A few simple rules about, how to choose the right turf for garden

The first memories of the lawn originated with 14 century, but closer to 15 century lawn grass has been actively used as an element of landscape design. Today, there are many types of lawn grasses and the lawn, each suited to a particular garden style. The most popular is the lawn rolls, and now we will talk about, how to choose for your garden plot.

Advantage turf

Вид рулонного газона

A view turf

There are two main types of lawn seed and rolled. The roll is made in special plants, created and seeded with his own hands. As for seeded lawn, it is more durable and cheap to create, but it enjoyed only a few years after seeding, that is not good.

Семена посевного газона

Seeds of lawn seed

Turf has many advantages, among which the main are:

  • Lawn more resistant to drought and frost, and the grass turf more than just root in a new land
  • Roll lawn can, without worrying, to plant even in late autumn
  • The appearance of the lawn rolls can be enjoyed immediately after zasilania surface
  • Turf do not miss the weeds on the surface a few seasons, allowing easier care for lawn grass
  • Care of rolled turf no different from caring for turf seed
  • Grass turf has a greater immunity to diseases
  • If you buy turf from reliable and popular manufacturers, it, like grass, so the turf will have high quality, and this means that the lawn itself will be more durable

As you can see, turf has a lot of advantages, which still forced to consider purchasing this type of lawn. But, despite this, turf has the following disadvantages:

  • The high price of turf, what the majority of vacationers still prefer the cheaper seeded lawn
  • Because. today there are many producers of rolled turf grass, you can stumble on a bad product and lose money, because the lawn will lose its appearance during the season, if not accustomed
  • Another shortcoming of turf is, in the shade the grass is growing much worse, than the sun
  • The coils have a considerable weight, so alone to shift and roll them you will not succeed. For this you need to hire a team or to call friends for help, this additional material costs
  • Turf is an order of magnitude lower life, than seeding the lawn
  • Sometimes turf begins to rot because of the appearance of felt under the grass

But still the advantages of turf more, than disadvantages, which mainly depend on the quality of the material, and thus the price of production. So if you want in a short period of time to decorate your country site lawn grass, you only need to have money and a couple of hands. With the pros and cons of turf, we understand, we now turn to the main issue of this article: "how to choose the right turf?"

How to choose the right turf for garden?

That would not run into a defective product and will not be upset in the choice of turf, you need to know a few little, but very important nuances of the choice of turf, we will now provide.

Признаки качественного рулонного газона

The signs of quality turf

The first thing you need to pay attention to the height of the mowing of turf grass in rolls. If the grass is mowed very short, this suggests, what, most likely the lawn has considerable disadvantages, which the manufacturer carefully tried to hide. Height of lawn grass in rolls should be about 3 cm, the entire area of the coil height should be uniform.

Another important indicator of the quality of turf grass in rolls is its freshness. It is recommended to buy turf in a day, when the grass is cut. The main parameters of the staleness of grass are characteristic odor (rotten) and the yellow of the grass, if you came across such a product, in no case do not buy. If the lawn is fresh, then you can roll/roll roll several times, moreover, the sod and grass will not crumble.

That would be to choose the right turf for garden, you need to use a simple test, which would require only an empty pack of cigarettes. The required thickness of turf grass should be 20-25 mm, that is equal to the thickness of a pack of cigarettes. The stack (85-90 mm) equals maximum height of grass, and the width (50-55 mm) – the maximum height of mowing grass (and then, better, if the mowing height is within 30-35 mm).

Also pay attention to, what would lawn had bare spots on the front surface, the maximum area of bare patches on the roll should not exceed 10 see kV.

Another criterion for the choice of turf – grass density. If the grass is not thick, not some decorative garden plot may not be out of the question. The recommended density of the grass is 50 the blades of grass on 10 see kV.

Качественный газон в рулонах

Quality lawn rolls

It all, what you should know before, how to choose turf for garden. As you can see, nuances are not many, and they are quite simple. Finally I would like to add, what turf is best to carry dry, and after wysylania not surface to completely fill it with a little water.

Wish you luck and advise you to read the article, how herbal track their hands!

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