Design a homemade trellis for climbing plants in theory and photo examples

Trellis for plants is an effective design, which serves to maintain the vertical plants in the garden. In order to make a trellis for climbing plants with your own hands does not necessarily have to be a man, this work is suitable for women's hands. At the time this work can take from a few hours to a whole day, depending on, have you ever previously encountered with the construction of a trellis for plants. Consider, how to make a trellis for grapes and cucumbers with the help of improvised means.

The types of tapestries

Шпалера для вьющихся растений

Trellis for climbing plants

There are many types of trellis for plants, the main are:

  • Trellis for grapes
  • Trellis for cucumbers
  • A trellis for raspberry
  • Trellis for flowers

They all have similar design, the only difference is in the height of the trellis and the material of manufacture. Next, we consider the principle of construction listed espaliers with his own hands, but first, let's give the principle of construction of conventional trellises, which is suitable for any climbing plants.

Simple trellis for plants from branches

Схема простейшей шпалеры для растений из веток

The scheme is simple trellises for plants from branches

In order, to build a simple trellis for plants from the branches we will need the following materials and tools:

  • Wooden branch, diameter 1 cm (about 20 PCs)
  • Rope
  • Wire
  • Pruners

The principle of construction is quite simple:

  1. Decompose the existing branch size
  2. The first branch stuck into the soil on 10-12 cm
  3. Insert the following branch, but only at an angle 60 degrees to the first
  4. Connect the branches at their point of crossing wire
  5. Repeat items 1-4 several times, until you get the desired size tapestry
  6. Once the design is ready, using pruning shears cut the protruding ends of the branches, to make a rectangular trellis

Build a simple trellis are completed, you can equip her climbing plants, which you prefer. As you can see a lot of time this construction does not take, material costs too scanty, but the efficiency you will see literally in a short period of time, when the plant begins to twine around her.

A more complex trellis for climbing plants with your own hands

Video tutorial of building a trellis with your hands

To build a more durable trellis, which is capable of withstanding a sufficient number of climbing plants, you need to spend a little more time & materials.

From the materials and tools we will need:

  • Planed wooden beams 30*3 mm
  • A fragment of the handle of a shovel or round dense timber
  • Screws for wood
  • Impregnating antiseptic solution
  • Dowels, diameter 8-10 mm
  • Waterproof glue for wood
  • A chisel for working wood
  • Hacksaw
  • The notched screwdriver or screwdriver
  • Electric drill
  • Paint and brush

How to build trellis:

Создаем шпалеру своими руками

Create a tapestry with your hands

  1. Make a rectangular frame trellis. For this, we choose two horizontal and two vertical slats, length 1,8 and 2,2 meter (you can use wooden beams).
  2. Cut a cross bar for the tapestry, length 35 cm. The finished width of the grid will be 42 cm.
  3. Spaced by a cut selected bars in order, that would put the crossbar. The pitch between the notches should be 35 cm
  4. Incised parts boards remove with a chisel
  5. Rails attached to wooden bars with water-resistant glue. At will the join can also be fixed with screws.
  6. By means of screws, the fastening of the vertical and horizontal part of the lattice
  7. Mark the wall for mounting to her ready-made designs of tapestries
  8. Drill drill a hole in the wall for the dowels
  9. Inserted between the wall and the trellis cylinders (it is recommended to choose the sawn chip shovel, with a diameter of 30mm)
  10. The bars impregnated with antiseptic and paint at will
  11. Ready-made trellis attached to the wall
Более сложная шпалера для растений

More complex trellis for plants

This trellis is made not so long, the main thing in advance to prepare all necessary design elements. It is suitable for any decorative climbing plants and even grape.

Trellis for grapes with his hands

Шпалера для винограда своими руками

Trellis for grapes with his hands

In order, to manufacture and install trellis for grapes in the garden, you must use a slightly different design trellis.

When the vineyard is still young allowed him to create a support in the form of pegs, dug into the ground, but after 2-3 years of growth to build a more powerful design, like a tapestry with rows of wire.

Instructions for building a trellis for grapes:

Схема построения одного из вариантов шпалера для винограда

Scheme for the construction of one of the variants trellis for grapes

To begin to deal with the supports of the trellis. For this purpose, metal poles, diameter 10-12 cm, which dig in to a depth of about 60 cm. The height of the columns from the surface shall not be less than 2 meters, the distance between the posts is customary to make at least 3 meters. Between the main legs can have additional columns, smaller diameter (6-8 cm). The length of the hedge row can be anything, but the location is recommended to choose in the direction South-North.

You can also choose instead of metal poles, wooden. As for types of wood, best not to dwell on the choice of particular solid: chestnut, mulberry, acacia, because. soft woods (birch, thuja, alder) not suitable. Wet young poles are also not suitable, therefore, it is necessary to use dry and as tight as possible.

In order, what would support have survived more than one season, they must be cleaned of bark, prosmolit and wrap with roofing felt, or at least treated with diesel oil or engine oil.

Now go to the wire. It is recommended to choose galvanized wire, because. it is more durable and more attractive looks. Just need to stretch at least 3 rows of wire: the first distance 40-45 cm from the ground, remaining above the previous one on the same distance. If the bearing metal, in order to attach the wire in advance to make holes in the poles, but if the support of the wooden, it is sufficient to attach the wire with staples.

That's actually all the nuances of building a trellis of grapes. Follow these tips instructions, and then the trellis will last you one year!

Trellis for cucumbers with your hands

Шпалера для огурцов своими руками

Trellis for cucumbers with your hands

Cucumbers are an inherent part of the garden. For proper care of these vegetables need to build a trellis for cucumbers, which will significantly facilitate the work in the garden.

Design, trellis for cucumbers is quite easy and diverse. Consider car bus:

Find the right tire from under the tractor or truck, cut one side of the tire and put it on the place, where it is planned to plant cucumbers. Next, insert into the tire, two metal rod, a convex arc up (criss-cross). Inside the circle, fill the earth and cover all the space above the tire with the cut bag, the edges of which are folded under the wheels.

Give the bag of holes, they planted cucumber seedlings and cover all with plastic wrap, edge which presses stones. During loosening of the earth and watering cucumbers film can be raised, but after that, be sure to re-cover, to protect the plant from cold and bad weather conditions.

When the cucumbers grow, the tape and the bag should be removed and in the center of the circle to set the pole fixed horizontally to the Bicycle wheel, to which stretch from the base of the wire or twine (according to him, the plant will trail up). That's all, the design of the trellises for cucumbers, made with their hands ready!

Are also good options trellis for cucumbers is hammered column, to which from its top extends to the soil wire (get a view of the hut).

The above-described structure of the trellis for grapes as suitable, only the height of the pillars is also recommended to reduce.

Originally designed trellis in the photo examples

What would inspire you to create a trellis for climbing plants, we offer to viewing photos of the tapestries, which were decorated with creativity:

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