Garden benches for suburban area: vivid photo examples of garden benches.

In order, that would stay in the garden was cozier and bring more comfort, equip your garden with several benches. They not only give you the opportunity to relax after hard work, and complementary to a certain garden style, harmoniously in composition. Consider the same, how to produce and place a garden bench at their summer cottage.

Садовая скамья своими рукамиGarden bench is the element of HOMESTEAD area, which is impossible not to equip in your garden. It may have a different design, form, length, the material of manufacture, and most importantly purpose: whether it's a place of the couple's privacy, or resting place of noisy campaigns (in the gazebo, on the veranda). To create with their hands a garden bench – a very fun and easy thing, and the benefits of such buildings knows no bounds!

How to place a bench in the garden?

Как правильно расположить лавочку в саду?

How to place a bench in the garden?

To begin to understand the purpose benches. There 3 the main purpose:
Bench of solitude. Is used, that would leave a couple alone in a quiet secluded area. Perfect location – the green garden behind the house, next to the pond, a fountain or hedge.

Benches for relaxing. They should be placed directly on the porch, or as behind the house in the gazebo. Since the purpose is to rest in the circle of friends, then one shop will not get, the more that will need a lot of table.

Bench for unwinding after work at home. Do not forget, that home private, and hence the work around the house – lesson daily. Remember, as you depletes garden maintenance, it would be good to sit for a minute, what would the feet and back rest? That's why, next to the vegetable garden or a garden, preferably near the tracks to build a small bench with views of the garden or sandbox, if it is. So you can simultaneously relax and monitor your children. If the bench will be on the lawn, you need to consider 2 factor:

  • After the rain and in the morning, when the grass is covered with dew, not very nice to walk on the wet grass
  • You should sow grass grass, resistant to trampling, or to protect a special mesh

It is also recommended to lay out the garden paths on the way to the bench, they not only make movement easy, but also be able to complement garden decor! It is very important, what would the very bench were not placed, but comfortable, therefore, the material for its manufacture as it is necessary to properly.

Material for the manufacture of garden benches

Material for the manufacture of garden benches are very diverse, popular is version in tree, metal, plastic, stone and in combination.

Wooden benches are the most popular. Their advantage is the low price, nice appearance, easy to care for and combination with almost all garden styles. The only, what you must adhere to, that the bench was long-lasting is to open it with a special varnish, which protects against rot and insect damage.

Metal benches are also a good option to give. If they are treated with special agents, they will last much longer than wooden benches. In the presence of the material means you can order a wrought-iron bench, which will be unique and will attract the attention of guests.

Plastic benches are considered budget option. They should not be considered as a permanent element of the garden, because. their appearance will only spoil the overall picture of its cheapness. The purpose of the plastic benches – a temporary place to stay during the organization of the garden decor.

Stone benches are the most durable and expensive. Each bench is a work of art and therefore to make a garden this product is a very good idea. Material for stone bench is marble, quartzite and coarse-grained granite.

Shapes and styles of garden benches

The variety of shapes and styles of garden benches will allow you to choose this product for any garden style, moreover, the overall composition would be more harmonious.

Benches can be as long (for a large company), and short (for two people). Form varies from geometric to totally unpredictable and unique. As for the style of benches, it can be for every taste. In General, words these characteristics can not convey, therefore it is better to show everything in vivid photo examples:

Types of garden benches

There are several common types of garden benches, let us examine each of them:

  • Bench without back. One of the most common types of benches, which can be seen in most parks and gardens. The features of the construction lies in the fact, what place seat (basically this Board) is installed on the supports, the back is missing.
Лавка без спинки

Bench without back

  • Shop with flowerbed. The original look of the shop, which is suitable for suburban area. This shop will serve for the couple's privacy, in the case if you choose the right flowers in the flowerbed (they should produce a pleasant fragrance).
  • Bench with folding backrest. The original design of the shop allows you to hide back in the rain, what would, when it ended, the back of the shop was dry.
  • Shop at stumps. The purpose is to decorate a garden plot. It is easy to construct with his own hands, just screwing the plank to the stumps with screws.
  • Circular bench. Intended for a large number of tourists. The advantage of such shops is that it saves space in the garden. That would be nice to decorate the garden, install the bench around the flower beds or tree, face to the garden.
Круговая лавочка.

Circular bench.

  • Classic bench. Here, actually, needless to say. The design consists of benches backless, seats and supports. To manufacture this bench will be a, it would be a desire!
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