the most popular and attractive elements landscaping landscape design area. Very often, for whatever reason, the lawn is impossible to plant or to lay on the dacha. In this case, it is recommended to use a good alternative – groundcover. About the benefits of groundcover plants over lawn grass are we talking about in this article. Just below we provide you with the most suitable groundcover for planting on the dacha.

The advantage of groundcover plants in the suburban area

Почвопокровные растения на дачном участке

Ground cover plants at their summer cottage

That would show the beauty of planting groundcover on the dacha, recommend you first get acquainted with the disadvantages of turf grass, not groundcover.

First, lawn grass requires regular haircuts, aeration and other activities for lawn care, don't need a groundcover.

Second, seeding a lawn is a time consuming event, for which you need to carefully to prepare the ground.

Third, not all lawn grasses can grow in areas in the shade, so you have to purchase a more expensive shade lawns. Groundcover plants are not picky about this issue and can bloom even under the shade of a tree.

Well, fourth, young lawn grass on a sloping plot may not hold, that would entail damage of suburban area. To resolve this problem, use the installation grass paver, but the cost is quite high.

I would also like to add, that cereal plants, comprise the lawn, they live in wetland soils soils, which can be not at each site.

As for the other benefits of groundcover plants over lawn grasses, we can highlight the following:

  • Ground cover plants have a more vivid flowering, to complement these elements of landscape design, as rockeries, rock garden, the shore etc.
  • Ground cover plants are a great with a layer of mulch to perennial flowers
  • Ground cover plants create a dense grassy carpet, producing natural weed control (do not allow them to break) and softening the geometry of the whole garden. On the latter, you can add, the pad, planted groundcover, effectively evens out all the pits and hills garden, making it more attractive.
  • It should also be noted, what groundcover do not require nursing care, allowing vacationers more time to rest.

Despite this, ground cover plants for winter have one significant drawback is not resistant to mechanical damage, so to walk on this carpet it is impossible.

What groundcover can be planted at their summer cottage?

Before, how to announce the list of ground cover plants for planting in summer cottage, I would like to mention some important nuances:

  • It is recommended to create a flowering carpet of 2-3 the types of groundcover plants. If you use a variety of colors, the whole composition will become too fussy.
  • Ground cover plants can be stunted, so waist height. Choose the height of the groundcover on the basis of the aesthetic appeal of the garden and the location of the site for flowers.
  • Ground cover plants can also be used for landscaping flower beds, artificial hills, retaining walls and other elements of landscape design.
  • Make a choice groundcover for a suburban area need based on the kind of soil, lighting on the site, the height of the aquifer and other conditions.

So, we provide you the names of groundcover plants for planting in summer cottage:

For planting in the shade: lilies of the valley, pachysandra, astilba, geranium, ivy, wild ginger, saxifrage.

For landing on the sun: burachok, sedums, clove, dead-nettle, styloid Phlox, periwinkle.

Too wet soils: marsh forget-me-not, Deren, loosestrife.

Fast-growing ground cover plants: Veronica, iberis, geyhera, Echeveria, Sedum, young, periwinkle.

It all, I would like to tell you about groundcover plants, as an alternative to lawn grass. So if you still can't sow a plot with lawn, think about using these plants!

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