The creation of the garden stairs with their hands: the choice of design, design calculation and step by step instructions create.

Suburban area, located on a hilly area or slope, it is necessary to build retaining walls, that will prevent slipping of the soil, as well as outdoor stairs, which will allow you to move comfortably from the downstream level to the upstream. Consider the types of garden stairs, their design, the style and instructions to build with your own hands.

Brief information about garden staircase

Садовая лестница на дачном участке

Garden stairs at suburban station

Before, how to create garden stairs, it is necessary to properly count the number of steps, as well as the degree of inclination.

It is worth noting, that garden staircase 1-2 steps is very unsafe, because. often stage just overlooked and it leads to injury.

Many stages is not a very good option, after all the garden decor will be overwhelmed by the view of the stairs, which is not so good can beautify the garden area.

Оригинальная садовая лестница

The original garden stairs

In order, to calculate the required number of steps, as well as their height and length required to fasten two strips at a right angle and to do the following work:

One end of the rack is stuck in place, where you plan to install the bottom step, the other end should be placed at the top (where will be the last step).

To calculate the length of the steps, you need to divide the length of the horizontal slats on the number of steps, you want to build.

The height of the steps is counting the same way, only instead of the length of the horizontal rail using vertical rail.

Recommended height of one step needs to vary 11-15 cm, and the length should be 2 times the height of the (even more), that is 25-40 cm.

The most successful version of garden ladders is the construction of 3-4 steps.

Небольшая садовая лестница, как наиболее удачный вариант

Small garden stairs, as the most successful option

Ladder safety the same attention must be paid, because. this construction very often leads to injury, threat for life. Safety requirements outdoor stairs next:

  • The material should not be slippery (otherwise, you need to manually create the fluting)
  • The material should be durable
  • Garden stairs need to arrange street lighting
  • The ladder should be equipped with railings

Types, the style and design of garden stairs

The most popular classification of garden ladders is their division into mortise and loose.

Loose ladders have the support of retaining walls, mortise and laid on the ground. The most attractive option considered flush stairs, which effectively complement garden decor.

Оригинальный дизайн садовой лестницы

Original design garden staircase

In order, what would the garden stairs garden complement the style it just needs to be done in a certain style, for example:

  • For infinity style would suit the arrangement of the stair saxifrage, ferns and other ornamental plants
  • For country garden use wooden stairs with carved or varnished
  • That would give a romantic style highlights, garden stairs made from natural stone, adding to the construction of lanterns, creating a romantic atmosphere
Садовая лестница для романтического сада

Garden stairs for a romantic garden

For the manufacture of ladders to use various sturdy materials: concrete, brick, natural stone, tree etc.

Садовая лестница из природного камня

Garden stairs made of natural stone

How to make garden stairs made of logs with their hands?

In order to make garden stairs made of logs with their hands must be:

  1. To prepare the base of the stairs: throughout the calculated area of the stairs to dig the trench and thoroughly compact the earth in it.
  2. On the future site of the bottom step trying to drive 2 wooden peg, which will build the first log (lower level).
  3. Stacked the first log, carefully pulling it to the pegs, place behind a log covered with ballast and stamps (the layer should be below the log in 5-6 cm).
  4. The same principle puts the rest of the logs
  5. Each stage equips the tread of gravel
  6. Side ditches filled up with earth, stamps and planted nor their place decorative flowers

As you can see, construction of outdoor stairs is not a difficult and time-consuming process, therefore, it can make anyone!

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