Simulation of water at their summer cottage

If your country site is not natural flowing stream, and on a small pond you dream, to get out of the situation you can easily. The first option is the creation of an artificial stream, this is a fairly time-consuming exercise, which in the end will satisfy your dream of all 100%: in the artificial pond can live as fish, and ornamental plants. If you do not want to waste time and money on the creation of an artificial pond, there is another option – simulation of the water at the cottage. This illusion will create on your country site, the species present brook, that's just the fish in it to settle will not work.

Simulation of water in the country

Имитация воды на даче

Simulation of water in the country

We already told you about the design techniques illusions in the garden, which are able to visually increase the size of the suburban area. For this purpose, the paintings on the walls, models of entrance doors and mirrors. To simulate water in the country is right for the latter option.

That would create a kind of stream it is necessary to use any suitable color material, which additionally need to decorate elements of landscape design (garden figurines, groundcover etc.).

For example, if you use a mirror, the simulated water at the cottage is just a few hours. All you need, to prepare the territory (soil levelling, remove garden debris) and laid horizontally mirror. In the end, the mirror will reflect the celestial expanse and distant will seem, this is a small pond adorns a suburban area. The contours of the mirror hiding behind low-growing plants and all, simulation of water in the country is ready!

Materials to create a simulation of water in the country

The mirror is the most easiest material to simulate water. Its disadvantage is, in cloudy weather the Creek will acquire a dark gray color (the reflection of the clouds), that immediately will give the idea for the garden. That would create more original and beautiful fake pond, you must use volumetric materials bluish tint. Under this criterion suitable such materials to simulate water, as:

  • Decorative gravel blue and blue tint
  • Linoleum blue
  • Tile (you can even battered ceramic tile)

Better to give preference to decorative gravel, working with him much easier, and the Creek seems the most real.

Оригинальная идея имитации воды с помощью растений

The original idea of simulating water using plants

How to make imitation water using gravel?

In order, to make a faux water decorative gravel you just need to prepared soil, to scatter the material and decorate it the contours of the plants.

That would make the stream more fake real, can be made of gravel waves, and the brook to pour beads of different colors: in the center dark blue, on the banks of the lighter. This will create an image of depth and shallow water in the artificial pond.

That would over time, this idea for a garden is not spoiled for the weeds between the stones, it is recommended that during the creation of the stream to lay on the soil protective PVC film blue color.

It is also recommended to make the composition larger, adding to the simulation of the stream another popular idea for a garden – dry Creek.

That's the whole essence of the simulation of water at their summer cottage. As you can see it's pretty simple and no cost is needed!

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