Drilling on the dacha with his hands: instructions for drilling and repair of wells

In order, to help with the water supply of a suburban area with their hands by wells, you must take the help of professionals, because this work not only requires a set of special tools and fixtures, but certain skills and knowledge of well drilling. But drilling your own hands, nobody forbids, so if you have seriously decided to dig a well on their own, we'll provide you with a minimum set of knowledge.
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Choose the place of drilling

Скважина для дачи своими руками

Well for giving your hands

In order that the well was as effective as possible you need to choose the place of drilling. To begin to define, is there a country house located shallow aquifer. You need to know the main characteristics, which is determined by the proximity of groundwater:

  • The accumulation of mosquitoes and all kinds of insects at a certain place adjoining territory. Considered, cats to choose a place for vacation of located near groundwater.
  • Natural signs: winter thaw on the snow, the evening fog, the accumulation of dew
  • At a certain place in the garden grows a large number of water-loving plants

It should be noted, what professionals use to determine if the aquifer geological exploration, which is hundreds of times more effective.

Once you have determined the approximate occurrence of the aquifer, start drilling, but before that, get the necessary tools, which we now discuss.

Tools for drilling wells with their hands

Immediately it is worth noting, what are some tools you will have to spend money, because. make them with your own hands is unlikely to succeed, and if they do, their work will not be as effective (because. all drills for wells made of highly durable hardened steel).

For drilling you need:

  • Rig
  • A drilling column with couplings
  • Drill head
  • Rope
  • Board

The rig is a tripods, which is easy to put together from logs, diameter not less than 15cm. Between 2 logs fixed winch, which is suspended drill column (with the help of a rope).

Drilling column is a set of rods, which are joined together with thread or coupling. It is recommended to use 6 rods, length less than 1,5 meter (if no drill rigs) and 3 meter (if you are using a drilling rig).

The Board is required in order, to sheathe the walls of the pit (we'll talk about it a little later) to prevent the shedding of the unstable layer upper rocks.

As for boring heads, they differ, because. each is used for certain types of rocks, components of a soil.

From the ground generally depends on many things, not only the appearance of the drill head, but the way, which you have to drill well.

To date, there are following types of boring heads:

  • Drilling spoon for sandy and clay soils
  • Drilling spoon, having the coil
  • Bur-coil, which is used in the presence of gravel in clayey and sandy rocks
  • Chisel – drill head, designed for impact drilling of more durable rocks
  • Bailer – for, that would remove the breed, the broken chisel. The bailer is used for drilling loose rocks
Виды буровых головок

The types of boring heads

As soon as the tool for drilling wells with their hands will be picked up, we start the main work.

Instructions for drilling your own hands

Before starting work, should pay attention to, what is the optimal depth to groundwater ranges from 7 to 11 meters. To drill a well with their hands is allowed to 20 meter depth, next necessarily requires the work of professionals and an entirely different drilling equipment.

Also pay attention to the fact, that drilling will take at least 2 man, to cope will fail.

First, in place of drilling a well we rip a hole, size 1,5*1,5*2 meter. The purpose of the pit is to prevent the shedding is weakly stable upper layer of the soil. For this purpose the walls of the pit must be "sewn" planks. Instead, the pit can be used attached to the ground Board with a hole (the hole diameter should be slightly larger, than the diameter of the pit), she also did a fine job with retention of topsoil.

Next, go to installation tripod over the site of drilling. After the design is securely installed, together with a partner lowered the drill column in the pit and start to rotate the rod, the drilling process went! On the bar for drilling it is necessary to make a mark at the distance 60 cm from the terminal, what would, when mark reached the soil, raise the barbell up and clean away the stuck rocks. To clean the column from breeds need every 50-70 cm.

Конструкция тренога

Design tripod

Once you have encountered an aquifer, pulling the column from the well and lowered to the bottom of the filter (about it we will talk below). The use of filter is a must, otherwise water pump, it will pump water, quickly fail. A small distance between the walls of the filter and the wall of the wellbore it is necessary to fill with coarse sand, then go to install the water pipes, the removal of boards from the walls of the pit and its filling.

The last step is to install the water pump, which is based all the work on the rise of water. About, how to install the fuel pump, the whole article, so now we won't stop.

Насос для откачки воды со скважины

A pump for pumping water from the well

That would place the extraction of water from the well did not spoil the overall garden decor, it is recommended to decorate the well small canopy or appropriate small architectural form.

Repair wells at their summer cottage

If drilling is really implemented their hands, the well repair definitely should be entrusted to hands of a professional. The main reason of a well failure is the clogging of the filter or packing of sand in the pipeline (due to irregular use of wells).

If the fault is due to contamination of the filter, it is possible to retrieve and clean, but if dirty pipe, the professional approach required, because they use such effective methods, as:

  • Rinse well with water under pressure. For this purpose the pipe serves the water under high pressure, bringing all the dirt splashed up. The disadvantage of this method is the uncontrolled splash of dirty liquid.
  • Cleaning pipe air flow. The same principle, as with the previous method, but only replacing the water air will be. These methods is bad, that can damage the filter.
  • Pumping water pump for dirty liquids. This method is more favorable, because. don't damage the filter well and cleanliness is maintained in close proximity to place of work.
  • Pouring into the well a special food acids, which quickly restore the well. To do this, pour acid, leave well on time, then pump out contaminated fluid.
  • The explosion in the well. Has high efficiency, but at the same time damage the pipe and filter well

Filters and tubing for wells at dacha

Фильтр для скважины

Filter for wells

To transport water from the well to the surface it is recommended to use the following tubes:

  • If the water for watering the garden and other technical purposes: PVC (flare), PVC (threaded) cheap metal and thin-walled tubes.
  • For drinking water: plastic pipe (because. they are corrosion-resistant and durable) or a more expensive steel tube with enamel.

As for filters for wells at dacha, the basic unit types such:

  • Strainer
  • Filter wire
  • Sand filter

In order, that would make the filter last longer, it is recommended to sprinkle a layer of gravel (because. the gravel prevents the collapse of the rock and dirt in the pipe).

Filters for wells are the main parameters:

  • Mechanical strength
  • Minimum pass grades of sand and dirt
  • Maximum filtration area
  • The amount of fence needed amount of liquid

That's all those minimum knowledge, which you should own, if you decide to carry out drilling on the dacha with his hands.

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http://youtu.be/EoPSf8yW5i4 Will now be more evident and clear how to drill well for water.
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