Grass paver: types, device and installation with your own hands

Grass paver is used in the case of using lawn grass as arrival and car Parking, and for heavy use the lawn as a pedestrian walkway. As we know, lawn grass is subjected to trampling, which quickly lose its attractive appearance, therefore, it is necessary to further protect from mechanical impact, for what and used grass paver. Next, we will consider the structure of a grass paver, its types and mounting technology.

Device grass paver

Газонная решетка для защиты газонной травы

Grass paver protection lawn grass

Grass paver is made of durable plastic, which provides the perception of mechanical loads to the grid 1200 tons 1 m2. Because of this lawn grass is protected from mechanical loads over 20 years (the approximate lifespan of a grass paver).

Plastic grass paver is composed of cellular modules, which are fastened together with special locks, located on the perimeter of the modules. This simple mounting scheme allows modules to create a monolithic protective canvas unlimited space. To help with the bending of the grass paver in the horizontal plane it is necessary to incise the module in the right place, that allowed manufacturers.

Design plastic grass paver modules also allows mounting them in a staggered manner, that provides more protective properties of the material.

In addition to its durability, grass paver also has such advantages, as: the chemical resistance, ultraviolet radiation (that is not melted under the influence of sunlight) and low temperatures (retains its properties even when -40on).

There are also concrete grass paver, the device which is a notched concrete slab, which are placed right next to each other. The concrete grass grids, we'll talk a little lower.

Types of lawn grids

To date, manufacturers of lawn gratings produce two types of products: concrete and plastic (more modern). Consider more existing types of lawn grids.

Concrete grass paver

Concrete grass paver is a more outdated model for protecting turf grass. Its main advantage, compared to the plastic modules are low cost, as well as higher strength and durability.

As for the decorative concrete grass grids – then the taste and color of comrades there. Different opinions: some praise for the products of concrete, because. area of them takes a new kind of, others to taste invisible plastic grass paver.

Another advantage of the concrete grass pavers are smaller preparatory ground work before laying.

The same concrete bars more quickly removes rainwater from the site, that prevents excessive water saturation of lawn grass.

Plastic grass paver

Unlike concrete grass paver, plastic is more modern and popular. Its increased cost of the plastic grass paver justifies the "invisible" presence in the suburban area and high maneuverability.

Another advantage of plastic grass paver, in addition to the already listed advantages, is, for its installation it is not necessary to use special equipment (concrete grass paver sometimes you have to put manually).

With the types of grass paver figured out, now on to the most important question – installation.

Technology installation of the grass paver with their hands

Technology installation of the grass paver with your own hands is very simple, which can also be attributed to the merits of the material.

Технология монтажа газонной решетки своими руками

Technology installation of the grass paver with their hands

All you need is to prepare and level the area, lay the grate and fill her fertile soil with seeds of lawn grasses. Let's consider the stages in more detail.

So, first determined use of the site for the lawn, what will determine the mechanical load of the grass paver. Assignments are as follows: at the lawn will just go to people (for example, Playground), check under the car (short-term load), Parking for cars and Parking for heavy equipment (bus, a truck or even a helipad).

Then dig the trench for laying grass paver. The depth of the pit is determined as follows: the height of the gravel beds (from 5 to 20 cm, depending on the kind of loads) + levelling layer (2-3 cm) + the height of the grass paver (5 cm).

After, as the pit will be dug, tamp the soil and strengthen the boundaries of the pit (to do this, on the perimeter of the stacked stones of a suitable size or concrete solution at the edges).

Then slept in the excavation gravel cushion (or rather a mixture of gravel and sand in the ratio 4:1).

Gravel cushion if necessary, align the small layer of sand, under which lay the geotextile (what would prevent the germination of weeds).

On top of the levelling layer laid grass paver, fastening the modules to each other. If the pit is not put the entire modules (on the edges), with a hacksaw cut them to size.

Fall asleep in a grass paver fertile soil, mixed with the gravel (the ratio 1:1) so, that would be up to the top of the modules is not enough 2-3 cm.

Well, in the end, sow cell, grass paver seeds of lawn grass and wait, until you grow a thick green carpet. Don't forget to fertilize and implement daily watering grass.

That's the whole technology of installation of the grass paver with their hands! I hope, that article brought you some new knowledge about this material!

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