The design of the garden in the style of "New wave", all about plants, the components of the composition

The dream of most urban residents, as soon as possible to go to a weekend at the cottage. And in truth, the concrete walls and asphalt overshadow our daily mood, so, that would at least like to dispel your thoughts and relax a bit, often garden decor garden make a natural, untouched by human hand nature.

Садовый стиль "Новая волна"Dutch designer with a world name, Pete Rudolph, created his own style of landscape garden design, which is totally different from his "colleagues". The idea is, the garden must not contain original decorative bushes (trimmed perfect geometric shape), various small architectural forms and other ornament for garden. All you need are plants, taken from the wild, which perfectly complement each other. The name of this style he gave too unusual – "New wave". The main task of "Golfscope" style – to give the owners of the garden complete peace of mind, comfort and freedom while in the garden.

How to achieve maximum effect of the "New wave"

Природный садовый стиль

Natural garden style

The idea of the style of Piet Rudolph used the motto "Maximum effect with minimum cost". And in truth, to create a natural style not need a special exotic plants, and Vice versa, you should use simple, years. These include cereals, perennials and bulbous. Another "trick" this style is, that garden looks fantastic even with the fading of all plants.

As for the basics of composition, it consists of "romashkovidnye" perennials, Euphorbia, Burnet, sedums and Phlox. The height of the composition is created with the help of Maclay, the spiny dogfish and giant golovchatoi. The volume gives grass and umbrella plants.

The advantage of the "New wave" is, what are the components of the composition are very durable, not expensive and do not require care. All you need is soil mulching and removal of self-seeding.

The interplay of shapes and silhouettes, as the basis of style "New wave"

Игра форм и силуэтов "Новой волны"

The interplay of shapes and silhouettes the “New wave”

The main point in creating this style, is not the color palette make up the composition of plants, a harmonious combination of shapes and silhouettes of plants. If you look closely at the examples of "Golfscope" style, you can see, the colors are also chosen wisely. Not observed in bright colors, such as red, blue, yellow, and Vice versa, dominated by pastel shades. Such shades are: different variants of green, fake, silver grey, Golden and lilac. And in truth, the combination of these shades in a composition soothes, inspires and relaxes.

As for the shapes and silhouettes of plants, preference was given to "the baskets", "the umbrellas", "balls", "daisies", etc. Although in rare cases there is the presence of leaves and stems.

Due to the fact, to create a continuous line of flowering this composition almost impossible, the unique shape of the flower makes it attractive all year round.

As already mentioned, the basis of the flower garden are perennials, so they have to choose from is not very large flowers, this will give a feeling of lightness. Such perennials include: chamomile, Echinacea, astilbe and tysyacelistnik.

Among deciduous plants an advantage give Maklaya, miscanthus am and botulinic-. As for the "umbrellas" and "candles", they include the Korovyakov, digitalis and posconnika.

The calling card of the "New wave" – grass. The soft green shades of panicles and leaves, arrows can serve as a smooth transition from one plant species to another. Even in the winter, dry stalks of cereal look beautiful under a layer of snow. The only problem is these plants that, that they eventually displace other species of plants, it is therefore necessary when creating a song to dig around their roots agricultural fiber, or a piece of tin.

As for the background, which will house plants, it is necessary that it was a garden or grove. If a small garden plot, and the whole composition is placed within the fence, do not worry, you can decorate the fence with hedges and then the beauty of the "New wave" will not be called into question.

Oh and last thing when choosing the location for the flower garden is the sunlight. If the rays would nakos fall on the flower garden, all the beauty of the garden is revealed, therefore, an ideal place for plants is a South-Western or Western part of the site.

What plants need to choose for the garden in the style of "New wave"?

Растения для природного сада

Plants for the natural garden

Exotic plants will be good option for a natural style, because for them need special care (and we talked, what is the advantage of the "New wave" in the ease of care) and the trouble that, what plants will survive in these climatic conditions. So for us will be the best option to experiment with a combination of wild and cultivated plants. This technique will look naturally, surprising us with its beauty.

"Romashkovidnye" plants

From the names of plants can be understood, how it will look in a composition. For this group of plants suitable chrysanthemum, Echinacea, Daisy-leucanthemum, gelenium etc. Plants in the form of daisies will be combined with cereal and sociopathy plants. Land "romashkovidnye" blocks.


This folksy name was formed due to the corresponding shape of the inflorescence. A popular example of "umbrellas" are Phlox. Their color palette is quite diverse, ranging from white to dark purple hue. Phlox are also good because, that picky to various climatic conditions and in harmony with all types of plants.

Another example of "umbrellas" is tysyacheletii. Recently, there are new shades of the inflorescences of these plants, such as gold, Burgundy, pink.

Among other members of the "umbrellas" can be identified:

  • Sedums
  • Angelica
  • Tansy

"Antiwave" should be planted in groups-pictures, to create open space.

Sociopathy plants

Also impressive in the "New wave" plants in the form of candles, which include:

They should also accommodate groups, preferably large.

Plants "Brush"

Outstanding representatives of this group of plants are astilba Thunberg, macleya and astilba pestrolistye. "Brush" is very showy in mass, and help create harmonious transitions between groups of plants, the components of the composition of the "New wave".

Pugovkina and spherical plants

The difference between these plants is high "svetonosnost". Examples of such plants is Luke, Burnet, astrantia and Mordovskiy. The beauty of these plants is carried out at the slightest gust of wind, then they jiggle and create the dynamics of the whole composition. It is not necessary to create large groups of these plants, it is enough for a small group to the whole composition.

Plants – "screens"

This group of plants consists of the cereal. Members of the group are:

  • Calamagrostis Ostrovetsky
  • The grate burs sandy
  • Lugovik soddy
  • Switchgrass
  • Barley maned

The role of plants – "screens" – sounding songs on the sun and giving airiness and lightness of the "New wave".

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