Landscaping suburban area area 30 acres

Suburban area area 30 acres is considered to be the country larger. Very often on this site it is possible not only to embody all of the desired design solutions, but leave some space under beds with vegetables and berries. Next, we consider, how to plan a suburban area in 30 acres, as well as bring to your attention the design of a country house with large living area.

Disposition of the suburban area area 30 acres

Дачный участок площадью 30 соток

Suburban area area 30 acres

So, in addition to all those buildings, we can arrange the project in a suburban area 20 acres, for additional 1000 m2 it is recommended to establish the territory of garden and orchard fruit trees.

As for fruit trees, they need to be planted in the front yard, because. they will give the landscape design a more attractive appearance (especially in the spring, during flowering), and will be good to get enough sunlight, to facilitate rapid and effective growth of seedlings.

But the garden is better positioned for a residential home, for convenience and landscape design, because. beds with vegetables is unlikely to decorate the front part of the suburban area. To decorate the garden and at the same time to ensure that your grocery store berries, plant berry bushes around the perimeter of the garden. More ideas for the rational use of suburban area provided in the look and design of the cottages with his own hands.

If you do not want to clutter your plot garden, and use the cottage for a rest, then we advise you to equip the area with such objects, as:

  • Pool (if you do not want to create capital concrete pool, use ready inflatable, under which does not require preparatory work)
  • Barbecue area
  • Bath
  • Playground
  • Carport paired with garage (sometimes you come to the cottage not more than half a day, therefore, to drive the car in the garage is not always convenient, a carport will protect it from sun and precipitation)
  • Workshop

Landscaping suburban area 30 acres

To create a design project for a Villa plot area of 30 acres with your own hands is recommended to use special free programs for landscape design. They are not only comfortable to use, but have already pre-defined graphic objects, therefore, the design process will be faster.

We offer landscape design project of the suburban area 30 acres, created just as one of the special programs:

Ландшафтный дизайн проект дачного участка 30 соток

Landscaping suburban area 30 acres

Photo examples of the arrangement of a suburban area with an area of 30 acres

Here's how to build your plot, if its area is 20 acres and more:

We wish you good luck and creative ideas in the planning and arrangement of your suburban area with your hands!

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