How to choose the right mower for suburban area? Some advice from experienced growers!

In order, what would gardening area looked attractive and conspicuous guests, you need to take care of your garden plot. First and foremost you need to get a lawn, which effectively decorate the yard, replacing overgrown weed. You need to understand, the lawn care is quite complicated and extremely compulsory. For aesthetic appearance of turf grass needs a lawn mower, which we now discuss.

Газонокосилка для дачиThe mower is a popular technique for garden, because. more and more gardeners decorate your site in the English style, where an integral element of the decor is a lawn grass. Because of this principle of operation of a lawn mower is often referred to as Barber the lawn, because. yards after podstrigli acquire special hairstyle. If earlier our ancestors used for lawn care plow and the scythe, now with the development of STP tools have been replaced by automated units, and this is the mower. Today the shops, specializing in equipment for the garden, offer the customer a huge selection of lawn mowers, different price, features and engine type. These devices significantly facilitate the procedure of lawn care, thus leaving more time and energy for vacations in the garden.

What you need to know when choosing a lawn mower?

To begin to pay attention to the biggest mistake buyers – they think, any device, which cuts the grass, called mower. According to this assumption, it turns out, that lawn mowers and mowers are mowers, although it is not, because they are just hay/grass, and the lawn mower performs a complex of works for the lawn care.

It is necessary to emphasize one common mistake many buyers taking on too multifunctional, expensive and powerful lawn mower for your small garden plot. It's stupid, because. the money this unit costs a lot, and to use all the features is unlikely to succeed, but then why pay more?

Another tip – choose a mower with aluminum housing, because. aluminium is resistant to corrosion, pretty durable and lightweight.

About my favorite question from buyers: "What kind of lawnmower is better, petrol or electric?"we will talk later, now let us examine a few important nuances of this device.

The cutting part

Usually, the cutting part of the mower has a two-bladed knife or chetyrehbalnoy, rotating in a horizontal plane. Therefore, the greater the length of seizure, the greater the efficiency of the unit, and therefore less work man.

The cutting height of the grass

The cutting height of the grass is a very important indicator, you want to consider when buying lawn mowers. Most models are equipped with a special mechanism, which is able to regulate the height of the mowing. There are new lawn mower, having a centralized height adjustment, which facilitates the process.

The principle of operation

A popular algorithm of the mower as follows: the device mows the grass, then throws it to the right, collecting in the collector. Next, cut grass mulching and be thrown on the lawn in powdered form. Discarded, the grass can hold moisture for several days, then it serves as fertilizer. It is important to know, that in no event it is impossible to mulch wet grass, because. the mower can be quickly fail.

Types of collector

There are three types of containers for the collector: fabric, hard plastic.

The fabric container is a very convenient option, because. it breathes well, thus creating powerful airflow, providing emission grass.

The advantage of the rigid collector is, that it is much easier to clean and easier to clean from grass clippings.

Plastic container for the collector is a budget option. It has a huge drawback – clogged grass, resulting in problems with ventilation and difficult ejection of the grass.

Тканевый травосборник для газонокосилки

Fabric grass catcher for lawn mower

Based on this, it's easy to understand, how quality mower, because the elite manufacturers of such vehicles would in any case do not put a plastic container, as a rule, set fabric. With regard to the importance of ejection of the grass, we can say, that's one of the main functions of the lawn mower, therefore, if the work will take place in difficult conditions (for example, if a garden plot filled with tall thick grass), the container will very quickly be filled.

Technical parameters of the lawn mower, you should pay attention to when buying

Газонокосилка для дачного участка

Mower for suburban area

Before buying a lawn mower should be armed at least not a great deal of knowledge about the technical part of this unit. For a start, as mentioned earlier, you should to compare the size of the lawn and amount of work on mowing grass with the characteristics of different lawn mowers, that would not throw money to the wind because of the useless extra features.

One of the most important technical parameters of the mower is the location of the drive. If the lawn has significant barriers (fences, beds, trees), it is recommended to select devices with front-wheel drive.

The width and diameter of the wheels also play an important role: the wider wheels, the smaller dents in the soil, they leave, a large diameter wheel is designed to work on uneven lawns with high grass. From expensive luxury lawn mowers are wheel bearings, with the help of which the process of mowing it becomes much easier.

Another important parameter is the width of the mower: the bigger it is, the more area can be treated in less time. However, a disadvantage is the large weight and the small maneuverability of the unit, so in a small area its use is not recommended.

Well, the "heart of the lawnmower" engine is a. When buying, do not select the device with a weak engine, because. in bad weather it is not stable and harms the General appearance of the lawn, because the blades instead of cutting, pull out the grass. If the mower is equipped with a powerful engine, these problems will not be allowed and mowing is not only wet, but tough tall grass.

Which mower is better: petrol or electric?

Very often buyers are unable to decide between the choice of a lawn mower type engine (petrol or electric). Actually, if you buy a device from quality leading manufacturers, then not the not the option will not fail.

Электрическая газонокосилка

Electric lawn mower

To begin with let's deal with the advantages and disadvantages of electric lawn mowers. It is ideal in the event, if your lawn is placed on flat terrain. If the area has a lot of stones, ditches and other irregularities, mower quickly worn out and broken. Also the disadvantage of this type of engine is that, that lawn mower can't operate in the rain or at a great distance from the energy source (because. cable length is not infinite). The main drawback – it is not possible for a long time continuously to mow the grass. With regard to the merits of a lawn mower, it, of course, environmentally friendly and quiet device. As well, unlike gasoline competitors, electric units have a relatively low weight. Recently in the market of garden machinery, a model of electric lawn mowers, which is able to work independently.

Бензиновая газонокосилка

Petrol lawn mower

The petrol mower is much better, what does not need fixed power. As the engine's power reaches 6 HP, the performance, accordingly, more than an electric mower. Width of this Assembly, on average, 46 cm, which is enough for a large garden. The disadvantages are the following:

  • Harmful emissions into the atmosphere
  • High noise level of the unit
  • A large amount of discharge, causing the weight of the lawn mower is not a small, so, to move it is not everyone's strength.

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