Electric saw for suburban area: advantages, the shortcomings and features of the device.

With the onset of cold weather, there is a need of firewood for heating furnace, baths or fireplaces. Hand saw for a long period is a poor tool for harvesting logs, because. in its place came the chainsaws and electric saws. Let us examine the main advantages of electric saws and the recommendations of the manual for this tool.

Цепная электропилаChain saw – saw, the working part of which is circuit. This chain is connected in ring, and moves on the special bus. Specific differences between the operation of chainsaws and electric saws no, the only difference is engine type. Immediately it is worth noting, growers, using power saws, mostly leave positive reviews about this device. Country site saw from a quality manufacturer will be able to serve a very long time, unless a significant load is applied (for example, continuous work throughout the day).

Features of the device: dental

The first feature of systems is the position of the motor, it can be located along the device, and across. The difference between the power saws will be very noticeable: if the engine is across – they are wider, if along more narrow. To choose a tool with a transverse engine, because. in this design there is no need to reducer (in addition, ., repair – the procedure is not cheap).

Поперечное расположение двигателя в електропиле

Transverse engine in electrophile

Продольное расположение двигателя в електропиле

The longitudinal location of the engine in electrophile

The second feature of systems is the difference in cutting tool parts, it can be as a disk, and chain. Disk saws are used for enterprises working with wood and are relatives of a stationary saw. As for the chain electric saws, they just like to give, because. used for short time work.

The third peculiarity lies in the fact, the price and weight of the tool is almost independent from engine power. That would answer the question immediately appeared: "Why release systems of small capacity, if the price is the same, as powerful units?", you need to consider the fact, what country wiring, often, unable to cope with the large electrical consumption voltage, resulting in a knock out "plug" on the counter and even going out all the wiring down. That is why manufacturers of power saws make the tools small power, are as good at your job and are popular with gardeners.

The advantages and disadvantages of herbicides

The advantages of herbicides are as follows:

  • The tool does not pollute the environment with harmful emissions gas
  • "Gasoline relative to" electric saw is very noisy, what can be said about Assembly with motor.
  • If the work will take place in room, chainsaw, again will hinder due to the harmful emissions, the more, if the room is cramped and unventilated. An electric saw with no problems.
  • The relatively small weight of the device

But saws has a lot of disadvantages, among them:

  • Attachment to the energy source, so work on plays in close distance from the outlet
  • The need to purchase expensive professional systems, if you need a long time to work with the tool in continuous mode
  • Use acetone only for garden-gardening. In the event the daily work, it is recommended to use the chainsaw
  • Not so high performance, compared to a chainsaw

Operating tips electric saws

Как правильно использовать электропилу?

How to use a power saw?

As the electric saw is a tool not cheap, and when the sloppy work she could easily get out of order, you need to follow a few simple tips from experienced gardeners, namely:

  1. Do not use a power saw in the intensive operation. It is more suitable for "cosmetic work" in the garden. Firewood is recommended with chainsaws. If there is an urgent need for intensive work, use the electric saw to the power saving mode with the use of breaks.
  2. Due to the fact, the saw is capable of up to 5000 rpm (though, that chainsaw is capable of approximately 9000 revs), consider the fact, to use it you will need more time.
  3. Store the saw in a warm room for a period of not less than a day with the onset of spring. This should be done due to the fact, in the winter time in the motor windings accumulate in the condensate, and when enabled, can cause short circuit. Even professionals, which are engaged in repair of power tools, confirm, what is the biggest breakdowns of power saws you have on the spring.
  4. Constantly monitor current stability. In any case do not operate the saw on holidays, because at that time the lack of voltage and the electric saw may not develop the nominal power, as a result, she overheats and fails.
  5. After each operation the chain saw podrachivaya. This should be done, because when a tool with a dull chain increases the harmful effects on the motor, thereby reducing its service life. The more, why work with a saw with a blunt chain? Because ground circuit contributes to the sawing of wood without much effort, what makes the work fast and comfortable.

The advantage of universal models of power saws

Universal saw is a very effective purchase for the garden, because. with it you can quickly cut through such materials, as:

  • Tree
  • Drywall
  • Slate
  • Laminate
  • Ceramic tile
  • Board
  • Brick
  • Steel, thickness up to 12 mm

This saw not only save on the purchase of some tools (bandsaw, grinders, saws for joinery) but will work even with one hand. Moreover, with this unit you can cut the material along the curved line, that is sometimes very needed.

Summing up, we can say, the purchase of an electric saw will be useful for your suburban area, you only need to take care of the tool and to implement the recommendations, the above. Suggest, also reading articles about creating washer for car with his hands, as well, how sharpen the saw chain.

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