How to make concrete fence blocks, plates and eurofences their hands?

Fencing is the most simple protection of a suburban area at the hands of cyber criminals and prying eyes. Today, there are many building materials to create a durable and secure fence of a suburban area, various construction technologies, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Now we will talk about, what are the classification of concrete barriers, as well as provide a technology for creating concrete fence blocks.

Advantages of concrete barriers

Concrete barriers are a very popular option to protect the suburban area. Not only a country house, but different factories, enterprise, military unit, and other objects used for protection of site concrete fences.

Бетонное ограждение для дачного участка

Concrete fence for a suburban area

The advantages of the concrete, as a building material are many, the main are:

  1. High strength material
  2. Durability of concrete structures (more 50 years)
  3. The concrete surface lends itself well to decorative materials
  4. A concrete fence can be any height and width, in this case, not having joints or technological gaps
  5. The technology of erection of concrete barriers is not too difficult, so would be any vacationer

In addition to this, concrete barriers have several disadvantages, which sometimes alienate truckers from their construction. The most significant disadvantages are considered:

  1. The relatively high material costs compared to the erection of wooden or metal fence.
  2. In case a concrete fence will consist of plates or blocks, necessarily requires using special equipment – crane (because. the plate can weigh more than 500 kg), and this entails additional costs.
  3. The need for the mixer, because. manual mixing of concrete require a large investment of time.
  4. The obligatory presence of the Foundation

As you can see, a concrete fence is large material costs, which are justified by the high strength and durability, so you need to put that one under attack – or to build more cheap the fence lesser strength, or dissipate in quality concrete fencing.

It should be noted, that there is 3 main types of block concrete barriers, which differ by price, the quality and design, therefore, if you decide to build a concrete fence, there are various options, one of which will suit you. Let us examine these types.

Types of concrete barriers

First, it should be noted, what concrete barriers may be monolithic, and block (teams). And those and those require the presence of base, desirable tape because. it has good bearing capacity and high reliability.

Monolithic concrete fences are created of solid reinforced concrete, which finished with decorative material (natural stone or decorative plaster). The disadvantage of this fence is a complex technology build and more difficult to repair (because. from precast concrete fences damaged plate can easily be replaced).

As for block concrete barriers, they can be of three types:

  • of concrete blocks
  • of concrete slabs
  • Eurosatory

We consider each of them.

Construction of concrete fencing of the blocks with their hands

Block fence of concrete blocks is a construction, similar to a brick fence, but here's the main construction material are the blocks, having a much larger dimensions.

Бетонное ограждение из блоков

Concrete barrier blocks

Concrete blocks for fencing, as a rule, selected core, because. in this case, it will be convenient to reinforce the design, and set the design itself (blocks more light). Another advantage of hollow concrete blocks – relatively low price, by saving concrete and mortar.

Пустотелый блок

Hollow block

In order, what would make a fence of concrete blocks with their hands, you must first create strip Foundation, from which the reinforcement rods should go at least, than 15 cm for further ligation with the vertically mounted rods. The most appropriate fittings are considered to be 12 mm rods A-3.

The width of the Foundation should be wider, than the width of the concrete block. For example, if the block will have a width in 20 cm, the width of the Foundation should be at least 40 cm. Recommended Foundation depth – 70 cm.

The blocks are placed in rows, moreover, it is necessary to create the dressing blocks, what would the vertical joints do not coincide. Offset vertical joints relative to each other, between adjacent rows, must be at least 1/3 the length of the concrete block.

A requirement to build a concrete fence with their hands – the walls must be perfectly flat in the vertical plane, you can use ihandy level.

Построение бетонного ограждения из блоков

Construction of concrete fencing blocks

After, how to design concrete fences of the units will be built, leave the fence on 5-6 days before full bonding of the seams and start decorating fencing. Today, for that would originally decorate garden fence, use a variety of design solutions: finishing decorative plaster, decoration with natural stone, plaster "under the coat"etc.

Construction of concrete fencing slabs

A fence of concrete slabs is considered to be the most rugged and durable of all available environments. In suburban areas see a concrete fence panels can be quite rare, often this decision coming a different food base, large enterprises, but in the same military unit.

Ограждение из бетонных плит

A fence of concrete slabs

The appearance of the concrete fencing of the plates is not the most luxurious, but his purpose and does not require. In order, that would make a concrete fence panels, it is also necessary, as in the previous case, pour a Foundation and link it monolithic construction with concrete support columns, the presence of which is optional.

Concrete posts need to do with technological grooves grooves, in which will be installed plate. Based on this, you should pay attention to, what is the distance between the posts must be at least, than the length of the plate (it is best to increase the distance 3-5 cm, for easy installation of slabs). The height of the concrete supports must be slightly greater than the height of the plates, whatever fencing had a more attractive appearance.

To create a concrete fence of the plates with your hands you have to work a construction crane, because. previously mentioned, the plates have a huge weight. In this case, the material costs for special equipment covered by the low price of factory concrete slabs, so the total material costs will not be too great.

Пример заводских плит

Example of factory plates

It should also be note, that alone is a fence of concrete slabs you will not be able to do, because in addition to the crane you will need a few people to assist in the installation of concrete slabs.

Decorative finishes concrete slabs are not used, so if you have the luxury suburban areas, which is full of different elements of landscape design, the creation of a concrete fencing from panels is not really a good option.

Building eurosaver their hands

Eurosaver is the youngest option country fences and is a structure, similar to concrete fence panels.

Plates for eurofences are created on a special vibrating table: in the mold poured the concrete and laid a grid of rebar, then the vibrating table compacts the stove. The average weight of one plate for eurosaver is 90 kg, therefore, the need for the crane is missing.

To date, manufacturers of europabio offer plates of different decorative finishes and colors. As for decorative finishing, there are several variants of the front side plates: vine, brick, with columns etc. Color has a wide range of shades, from normal grey to pink and even yellow.

Construction of concrete fencing of the Euro plates is a good option, because. Euro-fence has the following benefits:

  • Low price
  • Easy installation
  • Wide assortment of colors and front sides
  • High durability
  • Ease of replacement of damaged plates
  • Care fence simple – just wash it with water from the hose
  • Can harmoniously complement garden styles

In order, to create eurosaver their hands, there is no need to create a major strip Foundation. Construction fencing easy, it is advisable to just dig in concrete posts in the ground and concrete them, then install the plate over the top.

Here we have provided you with the most popular types of concrete barriers, which you can arrange your plot. As you can see, there are several options for concrete fences, which differ in appearance, and most importantly – price. Despite this, any concrete fence have relatively similar durability, and this is also one of the important indicators.

Now we will provide you with some important tips to build a concrete fence with their hands!

Tips for creating concrete fence with their hands

The process of creating concrete barriers with your own hands is not very difficult, but, despite this, due to various deviations from the rules, concrete fence turns out poorly and after a few seasons loses its attractive appearance and protective function. That would have never happened, use the following tips:

  1. Do not attempt to build fence in the winter, possibly pull it until the arrival of spring. In winter the concrete is not as well grasped, because. water quickly freezes. If the construction of the fence is inevitable – use the mixer, warm water solution and special additives, accelerating the process of setting.
  2. Correctly select the brand of cement to sand-cementnogo solution, and in this regard, and the ratio of water/binder and aggregate. Guidelines for creating solution we have provided to you, what would get acquainted with them, read this article.
  3. If the terrain, where is planned the construction of a fence, is hilly (for example, slope), then it is recommended to create a stepped Foundation, which greatly save the consumption of building material.
  4. Buying concrete blocks, plate or eurofences, be sure to choose more popular and well-known in your region manufacturers. Poor quality material is the first cause of bad fences.
  5. If you have no experience of construction work, ask for help from professionals. They take not so much money, but do everything quickly and efficiently.

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