How to make a garden swing with their hands: master class with step by step instructions

Garden swing on the dacha are very useful garden building. Spend a little time swinging on the swings, love not only children, but adults, because during such a holiday mood and restores the nervous system (experienced psychologists with a world name have proved it). In order, that would make a garden swing your hands will not require significant material costs and a lot of free time, so do not be lazy and organize your garden plot this building, the more, now we will provide you with step-by-step instructions for creating such a useful garden furniture!

Which swing is better: wood or metal?

The range of materials, from which you can make a garden swing, not so great, mostly wood, metal or plastic. Consider the advantages of these embodiments of a garden swing:

The advantage of the wooden swing

Деревянные качели

Wooden swing

  • Ease of fabrication. In order, that would make a wooden swing with their hands, you only need to have minimal skills in working with wood.
  • Small cash costs. The price of wooden swing less, than the same built from metal.
  • Versatility. Wood can be not only a small single swing, but the sofas for several people.
  • Harmony. A wooden swing can very effectively Supplement composition of any garden style, what can be said about metal swing, which must be carefully matched to a particular garden.
  • Security. In this criterion the swing from a tree no competitors, because. wood is a soft material, so the likelihood of injury to children less.
  • Sustainability, because. wood is a natural, environmentally friendly material.

The advantage of a swing out of metal

качели из металла

swing metal

The main advantage of a swing out of metal is its durability. It is also worth mentioning, metal swing can be forged, demountable and welded, each of the options would attract the attention of visitors and to complement the garden style, especially if the swing wrought.

Plastic swing

Пластиковые качели

Plastic swing

Plastic swings are good only for their low cost and wide color gamut. Deficiencies in these swing for a lot longer, among the major emit:

  • Harmfulness baby. In hot weather, plastic vaporizes in the atmosphere of harmful substances, which can harm the baby.
  • Plastic swings can serve only for small children age. Teenagers and adults this garden furniture can not use.
  • Swing, plastic reduce your view of the overall composition of the garden design.

To buy a garden swing or a do-it-yourselfer?

Выбор садовых качелей

Selection of garden swing

This issue is very controversial. On the one hand, the price swings are not so high, a wide range of species can provide any specialized store. The range of swing can be realized, using the services of Internet-shops. But on the other hand, if you make a garden swing with their hands, they will not only delight you, because. it is the fruit of your labor, but will become a unique building in your garden. So the choice is yours: buy garden swing either to do with their hands! In order, what would inspire you, below is provided a master-class on making of the swing, but first you need to determine the purpose of this garden furniture.

The purpose and design of garden swing

If you use the Internet to select swing, you will see, they are all different to each other. There are three main groups of swing: for a family holiday, for children and gazebos (porches). The differences of these groups is to load, the type of the carrier frame, design features and method of installation. Let us examine the features of each of the groups of the swing:

Garden swing for children

Садовые качели для детей

Garden swing for children

Baby garden swing can be with the frame, and without it. Frameless swing is good because, I have a simple design (seat and suspension) and they are easy to mount/demount. The disadvantage of frameless swing is a high injury rate and low level of comfort. Frame swing much easier, unlike family swing is only in size and capacity. Installation of children's swing must be firmly fixed!

Family swing

Семейные качели

Family swing

In fact, family swing is garden benches, not having the legs and suspended from the cross bar of the frame. Side frame family swing have A-shaped or P-shaped, above the upper beam is installed, the roof-canopy, and do the side columns typically deepen in the soil 60-90 cm, pouring cement mortar. Due to the size and strength on the swing can fit multiple people.

Swings for porches and gazebos

Качели для веранд и беседок

Swings for porches and gazebos

Unlike swings for porches and gazebos lies in the diversity of design and engineering solutions. They have the advantage of special design, which makes them collapsible, as well as in various installation method (as ground, and suspended).

How to make a garden swing with their hands: master-class on making this garden furniture.

Now you make sure, the creation of the swing with their hands does not represent special difficulties. Consider the example of building a wooden garden swing with A-shaped frame:

Step 1 – Choose a place for a swing

There are some nuances of the choice of location for installation of garden swing. First, what you need to pay attention to the topography of the site. Earth's surface must be perfectly smooth, what would further facilitate the process of installation of the swing. Second – the right place and functioning swing. It is best to choose the plot behind the house, that would truly make peace and you are not distracted by everyday trivia. Do not forget to also, what swing work like a pendulum, why not the back not the front should not be obstacles in the form of a tree, building, fence or anything of that sort.

Step 2 – Armed with the necessary building material and tools

As an example we chose wooden swing, requirements will be provided to the tree, from which the swing will be made. You must choose a timber without defects (knots or cracks), and also to consider, what would the grade of wood was durable. It is recommended to choose a fir, cedar, birch or oak timber.

From the materials we will need:

for the frame:

  • timber pine (size 100*100mm) 4 PCs. at 3 meter (side supports)
  • timber pine (size 80*80 mm) 1 PCs. in length 2,5 meter (the crossbar)
  • cutting Board (30*100*6000 mm) 1 PCs. (side tie)

for bench-sofa:

  • timber pine (45*56mm) 12 meters (seat frame, stand armrest and backrest)
  • sheathing Board (26*46mm) 18 meters
  • Pillow (you can buy or make with their own hands), optional
  • The suspension system and mounts (chain with large links, metal corners, the eye-bolts or suspension hooks, furniture bolts, the long and short screws)

If you want to equip a garden swing with roof, get an additional sheet of plywood or boards, you can also emphasize garden country style and make a straw roof. If you desire to construction no roof, just buy a case for a swing (their shaft on the Internet) or stitch it with their hands.

With regard to the required set of tools, it relates:

  • Screwdriver
  • An angle grinder or jigsaw
  • Elektrorubanok
  • Building level
  • Drill

Armed with the right set of tools and building materials, go to build a garden swing.

Step 3- Create side bar

Создаем боковые стойки

Create side bar

As mentioned earlier, the design of these garden swing will have A-shaped side plates. First of all, it is necessary to observe the Golden rule, contributing to the creation of sustainable design – the Foundation pillars must be wider than the seat no less than 50 cm. For example, if the seat will have a width of 80 cm, so, the distance between the vertical bars of the supports should be not less than 130 cm. Then proceed to calculate upper stand angles, which will affect the stability of the structure. Once drew all the necessary dimensions, start working jigsaw.

As soon as all the necessary elements of the side posts will be sawn off, begin to connect the design. First interconnects, the upper part of the bars, fixing their long furniture with screws or bolts.

Move to the side ties. Remember, that visually stand should resemble the letter A, lateral ties serve as a crossbar in this letter. To start, hold the layout of the bars on 3 equal parts. Very important thing is to mark the boards from ground level, not the entire length, therefore, it is necessary to conditionally discard 60 cm length of timber (that length, which the beam enters the earth). Begin to develop ties, location – border of the lower and middle third of the stands. Measure the required size of the tie, sawn off, and measure in parallel with the two sides of the racks by means of metal angles and screws.

Фиксируем боковые стяжки

Fix side ties

Optionally, make another tie, in the distance 20 cm from the top of the structure, in order that it had been more durable.

Well, in the end, cut 2 an isosceles trapezoid (10 cm tall), which is tightly fasten with metal corners and screws in the top inner side of the bars. Their purpose is an additional support for supporting crossbar.

Step 4 – Install seat

To create a comfortable seat, we need to do 2 frame: one size 200*50cm (seat), the second 200*65cm (back). The inner contour of the framework are strengthening additional vertical uprights hardness. Next, join the back and seat, with corners and screws at an angle (the optimum angle 120 degrees) and sheathe the seat facing Board. You can also set the armrests, using timber (for racks) and the remains of the boards (for plane).

The completion of the construction will be the mount for the suspension, which is created with eye-bolts. One pair screwed into the top rail of the backrest, and the second front rail of the seat.

Вид готовой конструкции качели

View the finished design of the swing

Step 5 – Installation of garden swing

That's the finish line! To start mounted transverse bearing support on the side stand (with screws), then proceed to dig pits under the counter. The depth of the pits shall not be less than 80 cm, because. the rack will go in the pit on 60 cm, and 20 cm is the bed of crushed stone. Once we excavated the rubble, placed in the pit stand and pour their concrete solution. With the help of a level, you must adjust the tilt stands (the angle should be strictly 90 degrees). Just be careful, what would stand was at the same depth, otherwise, the design will be "drunken" with the result that the swing will oscillate smoothly and quickly fail. The installed rack must be fixed rope stretch marks and leave it alone until the mortar hardens completely (the estimated time – two days).

You should pay attention to, the whole design of garden swing, you must open a protective agent (varnish), this should be done before installation!

Step 6 – The finishing touches

The final phase in the construction of garden swing your hands is as follows:

  1. Check the quality of the fastening of the cross beam and if that to bring it to perfect condition.
  2. Using a drill serverlevel holes in the beam for mounting of the rings eye bolts
  3. Mounted a bench in its place
  4. Enjoy relaxing on the swings

That's all! Garden swing handwritten production ready! Time spent a little, and pleasure will satisfy you every day! We also recommend you to read an article about, how to make outdoor shower their hands!

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