The creation of a drainage (drainage ) the ditch on the dacha

Creating drainage on a country site, which is subject to flooding, is an essential procedure. Today, there are many types of surface and deep drainage, are very effectively doing their work. Now we will talk about, how to make the most simple and cheap drainage on the dacha, creating a drainage ditch.

The benefits of drainage (drainage) ditch

The drainage ditch is the cheapest drainage structure for the suburban area. When creating a drainage ditch is not required to use expensive materials, special equipment and a team of professionals, you just have a bayonet shovel.

Создание водоотводной канавы на дачном участке

The creation of a drainage ditch on a country site

Despite the fact, that drainage ditch is the cheapest and easiest construction, she copes with his work, namely, quickly removes rainfall off-site.

On the downside of a drainage ditch, they include:

  • Lower efficiency compared to surface linear drainage
  • Small service life of a drainage ditch
  • Less attractive, than other drainage systems
  • Requires frequent repair, because. side slopes crumble, and the gutter is clogged

Drainage ditch common to see, arriving in the countryside, where it is widely used by residents. Often a drainage ditch outside of the site and drained precipitation in the Central watercourse.

You should pay your attention to the fact, which is not allowed to release water from the ditch to the following:

  • Unfortified eroded gullies
  • Ponds, where is fishing
  • Stagnant ponds
  • Ponds, equipped with beach areas for relaxing
  • Places, in terms of topographic features subjected to waterlogging (for example, closed lowlands)

Ways of strengthening of drainage ditches

As mentioned earlier, a drainage ditch have a high lack of erosion and the collapse of the walls, resulting in several times a season they have to be repaired.

In order, that would erase this disadvantage, it is recommended to strengthen the drainage ditch, now we will tell you how.

The easiest method of strengthening of ditches is to create the bottom and sides of a drainage layer of sand and gravel (can gravel). The thickness of the sand-gravel cushion is made from 8 to 10 cm.

The slopes of drainage ditches, it is recommended to strengthen Absalom various wild or ornamental plants, they not only beautify the ditch, but its root system will protect it from fraying.

It is recommended to use a more modern method, which is used not only to enhance the drainage ditches, but also for strengthening of slopes and different terrain changes. This method involves the strengthening of a drainage ditch the geogrid, which is attached at the bottom and sides with metal crutches.

Another way of strengthening the drainage ditches – vynashivanie the entire trench natural stone. In this case, you will not only make the original appealing in the ditch, but it will provide a long service life.

In addition to the above methods it is possible to list many more ideas to strengthen the drainage ditches with their hands, therefore, we recommend that you do not rely only on this material, but your imagination, using handy tools.

Technology of creation of a drainage ditch with their hands

Технология создания водоотводной канавы своими руками

Technology of creation of a drainage ditch with their hands

The first thing you need to perform, what places in the suburban area subject to accumulation of water. For this you need to wait for heavy rain and after it ended to go out and explore the whole territory.

Then create a plan for a suburban area and mark on it places, vulnerable to the accumulation of precipitation. It is through these places and will be a drainage ditch.

Before, how to go to digging ditches, you must choose the scheme of its location, which depends on the slope of the earth's surface in suburban area. The best variant is when the plot is a slight slope to a Central drainage. In this case, it is sufficient just to dig the ditch, the same depth throughout the length. With a small slope site, the ditch may have P- or G-shape. If country the site is located on a horizontal site (which happens very rarely), you need to create a drainage ditch around the perimeter of the site.

The most effective scheme of location of drainage ditches on the dacha is a scheme in the form of "Christmas trees".

Схема расположения водоотводных канав "елочкой"

Layout of the drainage ditches “Christmas tree”

Once you've decided with the layout of the drainage ditches, go to the process of digging.

Using a shovel bayonet, pulling out the drainage ditch, which have the following dimensions: width 0,5 m; depth 0,7 m; side slopes on 30on. To make a fairly quick water drainage and prevent standing water on the plot, the drainage ditch should have a slight slope. It is recommended to create a bias in some degree by increasing the depth of ditches on 1 cm every meter length.

Pay attention to the fact, what if on the line of the drainage ditch will come across shrubs or trees, their extraction is necessary, because. plantations contribute to the rapid clogging of the ditch.

If suddenly the drainage ditch will have to go through a garden path and differently it does not hold, that would get around the obstacle, in this case, it is recommended to lay under carpet asbestos pipe, which will make the bypass more or less a compromise.

As soon as the drainage ditch outside the suburban area and merge with the Central watercourse, it strengthens your landscape design material. This is the technology of creating drainage ditches with their hands.

We recommend to use more modern and aesthetically pleasing methods of water drainage, such as linear and point drainage!

Do not forget to regularly clean the gutter and to decorate with ornamental plants or small architectural forms, that will hide all the bald spots in the design and give drain the ditch more attractive appearance.

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