Classic fence of a suburban area – picket fence with his hands

Classic garden fence is a picket fence. The reason for its popularity is the low cost, ease of installation and attractive. In order to build a picket fence with their hands, first, you need to choose the material of fence, as well as to study the manual, and then there will be described a bit lower!
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How to choose a picket fence?

Забор из штакетника своими руками

Picket fence with their hands

In order, to correctly choose the picket fence, it is necessary to consider not only the material, of which it is made (tree, metal, plastic, etc.), but his main purpose.

Do not forget, that fence in the first place is protection against intrusion on private territory, and then acts as a decorative element garden plot.

The height of the fence should not be too large, because. spoil the aesthetic appearance and formed a large shadow over the garden, causing the fruit ceases to grow and bring a harvest.

It should also be note, that fence can be not only as a fence yard, but as the fence of the flower bed inside the garden, and cage for dog or recreation areas.

Types of picket fence

The most popular types of fences are:

  • Metal fence
  • A wooden fence
  • Plastic fence

Consider the dignity of the leaders of these fencing materials – metal and wood.

Metal fence fence

Металлический штакетник для забора

Metal fence fence

A fence made of metal fence is the most elegant and durable. This material goes well with a variety of garden styles, harmoniously complementing the design of the infield. Steel, which is made from picket fence, has a thickness of from 0,5 to 2 mm. The surface metal of the fence is covered with a special anti-corrosion treatment, containing aluminum and zinc, after that, the processed material is dyed polymer (or polyester) powder paint. Manufacturers of metal fence provide a wide range of profile type: W-shaped, U-shaped, V-neck, which can be purchased individually, and sections. The standard width of the metal slats ranges from 100-140mm.

The main advantages of metal fence:

  • Strength
  • Durability
  • A wide range of colors
  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • No additional costs for the
  • The possibility of installing lighting and video surveillance systems

A wooden fence

Деревянный штакетник

A wooden fence

The erection of wooden fence on a country site will be useful to owners , who appreciate the environmental cleanliness of the environment. This type of fencing is cheaper and at the same time not less attractive. The only drawback of the wooden fence is a small life – up to 15 years (for example, the metal fence this figure rises to 20 years), although today there are many antiseptic, which considerably prolong the service life of wood, the more, if you choose these types of wood like birch or oak.

It is worth noting, most gardeners of Europe choose wooden fence, adhering to the classic style railing.

The advantage of wood fence:

  • Sustainability
  • Quick installation/dismantling
  • The diversity of forms of planks
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Versatility and reliability
  • Cheap

The fence made of wooden fence will be an excellent decoration of decoration of the garden plot, if it is decorate with carvings, metal portions for support posts, copper nails with the notched heads, etc. Another significant advantage is the combination of wooden fence with any other materials, especially with natural stone and brick rassudochny.

Combo fence

Комбинированный штакетник

Combo fence

Very harmonious and original way to decorate the front part of the infield with a combined fence. The combination is, the base of the fence and the support poles are created from brick or building block, and the space for the partitions fill metal or wooden fence. Ridiculous building blocks to further adorn the facade tile or decorative brick jointing. The main advantage of the combined fence – durability and easy mounting/Dismounting (because. the strap can be easily replaced).

How to make a picket fence with their hands?

Will provide you with simple step by step instructions create the picket fence with their hands:

Step 1 –Preparation of materials and tools

Necessary for the construction of the fence materials are:

  • Ready strap or fence Board pressure treated to straps (width 80-90 mm, thickness 25mm)
  • Wooden beams 100*100mm (for the supporting pillars)
  • Board 100*40mm (horizontal sectional ties)
  • Cement, sand, crushed stone
  • Mounting adhesive
  • Bolts with nuts and washers, screws, galvanized anchor
  • Tin or asbestos glasses (to create holes in the soil under the support poles)

Among the tools you can use the plane, a screwdriver and a handsaw, but then the process of installing a fence is not a day's work, so, that would speed up the process, it is recommended to acquire the following tools:

Необходимые инструменты

Necessary tools

  • Elektrorubanok
  • Jigsaw
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Manual actuators for mills
  • Pegs and rope for marking
  • Building level
  • Hammer
  • Shovel
  • Hand drill
  • Mites

Step 2 – Design and preparation of poles for fencing

Планировка и подготовка опор для ограждения

Planning and preparation of supports for fencing

To start mark out the future line of the fence with ropes and pegs, to treat it seriously, because. the fence must be perfectly smooth.

Next, go to the digging and pouring of the support columns under the fence. The plan of action be:

  • In the soil pulling out of the pit, depth 20-25 cm, in the distance, equal to the length of one section
  • Make concrete a mixture of cement (mark M300), sand and gravel, ratio 1*2,2*3
  • Within each pit installed asbestos glass anchor (the glass should stand strictly vertically)
  • Concrete mortar and leave it to harden for a few days (not less than 3)

It is recommended to use for the base of the fencing strip Foundation, but only in this case we have hard construction work: snatching the pit, timbering installation, reinforcement cage etc.

Step 3 – Installation of guard sections

Монтаж секций ограждения

Installation of fence segments

At that time, when the concrete will freeze (and this whole 3 day), it is recommended not to waste time and go to the manufacture of sections of the fence and pillars. In that case, if you decide to create with their hands, even the planks of the fence, you will need to use a jigsaw, in order, that would cut the strap of a certain shape. After cut out the first bar, then it will go faster: just a sample cut out other instances, not forgetting to Polish their planes and edges (using the planer, it will not take much time).

Next, proceed to the preparation of wooden supports. A wooden beam cut into segments of desired length, make it the end holes of the anchor (using a drill) and mill take out place for mounting nuts. After this unforgettable oshlifovat bars and set, removed cutter places, nut with mounting glue.

Once the solution hardens completely, you need to proceed to the final work, namely:

  • Cheat reliance on anchor
  • Cut the supports in the grooves for the horizontal
  • Fasten horizontal planks with bolts or screws
  • Install vertical slats (it is best to use the step in the half-width of the strap).
  • Ready to paint the picket fence varnish or paint.

Here, actually, and all, the construction of the picket fence with their hands completed. Quickly, just, cheap, and most importantly personally!

Photo examples of picket fences

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