Create a patio surface with your hands: the choice of a suitable place and material for paving

To enjoy vacation at their summer cottage, needs to build up in the gardening area recreation area. Most popular today are considered decorative gazebo, terraces and patios. If you create a gazebo and terrace, everything is clear, because. design often monolithic and made of the same material, the patio is a more creative form of recreation in open space and requires advanced training grounds. That would make the base needed to prepare a territory and to choose suitable material for paving, just about it now and we'll talk!

What is patio?

Patio is the one of the types recreation areas at their summer cottage, which is a small courtyard with garden furniture and barbecue or grill.

Патио на даче своими руками

Patio at the cottage with his own hands

Usually patio equip in a Sunny part of the yard, where it is constructing a small canopy, that makes it comfortable to rest from city problems at any time of the day or night. The process of creating a patio with your own hands is a very time-consuming and the most difficult is to do the base paving paving, natural stone, decking, pavers or something else on request.

Now we will talk about, how to choose the right place for patio, as well as what material to put the base of this zone of rest! So, consider everything in order.

Choose a place for a patio

Suburban area is divided into a functional part of the territory, where is garage, hozblok, a compost pile, a small warehouse of materials, etc., and part, where the hosts are resting. To the last part you will find a garden ornamental plants, pool, fountains and other accessories, decorating landscaping and allowing to rest comfortably, here it would not hurt to put a patio.

Патио возле жилого дома

Patio near the house

First of all, the location of the patio must meet 3 the main requirements:

  • Protection of recreational areas from unnecessary glances of neighbours and passing by the front yard
  • The view from the patio should be beautiful, what if resting in the garden, you could watch all the attractions of your territory
  • In the construction of a patio and barbecue place for cooking meat (BBQ) care must be taken, what would the smoke did not get into the house or to the place, where to dry clothes, otherwise, everything will smell like campfire.
  • Patio must be from the, protected from gusts of wind and the burning sun. It is best to connect the patio with the construction of a residential house, because. you will provide quick access to the kitchen, where you will prepare dishes for a pleasant time.

Based on this, it should be noted, it is best to build a patio or in the backyard, in the garden, or adjoining the recreation area to a residential house. And that variant is pretty good, so it all depends on your taste and preferences.

To make the base for the patio?

Patio consists of several main functional units: base patio, canopy, the furnishings and the supply to the area garden path (if a patio is in the garden). Based on this, it should be noted, what's the first thing, a material for paving a patio should be similar to or combined with garden paths, only then the whole composition will be in harmony.

Комфортное патио своими руками

Comfortable patio with their hands

The most popular materials for paving patios and garden paths are paved with paving tiles, natural stone or the more simple and cheap method – pouring concrete.

The drawback of conventional materials for paving is, need to cut the edges, what would make a patio original irregular shape (in the form of a circle, oval or hexagon), and this leads to a huge amount of waste material, for which the money already paid.

As for conventional poured concrete, it is more simple and cheap variant, but in this case the patio will also look cheap and not what kind of creative decoration of the territory cannot be and speeches.

We recommend a little restartitis and make the base for patio paving slabs, which has high strength, durability and elegant appearance!

The process of paving the base for the patio with his own hands consists of the following steps:

  1. Create a drawing of the patio. This is necessary in order, to know the exact dimensions of the recreation area, and to knock out the estimates for the necessary materials, you need to take with a small margin.
  2. The selection of a suitable site. We talked about this a little higher, so stop and repeat all over again not worth it.
  3. Preparation and marking of territory. A patio should be clean from garden debris, shrubs etc. If the surface is not smooth, it must be aligned. Further, using wooden pegs and rope, mark out the borders of a future patio. Please note that, if a patio is to be built with one design house, you need to do his base (patio) below 15 cm, what level of waterproofing buildings.

    Подготовка и разметка территории

    Preparation and marking of territory

  4. The contours of the patio hammering a so-called reference pegs, the level of which will be created the height of the surface of the patio. It is recommended to drive additional pegs at the entire area of the patio every 1,5 – 2 meter. In order, what would the level of all pegs were the same, put them on a long Board, on top of which put the level of construction, which control the horizontal. If necessary, stronger pegs driven into the ground, or Vice versa get.
  5. Throughout the marked area patio remove the layer of soil (about 35 cm).
    Котлован для патио

    The excavation for the patio

    . In the resulting pit vytaplivaete the bottom and put a drainage cushion: 15 cm of gravel and 10 cm sand, which fill with water and carefully stamped. Drain the pillow should be the horizontal, because. on the top layer of sand will be paved with paving tiles. Additionally, you can pour the concrete floor, but in this case, the depth of the pit needs to be even bigger and additionally have to build the formwork.

  6. Proceed with paving of sidewalk tile. This process is described in detail in advising article, therefore will not be repeated, better go and check. You should only pay attention to, the patio surface must be strictly horizontal, and with a bias in 1-2 degrees, which ensure a spontaneous flow of rain water from the rest area, because the pools do not need anyone!
  7. Equip patio special drainage grooves, to be the flow of water. The width of the groove should be 0,4 m, and the depth not more than 10 cm. A drainage ditch cobble of the same material, used for paving the surface of the patio.
  8. Optional decorate a patio ornamental garden plants, barbecue and home-made garden furniture. Very good idea to install on a patio rocking chair, which is easy to do with your hands.
Патио с зоной барбекю

Patio with barbecue area

That's all, patio ready! As you can see, the main difficulty is to create a patio surface with your hands. Although this process is very expensive and time consuming, stay in the garden all block, indeed, in this case the end justifies the means!

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