How to make a tiller for the garden with their hands: original examples of the units with photos.

Cultivation in Latin means "processing" or "cultivation". Such a unit for a suburban area, as a cultivator, is used, that would loosen the soil with a simultaneous undercutting of weeds roots.. In the market of garden machinery there are many cultivators of different type: tornado, electric, disk, rotary, milling, one- and multi-row. However, the price is sometimes so high, what emerges is the idea of creating a cultivator with your hands.

Культиватор для дачного участкаBefore the creation of the handwritten cultivator, you first need to familiarize yourself with the principle of, design and existing functions. Now we will try to understand all this and give some striking examples of self-made cultivators, which will surely inspire you to create this miracle of technology.

Classification of cultivators

Classification of cultivators is highly complex and diverse, give examples of the main subtypes of cultivators for winter.

By appointment:

  • Seedbed (steam) – used for continuous surface treatment
  • Tilled – they treat the soil, located between the rows of sowing
  • Rasteniepitateley – for working the soil between the rows with fertilizer special minerals
  • Universal – used for solid and inter-row tillage

The number of processed rows:

  • Single row
  • Multi-row

The type of the working parts:

  • Milling
  • Disk
  • Rotary
  • Lapovo

By way of attaching to the tractor:

  • Hanging
  • Trailer

Possible work angle:

  • Cultivators, working when tilted up to 20 degrees
  • Cultivators, that work with any tilt of the earth's surface


  • Light – used to work on small areas
  • Medium – used on clay soils
  • Heavy – duty professional units, which have greater engine power and the ability to attach additional equipment

The purpose of the work:

  • Amateur – budget option, which provides for simple aggregations, employees for short-term work
  • Semi-professional – Amateur differ from long-life operation
  • Professional – is the most valuable technique, which is equipped with a powerful engine and has high reliability, unlike their "colleagues"

How to choose a suitable cultivator for the land?

To get started is to understand the purpose of various cultivators.

Light cultivators are ideal for small land, which has many different areas (the garden, lawn, garden, flower garden, etc.).

The average cultivators are suitable for larger plots of land.

If you need to track only belong to you the earth, do not buy professional units, because. they are very expensive, and the whole set of features you won't use. Then why throw your money away? It will be enough to buy a semi-professional cultivator, which, of course, will last you one season!

Examples of the creation of the cultivator with your hands

In order, to create the cultivator with your hands, it takes very little time and the orientation already taken by someone self-made unit. Now we bring to your attention 5 striking examples cultivators, which was created by gardeners at home

Example # 1 – Cultivator "Smart kid"

The simplest option is a homemade cultivator is this option. All you need is a pipe (the optimum diameter 24 mm, length of the respective growth), wheel (no more 20 cm in diameter), wooden axle, which will all be fixed, as well as studs and nuts.

First, attach the pipe to the wooden sticks (axis), and further to this same axle fasten wheel with studs and nuts. As a result, the axle rests on the wheel (which are recommended to be cut from metal, thick 2-3 mm) and lifted to a certain height above the ground depending on the diameter of the wheels. Small cultivator completely assembled and ready to work. All just, quickly and easily!

Example # 2 – "Tornado"

Культиватор типа «Торнадо»

Cultivator of the type "Tornado"

Creating a homemade cultivator of the type "Tornado" is as easy and quick, as in example No. 1. We need the components of this: strip of springy steel (length -50 cm, width – 2 cm, thickness – 1,5 mm) and wooden handle.

All we need is to bend the tape into a loop, attach it to a wooden handle and sharpened the edges with a file. It is recommended to create a "tornado" in diameter, a little less, than the distance between the rows (it usually is 20 cm).

Example 3 – Disc rotary cultivator

This option of the cultivator, created by your own hands, considered more complex, but an order of magnitude more efficient than the previous. It is possible not only to cultivate the land, but to align it, harrow and break up large pieces of land. The image below shows you a General view of disk rotary cultivator, and build order now we will provide you with. As for the necessary details, conventionally indicated in figure, these include: 1 disc, 2 –axis, 3 – Bush, 4 – great clip, 5 –little loop, 6 stock, 7 tube, 8 – handle.

Дисковый роторный культиватор - схема создания

Rotary disk cultivator – diagram creation

First weld convex disks (they serve as working bodies of the cultivator) to sleeves, which are placed on the axis. Next, fix the axial ends, and for that we'll need splints, which are fixed in a large clip. Then you need to cut the top of the large bracket hole and fasten it to the pipe with handles and a crossbar. To a small bracket welded to the stock, diameter 24 mm and a length of 25 cm, in which further screwed rod diameter 16 mm.

That would give the disks a spherical shape, need to work with a hammer – strong strikes kick the bowl in the center of the disc. Immediately it is worth noting, this work heavy and require considerable physical effort.

Example No. 4 – a Cultivator of chainsaws

Культиватор с двигателем бензопилы

Cultivator engine chainsaw

That would not have to spend a lot of money for the purchase of power tillers, was circulated this example, which shows how easy it is to create a cultivator, working on the basis of the motor chainsaw. To create it need a little "make friends" with technology, and also to have or to acquire some important components, which we now talk. All we need is:

  • Metal corner
  • Fuel tank
  • Pipe
  • Wheel (preferably the rubber)
  • Sprocket on intermediate shaft (41 tooth)
  • Sprocket (approach from the moped)

So, to start with the metal area weld a frame for the cultivator in the form of a cube, size 32*32 cm. To the top of the lateral parts attach the engine, lower the fuel tank (it is recommended to weld the bracket 15*15 cm). Then install a support for the intermediate shaft (place the angled upper upright). Then the supports are attached to the longitudinal angles (this is to mount bearings suspension shaft).

The center of gravity created by the tillers will fall on the supporting surface of the wheels, what makes operating the cultivator more comfortable. To create the handles we will need metal pipe (what would the handle was hard, choose a tube diameter of 30mm).

Stars we need to create a gear ratio from the intermediate shaft to the chassis. Depending on unit and operating conditions it is necessary correctly to pick up this gear ratio.

And finally collect all the elements of the Assembly together and enjoy his work. By the way the advantage of a homemade cultivator is less demanding in relation to fuels and lubricants, what can be said about imported models.

As you can see, the creation of such a cultivator does require certain technical skills, so if your "horse" Humanities, to make this miracle of technology will itself be a good task.

Example No. 5 – Cultivator from the engine or grinder

Культиватор из  электромясорубки

The cultivator of the grinder

Another slightly tricky option of creating a device for the cultivation of the earth, which will save you money on the purchase of imported relative.

The advantage of this unit that, that rapid movement of the screw will carry out the breaking of the earth into large pieces, and slow just soften the soil.

The main element of such a cultivator is a reducer. To it will need welded 2 the area (on different sides), which will serve as the mount for the handles and axles. Selection of wheels is very important: big wheels is not easy, a little will get stuck and fail, so try to choose medium wheel.

Then machined the shaft and using sledgehammers oblivaetsya attachment for cultivator. In the remainder of the sleeve houses the shaft and welded screw-grouser. It is recommended to install the handle Assembly motor switch, that will make working more comfortable.

The provided examples are only a small fraction of cultivators, create yourself, therefore, if you have the imagination and love for art, you can create a unique unit for plowing the land. Wish you luck and brilliant ideas for creating garden machinery with his own hands! Recommend, also an article on, how to choose tiller to give.

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