Choose the design of retaining walls, using tricks of landscape design and the original photo examples

The retaining wall is in order, to prevent the slide and collapse of soil in the country, located on a slope or hilly area. About, how to make retaining wall their hands we said, now dwell on the fact, how to decorate the garden building, using some tricks of landscape design

How to choose the right design retaining wall?

Before you start to decorate a retaining wall necessary to determine its purpose: or it will be capital (to withstand the powerful pressure of the masses of the ground), either it will be easy (solely for decorative purposes).

The distinction of these types of walls is in the material of their manufacture. In the first case, choose a concrete or stone structures with a well-designed drainage system. If the retaining wall will serve as a decorative element in the garden, it can be made of wooden bars, gabion or brick.

That would make the kind of major retaining walls more attractive, in landscape design use such tricks, as decoration climbing plants, and in order, that would make retaining wall multifunctional, it is also used for terracing of the site and zoning.

Капитальная подпорная стенка из камня

Major retaining wall stone

Light decorative wall can be a stand for pots with flowers, garden figurines and other small architectural forms, which brightly decorate the garden plot, making a retaining wall part of the composition.

Легкая подпорная стенка из деревянных бревен

Easy retaining wall from wooden logs

To correctly choose the design of retaining walls necessary to determine, what style of garden you prefer to do, then to select the components of the design, which include the style. For example, if you wish to make landscape style, the retaining wall must be decorated with bright flowers and shrubs, if you prefer a Japanese style garden, in the background is a retaining wall planted ornamental conifers.

In order, the decoration of the retaining wall was unusual, offer to your attention a few landscape design tricks, that can be easily accessed at his dacha.

Original decoration of retaining walls with their hands

Specialists in landscape design opened some of his professional tricks, we will now provide:

  • Retaining wall, overgrown with moss, can complement the garden style in the old (antique) style. In order, what would the moss quickly appeared on the wall, just coat it with yogurt or kefir and after a while you will see the result.
  • If you want to decorate a retaining wall with flowers, during the construction leave a small hole in the wall and hammer them with earth. Once the wall hardens, in the ground plant seeds plants, which will grow throughout the area of the support walls.

Растения в подпорной стенке

  • Decorative lighting has not been canceled. Garden lamps solar will not only save you money on lighting plot, but also beautifully decorate the outline of the retaining wall in the night.

Освещение подпорной стенки садовыми фонариками

  • Pictures, hung along the retaining wall, make garden small gallery, which will attract visitors and will give the uniqueness of the country site. Don't forget to shoot pictures in bad weather, otherwise, they will last you a few impressions.
  • Turn your retaining wall the entire composition of the garden plot, adding to the construction of a rockery and a small artificial brook.

Искусственный водоем в подпорной стенке

As you can see, options for decorating the retaining walls pretty much, most importantly show your imagination and enrich the existing idea of retaining wall with photo examples of design solutions, that we provide below.

Photo examples of retaining walls on the site

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