Victorian style in interior photo gallery

Victorian style in the interior apartments and houses, represents aristocratic English style, which in appearance does not display all the luxury of materials and accessories, but subtly emphasizes its. To create a Victorian style in the interior, need a large area rooms, so the apartment to create it will be difficult, much easier to do it in a spacious, country house, dacha or cottage. Below shows the photo examples in the gallery, for a better understanding of the nuances of this style.

Features of Victorian style

The main features of the Victorian style in the interior are:

  • A combination of several styles in one interior (eclectic). For example, the Windows in Gothic style, furniture antique style, accessories Eastern origin, the decoration of the walls in the style Baroque. The main thing that all components of the interior in harmony with each other.
  • Expensive furniture made of natural materials. Preference is given to valuable species of wood, such as oak. In addition, the furniture can be decorated with gold and expensive cloth.
  • Heavy doors and wooden Windows.
  • The color palette of the interior in the Victorian style should be represented by such tones, like dark brown, green, Bordeaux, beige and purple.
  • Wall finished with Wallpaper, simulating cloth. Parquet floors, on top of which can be fitted with expensive carpet. The ceiling can be plastered, and can be made of stucco and wood modules.
  • Among the accessories are typical of Victorian are fireplace, mirror, different boxes, ashtray, lamps in the Eastern finish, as well as curtains made of expensive fabrics.

Also you should pay your attention to the fact, the Victorian style in the interior of a house or apartment, provides many trinkets, decorating the room. These trinkets must be made of marble, porcelain and other valuable materials.

Photo examples of interior rooms in Victorian style can explore in this photo gallery:

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