A few useful tips for choosing a chainsaw for a suburban area

Today, there are many types of chainsaws, that may be suitable for different applications. The choice of a chainsaw is carried out using conventional classification components, which will be provided below.

Как правильно выбрать бензопилу?

To choose the right chainsaw, you must take into account the fact, too weak the saw will not withstand heavy loads, expensive and powerful device it is not possible to use on an inconspicuous country house. Therefore, don't be afraid to use the help of consultants, that become accustomed staff to any specialized shop. Expert assistance will not only save your money, but will also provide effective purchase, which will serve you not one season.

Types of modern chain saws

Виды современных бензопил

Types of modern chain saws

As you know, chainsaws are as low power, and powerful, crammed with many useful features. Weak to the powerful devices are chainsaws, used in a domestic environment. Using them is a one-time, episodic work on the dacha (preparation of firewood for the fireplace, baths, the grill). Due to minimal functions and weak engine power these units are famous for the low price. Their advantage is low weight, and thus in the ease of use. The average time the saw is 40 minutes a day or 20 hours per month.

Higher level are semi-professional chainsaws. They may be used in foresty, as well as any construction and repair works. In comparison with electrical saws, they are able to work longer in the order, but this time, operation inferior to professional saws. Experienced loggers use these units for cutting knots during felling.

Well, actually, professional chainsaw, who are the leaders in this type of garden machinery. Recommended use for felling trees, because. life is 10 to 16 hours a day. These units have many different functions, and hence operational capabilities. The reason for the high reliability and long service life (1500-2000 hours) is, professional chainsaws are made of durable materials, what makes them expensive.

How to choose the right chainsaw: analysis of the major components

Как выбрать подходящую бензопилу?

How to choose the right chainsaw?

Uninterrupted service life

As for the time of operation of a chainsaw before the first failure, then there is still no uniform classification, which would benefit the company to build the device features. Among the existing indices meets the time to first repair of the engine and reduce compression, and that these figures are conditional and too rough, because the term trouble-free operating life depends on the mode of use of the saw and measure loads. That would not "strata" with Assembly selection, don't be lazy and read customer reviews on priglyadevshis chainsaw.

The speed of cutting the material

Very often the choice of chainsaw customers, ship consultants such questions as: "How hard you must press on the saw when working?"or "How much time is needed, to saw a log?". The answers to these questions can be considered meaningless and incorrect, because. it all depends on the degree of wear of the parts of a chainsaw. For example, when operating the tool with a blunt saw chain does not only increase working time, but the possible exit of the saw down. So whatever speed of cutting the material was high, you must not only choose a powerful unit with regard to the shape of the cutting tooth, but watch out for those, what would the chain was constantly sharpened. To sharpen the chain is recommended after every intense work.

The presence of a reverse shock absorber

Injuries when operating a chainsaw is a very serious and leads to great harm. The cause of the injury is a blow back tool, which occurs when the drop saw, during operation, to the operator. Most often, the return stroke takes place at the meeting over the bar of a chainsaw with the surface. In order to prevent this phenomenon, the unit is set inertia brake actuator-flap, placed under the left hand running. This brake has the form of a two-position lever. Occasionally chainsaw you can find protective flap sector, through which the end of the headset is completely closed, thereby does not allow the tool to "play". Therefore, when choosing a chainsaw, pay attention to the presence of such an essential mechanism, inertial brake.

Protection from vibration

Vibration, created with a chainsaw while working, much harm to joints and ligaments human. For that would as much as possible to mitigate these harmful effects, there is such a mechanism, as anti-vibration protection. In cheap consumer saws such protection are rubber pads, which are located between the housing and the handle of the tool. Professional anti-vibration units is the principle of "two masses" – the fuel tank and arm are placed as far as possible from the engine. Therefore, at the time of purchase of a chainsaw watch, that would present anti-vibration protection, otherwise, during prolonged work with the unprotected tool after a short period of time can cause problems with blood circulation in the hands, this will lead to arthritis and osteoarthritis.

The power and weight of the device

The power and weight of the chainsaw directly affect the productivity. For those, who rarely uses this tool, this characterization is unimportant, but professional woodcutters should be taken seriously to the choice of the unit. Clear, domestic saws have a small motor power, respectively, and light weight, so much discomfort when you are working you will not feel. With regard to professional chainsaws, it is necessary to choose the optimal power – weight, moreover, the variation in the capacity they have pretty extensive.

Diamond chain

Very high impact on the performance of a chainsaw is the chain. The chains are low profile – step 0,325 inch and specialized 0,404 inch (3/8).

As for the first, they are suitable for low-power domestic chainsaws (with the volume of the cylinder to the 50 CC). The drawback of such chain – quick grinding.

The second are equipped for professional chainsaw. Such circuit can work with contaminated and frozen wood, because. their design is enhanced carbide weld Deposit. Have dedicated circuits there is a small drawback – the increased levels of vibration, which kompensiruet high performance.

As a result of numerous experiments it was established regularity:

  1. It is not necessary to equip domestic specialized chain saws, this will lead to, that the chain to bite deeply into the tree, and the engine can't pull her. As a result, will increase the load on the unit, and it will fail.
  2. It is not necessary to equip a professional low-profile saw chains, because this combination will lead to ineffective work: the chain will not move quickly sawing wood canvas.

And finally, it should be noted an important feature – in any case do not install on chainsaw parts from another manufacturer, such actions will cause damage to the tool. For example, the chain pitch the same manufacturer hardly at all 100% suited to the thickness of the leading chain wheels another company, causing the chainsaw to not work properly and will fail.

This is the least, what you need to know to buy a chainsaw. We also recommend you to read articles about, how to choose lawnmower and tiller for a suburban area. Thank you for your attention!

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