How to make a house for the squirrels with their hands: user build a solid and elementary balcatta.

If your suburban area is located near the forest, be sure to make a house for the squirrels with their hands. Its benefit lies in the fact, you will daily enjoy, as gostout squirrels in your garden. About, how to build belectric and what requirements must be followed in its construction, we will explain below!

Why you need to build a house for squirrels?

Домик для белки своими руками

A house for the squirrels with their hands

As squirrels live alone, they need to have their own homes. Forest option for their housing is usually a hollow tree (mainly ate) either nest on the branches. A house for squirrel performs the following functions, as:

  • Storage for food (squirrels use houses as a storage room for berries, nuts, mushrooms, seeds, etc., even in winter they go out in search of food, with the result that very often die).
  • A place for the birth of squirrels (basically, the conclusion of the squirrels is 2 times a year: in spring and summer, in the house live newborns no less 3 months).
  • Protection in winter (when the frost squirrel may not leave balcatta for a few days)

Although winter whites a handful of groups in balcatta, with the arrival of spring comes the time to breed and each animal is trying to build a house. Just in this period and is natural selection, because. the strongest survive, driving legal tenants out of their sockets.

That is why building a house for squirrels with their hands will help them in difficult times. At the same time you can build and birdhouse, which clearly complement the overall composition.

In specialized stores have a wide range of Belchatow, starting with simple and ending with house two-storey apartments. When choosing a house for squirrels, it is better to pay attention to the material of manufacture, than its luxury!

Requirements balcatta

There are a few requirements, to be followed during the construction of the house for squirrels with their hands:

  1. House for protein should be built exclusively from wood. Animals will not be in the construction of plastic or other artificial material.
  2. In any case, do not treat the wall of the house for a protein with paint or lacquer and not buy the finished product with such treatment, because squirrels are scared of artificial smell and does not dwell in this house.
  3. Observe the required dimensions of balcatta, animals love the compact and cozy houses. Perfect housing options considered: height to 55 cm, width up to 40 cm, depth 45 cm, hole to hole 7 cm in diameter.

How to install a house for squirrels?

Установка бельчатника

Installation of balcatta

In order, that would belectric reminded the animals are "native" living conditions, it must be installed, adhering to the following requirements:

  • The mount should be to the tree
  • What would whites feel safe, place the house at a height not less than 5 meters from the ground
  • The hole for the manhole, turn towards the South or East
  • Do not point the muzzle of balcatta in windy side
  • To help proteins to seal gaps in house, put on the bottom a little moss or oakum
  • Near balcatta pitch feeder for the squirrels, what would the animals faster resettled.

Caring for a house for squirrels

Because over time belectric acquires an unpleasant smell and is saturated with bacteria, there is a probability of disease of animals. What would it prevent, it is necessary to conduct a thorough cleaning of the house for protein in the end of the summer season.

Always wear rubber gloves when caring for a house for squirrels. First, you need to remove all the garbage, dirt and insulation (if it was used), then wipe the surface of balcatta a damp cloth and put fresh litter. The result is the unpleasant smell should disappear, but with the advent of autumn the squirrels will happily settle into your useful garden building!

How to make a house for the squirrels with their hands?

What would make a house for squirrels with your hands you need to have small experience in woodworking, but also have the desire and a bit of free time! All you need, to find a Board length 3 meter, width 30 cm and a thickness of not more than 2 cm.

The first step is to saw a Board on the necessary part, namely:

  • Back – 55 cm long.
  • 2 Board for 5 cm long (for mounting the birdhouse to a tree)
  • 2 the side walls, size 45*25 cm
  • 1 internal partition 25*20 cm
Составляющие конструкции бельчатника

The structural components of balcatta

The remaining pieces do not throw away, they serve as front porches.

Next, go directly to the construction:

Cut with a jigsaw a hole in the back wall – it will serve as a door. The inner contours of the hole grind with sandpaper, what would the squirrel didn't get hurt, when climb.

Отверстие для лаза

The hole for the manhole

Glue all components and connect them with screws in order, the design was more durable.

Соединение конструкции домика для белки

The connection design of the house for squirrels

Building of house completed, the finished design should look like this:

Готовое изделие

The finished product

Building a solid balcatta

Цельный бельчатник  из бревна

Whole belectric of logs

Whole belectric made of logs, diameter not less than 40 cm. You should choose a log of pine wood or oak, because. these varieties are acceptable trees for squirrels. If you select birch or aspen log, there's a chance, the animal does not want to move, of poplar cannot be and speeches. The advantage of the whole balcatta is as follows:

  • The thickness of the walls will make housing more warm
  • The design of this bright balcatta will complement any garden decor
  • Time to build this house much less

User build whole balcatta:
First, saw off from a log circle with a thickness of 4 cm. Then cut another 40-cm-thick billet, she will serve as the basis of balcatta.

Next, start cutting out the main blank cavity for a comfortable stay protein. The thickness of the walls, the end result, must be at least 3 cm. On the side we cut a hole for the manhole and, in the end, nailed previously sawed the lid to the top of the Foundation. If you wish, add porch to house for squirrels, this can be done by attaching a branch to the front side of balcatta.

All that work! You can also build a two-storey belectric with logs, this will require all the same log, only thick 85 cm.

First sawn off 2 mug from logs with a thickness of 4 cm (the first will serve as the bottom of the first floor, the second roof of the second floor). Next, the ends of the logs vydavlivaem cavity, depth 35 cm, observing the minimum allowable wall thickness. Then attach the bottom to the roof and cut 2 the holes for the manhole to the required height. Two-storey solid belectric ready!

Whole belectric their hands

Whole belectric their hands

Here, actually the whole guide to creating a home for squirrels with their hands! We also recommend you to read the article about it, how to make enclosure for dogs own!

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