English garden – the simplicity and richness of the natural landscape

Around the world England is the Motherland of the landscape style, so when you visit the garden English gardeners, the impression, nature itself has created a landscape design, and hard work of the designer goes unnoticed.

Английский сад - простота и насыщенность природного пейзажаEnglish gardens is an attractive, the whole decor of the song is composed skillfully decorated items. If it's a fence, then he painted in nice bright colors. Shrubs and trees planted in such a way, what would have seemed their natural finding this place. No need for leveling flower beds "under Ticker", on the contrary, create a relaxed, natural group of plants. Lawn attests to the diligence of the owners to the garden, therefore, it is always smoothly shaven and clean. The track decided to do the winding, for that would enjoy a stroll through the beautiful English garden. Wish that your garden was quiet to relax and please you with its incredible landscape? The option of creating an English garden, combines both, design garden paths, flower beds and flower beds, lawns, shrubs and fences.

English garden – a reflection of the rustic life of English

The whole composition of the English garden built in such a way, to show simplicity and at the same time, the richness of the lives of English citizens. Consider the "highlights" of the decor of this garden style.

Features fencing garden English

Ограждения для английского сада

In the photo wooden fences for the English garden.

In contrast to our population, which used to hide your house behind high strong walls, the British build a low neat fences. Popular are fences and openwork lattice, which often Supplement a small brick columns or walls out of natural stone.

To give even greater beauty of the fence, gardeners decorate the fences curly and climbing plants, within a few years to completely cover the fence. Among these plants are especially popular parthenocissus, ivy, climbing rose.

Shrubs in an English garden

Ornamental shrubs, it is customary to drop right after the fence. Such elements of decor are:

  • Roses
  • Garden Jasmine
  • Lilac
  • Flowers – perennials

Lawn in the English garden

Газон в английском саду

The lawn in the English garden

As for the green cover of the English garden, it, of course, lawn. A lot of time English gardeners devote to lawn care. The edges of the lawn are often decorated with mixborders, and in the center of the lawn planted ornamental shrubs, like Daphne, rhododendron and dwarf cherry.

Create the natural beauty of the English garden

In order, what would an English garden seemed a natural creation of nature, it is decorated with special design techniques, we now consider.

Mixborders for the English garden


The photo shows a good example of the use of mixed borders – flower beds, of the combinations of different colors.

The mixed borders are a flower from a combination of different types of plants. The complexity of care for these flower beds is justified by the giver instead of beauty. It should be noted, the mixed borders are a classic English garden. In the background are various ornamental shrubs, front and shines a wide band of flowers, which is separated from the lawn with a small border. As for border for flower beds, it shouldn't be strictly smooth, on the contrary, it is better to use a shapely curb. Decoration mixed borders is carried out according to the contours of garden paths, which leads from the gate to the front door to the house.

Twining and climbing plants

Such plants it is customary to decorate the front of the house and the fence. As well, often climbing plants adorn the arch above the gate. It is best to use flowering vines and climbing rose.

English garden paths

Садовые дорожки английского сада

The photo is an example of the garden paths English garden, paved with natural stone and concrete.

The garden paths should be given special attention, because. they give us the pleasure of comfortable travel outdoor territory. Alone pave a garden path with your own hands very simple, because. material paths of the English garden is wild stone, gravel and in rare cases wooden paths. Regarding the form of tracks, it is not necessary to make them smooth and wide, it is just the opposite. For a comfortable movement in the garden to do a small twisty track. Take a look laminate installation guide herbal garden paths.

Place for a cozy romantic getaway

"Highlight" of English can be considered not only a unique landscape, but the place to stay. To the last the English gardeners are very kind, because. one of the tracks should lead a quiet cozy place for a romantic getaway. To arrange a place desirable a pergola made of natural stone, metal or wooden gazebo, or bench, which must grow climbing roses or Wisteria. It will not hurt as a small babbling brook, the noise which you obviously relax.

Video example of the English garden at all times

It, actually, and has all the ingredients of an English garden, which you can realize at his dacha, their own hands. If design idea design garden you like, then try to implement it with their hands, the more you can do without professional help. And don't forget about that, what's the English garden there are no strict criteria, therefore, it is possible to easily Supplement their own national features.

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