The original decoration of the garden with plastic bottles – 50 photo ideas

For a long time, skilled designers are readily available for such a thing, as a plastic bottle. With the help of plastic bottles can be cheap and brightly decorate anything, and when it comes to garden decor, then there are no problems with the question, "what would decorate?". Now you will see for yourself.
Подделки из пластиковых бутылок

The counterfeiting of plastic bottles – palm trees.

The counterfeiting of plastic bottles is not only easy to use, but also durable. All because plastic – material, which has a lot of functions (it is easy to physical effects, able to hold any shape, not destroyed by the action of atmospheric phenomena, etc.).

Decorative fence made from plastic bottles

Декоративное ограждение из пластиковых бутылок

Decorative fence made from plastic bottles

Decoration of flower beds using plastic bottles – an inexpensive way to decorate a garden plot. Even though he is inferior to products from a natural stone, wood, etc., but when used correctly and creative performance, looks also impressive. For that would brightly adorn the flowerbed you will need approximately 50 plastic bottles, paint, brushes and scissors. The bottles can be of different sizes, depending on, if you want to make a monolith or in combination. To begin, trim the top of the bottles one-third. Further optional color cut bottles and fill them with earth. Then with a spade to mark the territory, the so-called "oasis" and invented a scheme to place the bottle (for example, 3-liter and 1.5 liter one, get the wave effect). You need to place the trimmed neck down, when all saddle, shape the core of the flower beds.

The following variant of a decorative fence – a fence made of whole plastic bottles. Type in bottles of sand or earth (for stability), paint with acrylic paint and pour in one-third the height of the contour of the flower garden. Original flowerbed completed.

If you don't have time to take care of the flowerbed, the whole bed can be made from plastic bottles. Don't be afraid, it will look pretty attractive, and most importantly original. In the figure "ladybug" consider, how is this design method

We need 182 plastic bottles of the same size. For a start, as in the first case, cut off the neck. Then 80 bottles of paint in black, 100 in red and 2 in white.

Start processing ladybugs. First, pour a small mound of dirt, pour it with water and if needed add more land, you should get the hill. Further round the hill with stone and begin to use bottle. The first thing, conditionally divide the cow in half, put bottles of black muzzle (this is where a quarter of the hill), don't forget about the eyes, which will serve as white bottle. Important point – all bottles should be placed upside down. After, how to put a muzzle, start making the back and wings. Back do of the remaining black bottle, wings of red. This type of decorative fencing is very good to hide unused builders screenings, which are habitually taken from the yard.

 «Божья коровка» своими руками

"Ladybug" with their hands out plastic bottles.

Original cello from plastic bottles

Оригинальное кашло из пластиковых бутылок

Original cello from plastic bottles

To decorate the bleak bare wall we again come in handy plastic bottle. Kaslo, like nothing else adorns the wall, and if we decorated kaslo, then your wall can become an object of admiration. So, to start, cut the bottle in half. We need a bottom (the top is not to throw, later you will understand why). With red-hot awls make drainage holes at the bottom. The top is cut large strips and bend each cut, to make the "petals". In the same way, bottled smaller volume, do some more cello. Further, coloring of the resulting product with bright colors and fasten them to a dull wall. At the bottom put drainage kaslo, pour the ground up. Unique kaslo ready for planting flowers.

Bells from plastic bottles

Колокольчики из пластиковых бутылок

Bells from plastic bottles.

That is why we need the tops of plastic bottles, unused when creating kaslo. All we need to paint the top white, cover in green and cut out the so-called wave of the edges of the tops. Next, make a red-hot awl holes in the lids and using a wire connect the bells to the stem. For the stem you can use a smooth branch or iron rod. Leaves will serve as the tops of the bottles, painted green. All fastened together with wire and bells from plastic bottles is ready!

Plastic fake – "the frog Princess"

«Царевна лягушка» из пластиковой бутылки своими руками.

"The frog Princess" from a plastic bottle with your hands.

The total production time will be no longer than two hours, and the joy of this work will appear every day at the sight of a frog. To create the forgery will need one half-liter and two-liter bottles. To start, cut off the bottom from a two liter bottle, departing from below 4 cm (cutting should be strictly on the line), with the second two-liter bottle of do everything just as well, only retreat 5 cm. From the upper parts of the legs do. To do this, you must first draw them, then cut (front legs should be slightly smaller than the rear). All parts were cut (including the bottoms) paint in green color. While the paint dries, begin to create a crown. To do this, take a half-liter bottle, back down from the top 7-8 cm, draw the teeth of the crown, cut them out and painted in Golden color.

Now assemble the frog. First, a red-hot awl make a hole in the cap of the crown and the bottom of two-liter bottles (4 cm tall), connect them with wire. Further, pierce the sides of the remaining bottom and fasten to it hind legs, front fasten to the bottom of the workpiece. The top and bottom ready, now most of the torso (where is the bottom 5 cm) plug-in down and, if necessary, fill up sand (so the forgery would be more stable). It remains only to finish the assembled frog eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrow and put in a prominent place!

A family of hedgehogs made of plastic bottles

На фото семейство ежей из пластиковых бутылок.

In the photo the family of hedgehogs from plastic bottles.

Mama hedgehog and her babies will not only ornament garden decor, but will attract the interest of any child. All you need is a large and several small plastic bottles. Cut from the side of the bottle the oval, punch the awl through the drainage holes at the bottom and pulls on a bottle of grey socks. After this, sew on buttons (in the role of the eyes) and black Jersey (nose), fill the container with ground. Well in the end, ask the child to plant lawn grass on the ground in the forgery and seeing how in a few weeks to sprout "needles" hedgehogs.

Design decisions regarding plastic bottles

Bring to your attention photo examples of original fakes from plastic bottles, which you can make a variety of garden decor!

50 photo craft ideas from plastic bottles with their hands, for garden and summer house:

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