How to make a summer kitchen with your own hands: how to create and project a summer kitchen

A suburban area is for a rural getaway, which separates from all routine city problems. The first thing, arrived at the cottage, we're having a barbecue and, that would be comfortable to cook dinner and socialize with the family (or with friends) we need a designated place in your garden. Summer kitchen is the outbuilding, which includes a place to dine and the place for cooking. About, how to make a summer kitchen with their hands we now discuss!

The types of outdoor kitchens for summer

There are two main types of summer dishes to give depending on the degree of openness of the kitchen space: open and closed.

Открытая летняя кухня

Outdoor summer kitchen

Outdoor summer kitchens resemble a veranda or gazebo. The main elements of this cuisine is the canopy (roof), fixture for cooking (plate), kitchen furniture (table, benches, chairs) and sink for dishes. The material for the construction of the kitchen basically is a tree, although the veneer used brick, and for the Foundation of natural and artificial stone.

An outdoor summer kitchen can be put in places, as the area around the pool, garden plot, either the extension to the house. This garden building could harmoniously complement the composition of the landscape design all the garden areas (there are options like summer kitchens in Alpine, country and nautical style). The advantage of an open summer kitchen consists, it creates a feeling of freedom and closeness to nature, due to the fact, that missing wall.

As for the closed summer kitchens, they are detached houses, reminiscent of the full residential house. In the winter, such a construction is also not being used, so it can be used as a temporary storage. The material for the construction of a closed summer kitchen is drywall, paneling or plywood, while some owners use foam block, brick, stone, that would give the building more life. In the summer this kitchen can be used as bed for guests, but if you are a hunter-Amateur, there is an option, the kitchen will serve as a tavern or hunting Lodge.

Закрытая летняя кухня

Enclosed summer kitchen

The project is a summer kitchen in the photo examples

These photos of example projects summer kitchen will help you to choose the design for your garden style:

The construction of the summer kitchen with his hands

It is necessary to pay attention to, the construction of the summer kitchen with your own hands is a very time consuming process, consuming more than one day of free time. But still nothing difficult in this building no, and now you will see for yourself.

To start, select a suitable place for building a summer kitchen. Since the construction of the necessary electricity, water supply and Weir, it is necessary to place close to home, that would be the summing up of all communications easier and faster. Requirements for proper location of the kitchen next:

  • The nearest flammable buildings shall be not less than 10 meters
  • Place for your summer kitchen should fit harmoniously into the overall garden composition
  • To protect yourself from direct sun rays, install a summer kitchen with the open side to the North or near tall trees.
  • To arrange kitchen required small slope, to ensure an independent flow of rain water

Once dealt with the future location of a summer kitchen, start preparing the site and pouring the Foundation. First, you need to flatten the selected surface. If you are going to build an outdoor summer kitchen, just remove the 15-cm layer of soil, fill it with sand, well compacted and covered with boards, brick or paving slabs.

Поверхность для летней кухни

Surface summer kitchen

For a closed summer kitchen to build a solid Foundation. If the kitchen is made of brick, you want to pour strip foundations, if the kitchen carcass is wooden, enough to build a pier Foundation (brick or stone columns). The perimeter of the Foundation should be wider plan built on 10 cm. You must first remove a layer of soil thickness of 50 cm, continue to cover sandy pillow (15 cm), to smoosh it down and build a Foundation. Floors need to fill 15-cm layer of gravel (on 15 cm sand) and pour concrete.

Once the Foundation hardens, go to the walls. In order to build a brick wall using conventional masonry, the thickness of the wall is to be brick or half-brick. Construction of wooden frame will be much faster. Only need to build a girder design of beams, connect all metal parts with screws and sheathing the front part of the boards (20 mm thick), and the inner part of paneling or drywall.

Next, go to the roof. Of the roof of the summer kitchen can be shed, gable or flat. If the summer kitchen will be used in the winter, you need to insulate the cover with mineral wool or polystyrene foam. Roofing material the roof is to be slate, metal tile or corrugated sheet, it is best to use the same material used for the roof of the house. In the case, if instead of a roof used shed, you can block outdoor kitchen polycarbonate, corrugated glass or roofing.

Кроем крышу на летней кухне

Cut the roof of the summer kitchen

That is already approached the finish line, it remains only to insert Windows and choose kitchenware. Of course, the Windows needed to closed version of a summer kitchen. Attachment of the Windows must be carried out with the help of silicone pads, to make an even better seal. Very nice will look large Windows (floor-to-ceiling), moreover, they can pass more light, making the kitchen more spacious.

There remains the last question: "what to choose: the stove or oven?". Of course, gas (or electric) the plate and serve for daily cooking, but the old Russian wood-burning oven not only emphasize the unique design, but will give your garden plot a traditional old Russian style. To build a furnace, you need to use fire brick, and the ventilation circuit of the furnace. The advantage of a wood-burning stove for a summer kitchen is in substantial energy savings.

Final touches – decorate a summer kitchen to taste

The first step is to choose the finishing materials for outdoor kitchens. Floors can be covered with linoleum, ceramic tiles or planks, varnished. The ceiling is made out of treated wood. The walls are also sheathed with boards or optional drywall. The canopies can be separated with decorative fences (for example, carved stand for flowers).

Вариант дизайна летней кухни

Design summer kitchen

The main decoration of the outdoor kitchen is the oven, which is located along one of the walls of buildings. In addition to the furnace it is recommended to equip the room a wrought-iron items, figures of carved wood, pottery and similar accessories to complement the composition.

Decoration outdoor kitchen with their hands will not only make it unique and inimitable, but will display the inner world of the owners.

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