How to make a sewer in private house with your own hands: how to create a sewage pit.

There are three major tasks, that need to be addressed in the construction of a private house. The first is a quality water area, to meet hygiene needs and watering the garden areas. Second – electricity home and garden functional lighting. Finally, the third consists in equipping the territory of the sewage pit, which we now discuss.

Why you need a sewer in private house?

Фото канализации в частном доме

Photos of sewage in a private house

If you live in an apartment, the question, why you need a sewer in private house, you are unlikely to occur, because. in all apartments there is water flow to the Central collector, serving utilities.

In a private home, such a luxury is rarely present, therefore, to ensure the comfort necessary to make the sewer with their hands. The first step is to determine the kind of future Sewerage: abdeshevna or separate. The first is a total cesspool, which will come not only domestic waste water, but rain or meltwater. Separate Sewerage system is more rational, because it consists of separate drains, so it becomes easier to maintain the working condition of the sewer and significantly reduced costs for wastewater treatment.

Before you start to build the Sewerage in the private house with his own hands, you need to make the necessary project to identify the range of tasks, which would carry sewage. There are two situations associated with the design of the pipeline to the sewer, namely:

  1. The house has a sink and shower, the toilet is on the street. In this case there is no need to perform work on laying complex piping with the creation of the treatment plant. You just need to bring the sewer from the house to the street and install a simple system for wastewater treatment (the sewage pit).
  2. The house has not only a sink and a shower, but the toilet. In this case, you need to build a reliable system of wastewater treatment, that would eliminate the pollution of the water of the entire area. To do this, use septic tanks, which we will discuss later.

Let us consider these situations, to understand, how to carry out the installation of the sewage system in a private house.

The installation of the sewage system in a private house

To build the sewer with their hands to purchase:

  • Cover for reinforced concrete rings with a hole for the hatch
  • The concrete ring (at least 2)
  • Luke
  • Crushed stone
  • Cement mixture, which will serve as a sealant
  • Pipes of different diameter (it is recommended to choose the diameter 50 and 110 mm)

First we need to dig a hole, in which fit the concrete ring. Further, using a crane and lowered rings on the bottom, putting them on top of each other. The bottom need to pour a layer of gravel to improve the drainage properties. After that, we put up the concrete cover and install it it Luke. All seams and joints gloss over cement mixture. Do not forget to create at the top ferro-concrete ring hole for pipe, which diameter 110 mm (it is the main), it has primykaet sewer from the house (50 mm diameter). For the installation of private sewage systems in blast furnaces will require a not much time, and it will serve for decades.

Канализация в частном доме из железобетонных колец

Sewage in a private home of precast concrete rings

The problem of Sewerage can be belorussiaya clay soil and high groundwater level, causing the treatment plant will be quickly filled.

Video installation of the sewage system in a private house

The installation of the sewage system with septic tanks

Монтаж канализации с септиками

The installation of the sewage system with septic tanks

This method is used, if the house is equipped with toilet. This drain is equipped with a special device – a septic tank. Septic is a three-compartment capacity, which gets waste water from the house and, passing through all 3 camera, water is separated from the solid residue, then it is given to filtration or absorbent pad.

For internal drainage systems are used as 110 and 50 mm plastic or cast iron pipe. Larger diameter pipe connect to the toilet, and the smaller to the sink, bath, the sink.

Requirements for laying of pipes the following:

  • The depth of the pipes in the soil must be at least 1 meter (to prevent freezing)
  • Avoid turning the pipe, because. in such places there is stagnation of sewage
  • The depth of the inlet pipes in the sump pit depends on the distance from home to the treatment plant.

The installation of the sewage system in a private house with the use of a septic tank, you need to perform, by adhering to a few useful tips:

  1. The volume of the septic tank must be calculated by a special formula: the amount of water, used by the family during the day must be multiplied by 3.
  2. Distance from house to the septic tank should be between 5 to 20 meters.
Монтаж канализации в частном доме с септиками

The installation of the sewage system in a private house with septic tank

It should be noted, today there is a wide range of different septic tanks, the difference of which is as follows:

  • The daily output of the unit
  • The maximum allowable volley reset
  • The material of manufacture of the septic tank
  • The maximum allowable short-term load

In the case without rotation of the pipe can not do either length external Sewerage more than 25 meters, it is necessary to construct a manhole. With its help it is possible to make repairs and maintenance a problem area, if that is clogged.

Смотровой колодец для канализации

Manhole for sewer

The choice of location of the sewers in private house

Выбор месторасположения канализации в частном доме

The choice of location of the sewers in private house

A careful approach to the choice of location of sewage in a private home, its efficiency will be much higher. There are the following nuances, you should pay attention when choosing the location of future sewer for the house:
1. The degree of slope of the land

2.Easy access machine-scavengers of the sewers

3. Significant remoteness (at least 5 meters) from home, various garden buildings, fence and water systems.

Although to construct the Sewerage in the private house with his hands is not so easy, this does not mean, this process is not possible without the help of a specialist. Information, we gave you, it is enough, that would make such garden building, important to take this seriously. We wish you inspiration for the construction of various garden buildings on their own and recommend you to read the article about, how to make enclosure for dogs their hands!

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