How to make a tree of happiness with his own hands? Photo and video master-class of creating coffee topiary

Once again, you wish to make some decorations for the home or garden with their hands? Topiary, hand-made – stylish decoration-style hand-made, which clearly complement the composition of any style. The term topiary is a decorative cut tree, in our case, because. my tree is artificial, that and the haircut will be made from scrap materials. The very tree is called the tree of happiness, so buy a ready-made product it will be wrong, after all, we have to create happiness by yourself, not buying it!

дерево счастья своими рукамиMaterial to create topiary or “tree of happiness”, can be very different, from flowers, shells, stone, paper to fresh fruit, coffee beans and chocolates. Tree of happiness can mimic the look of real wood, or buy a new fabulous shapes and colors. As for the size of the original topiary, they can range from figurines in the style of a La bonsai and to a huge room of trees. Video and photo instructions are.

How to make a tree of happiness with his own hands?

Do not think, what you have, as a beginner won't be able to make a unique topiary. All you need is an inexpensive handy tools, knowledge of the "anatomy" of the tree of happiness and a bit of creative thinking! So, to begin to understand, why is the tree of happiness. First of all the pot, stick for the trunk and a ball for the crown. How to make all these "organs" of the tree of happiness see below.

In the video a master class of creation of the topiary tree of happiness on their own.

Another video from the master class build the tree of happiness.

The pot of the topiary

We should immediately emphasize the fact, what is the size of the pot in any case should not exceed the size of the bowl for the crown of the tree of happiness, otherwise you'll ruin the whole aesthetic look of the topiary. As for the design of the pot, you can either buy colourful finished product, either decorate the pot happiness with your own hands. But it is not necessary to create a topiary with a choice of pot, because. then it will be difficult to make the tree of happiness.

Balloon crown topiary

To create the bowl for the crown, as you may have guessed, they need the ball. Make it from scrap vehicles (for example, crumple paper and wrap it with tape or thread) or try to look for plastic or rubber ball. If the balloon for the crown will be obkleivat, and protectice jewelry, you can cut the Styrofoam ball.

Stick to the trunk of the tree of happiness

Everything is simple, need to find a long flat stick, which will soon be painted or covered with tape. The main thing, that would stick was not short, because. it will go from the base of pot to the tip pierced bowl (short stick will make the low tree happiness, and then the decoration will not look).

Auxiliary materials

As for supporting materials, to create their own topiary or the tree of happiness, they include:

  • Glue.
  • Cement/gypsum/alabaster – needed in order, that would balloon the crown did not outweigh the pot and the product does not fall. To start, knead the solution, then pour it in the pot and immediately stick a stick to the trunk of the future tree, giving you happiness. If the pot and so a heavier ball for crown, a heavy solution can be replaced with foam.
  • Pebbles, glass, sand, the conch is needed in order, to decorate the base of the tree of happiness. The desired material is simply glued on top of a frozen solution.
  • Accessories for decorating the tree – they will be crowned the ball for crown. Popular variants are considered bumps, the dried flowers, stones, shell, cocktail umbrellas, bows, corrugated paper, coffee beans, beans and all, what comes to mind!

Master class create the topiary of coffee beans with their hands

To create the coffee tree of happiness you'll need:

  • Glass sand/cement/gypsum,
  • Super glue,
  • Wooden stick, length less than 20 cm,
  • About 100g of roasted coffee beans,
  • The glass-pot,
  • Plastic ball diameter 8-9 cm,
  • Mochalny brush for whitewashing,
  • The brown spool of thread,
  • Scissors,
  • Universal transparent glue,
  • Several money rubber bands,
  • Rope – twine length 50 cm.

The video shows a master class of creating coffee a topiary tree of happiness.

Guide to creating coffee tree of happiness in steps

  1. Cut with scissors in a plastic ball hole, which later will be inserted wand barrel, which will keep the ball.

    Создание кофейного дерева счастья шаг за шагом - вырезаем отверстие в шарике для палки - основы.

    The creation of coffee tree of happiness step by step – cut a hole in the ball to stick – the basics.

  2. Parse mochalny brush for whitewashing, we need strands of bast.
  3. Using the money bands fix one end of the strands of bast on a stick, grease all universal glue stick and paste thread of the bast to the top, end of the stick also fix money rubber band. Insert the stick into a plastic ball, who will play the role of the crown the future of the coffee tree.

    На фото показано смазывание всей палки универсальным клеем и обклеивание, обматывание нитью мочала доверху всей палки. На конце фиксируем резинкой.

    The photo shows blurring of the whole stick versatile glue and wrapping, wrapping a strand of bast to the top of the entire stick. At the end of the rubber band fix.

  4. Were coated ball universal glue and wrapped it with brown thread. This is necessary in order, that would be coffee beans, in the future, easier stuck.
  5. Next, begin to glue the ball coffee beans. To do this, use super glue, which is applied to each grain individually glued. Gluing it is not in one place everything, it is recommended to glue at the same time and the top and bottom. For convenience, you can use super glue, and liquid nails or a glue gun.The creation of coffee tree of happiness step by step
  6. What would the ball look more impressive, apply another layer of coffee beans to the top is glued to.
  7. Create original pot to the coffee tree of happiness with the smell of vitality and freshness. Again use thread bast, the length of which should be slightly larger than the diameter of the glass. Put on the table a number of strands of bast, grease the bottom of a glass universal glue and put on the prepared strings. The protruding ends cut.Создание кофейного дерева счастья шаг за шагом
  8. In the same way the paste and the side surface of the glass. The length of the strands of bast should 2-3 cm exceed the height of the glass. Apply the adhesive to the glass, leans against the prepared strings and cut the remains thus, that would be down all the edges have been trimmed, and at the top were for 2 cm. Then banded the bottom of the glass with twine.
    Создание кофейного дерева счастья шаг за шагом - обклеивание боковой поверхности стакана мочалом.

    The creation of coffee tree of happiness step-by-step – wrapping the side surface of the glass with urine.

    Создание кофейного дерева счастья шаг за шагомСоздание кофейного дерева счастья шаг за шагом

  9. Using universal glue long strands of bast of the paste funnel and screw in the new barrel tree.Создание кофейного дерева счастья шаг за шагомСоздание кофейного дерева счастья шаг за шагом
  10. Use in glass sand or gypsum, it is screwed into the funnel, gently pushing a "fringe".Создание кофейного дерева счастья шаг за шагомСоздание кофейного дерева счастья шаг за шагом
  11. The upper part of the Cup is also tied with twine and if necessary, trim top edge with scissors.Создание кофейного дерева счастья шаг за шагом
  12. Well, actually, your tree of happiness and ready! Now you can put at the base of the trunk a couple of coffee bean (create the look of fallen leaves) they can be placed on the crown of the tree butterfly. Put the topiary in a prominent place and enjoy its beautiful view and refreshing smell!

    Готовое дерево счастья из кофейных зерен

    Ready tree of happiness from coffee beans.

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