BBQ oven made of bricks with his hands: benefits and differences from the outdoor fireplace

Today, there are many options for recreation areas in the country: terrace, patio, gazebos. In order, that would make the stay in the Villa buildings more comfortable and eventful, it is recommended to equip the barbecue area, which we now discuss.

The advantage of the barbecue oven

Печь барбекю своими руками

BBQ oven with his own hands

The dignity of the barbecue oven can be listed and to list. The most significant advantage of the barbecue area is:

  • The ability to relax on a cold night
  • This building luring friends on vacation company
  • Food, cooked on the stove-barbecue is much tastier, rather than simply baked in the oven
  • The design of the furnace-a barbecue can complement and decorate garden decor

Where you want to place BBQ oven?

One of the most important requirements for a comfortable stay in the barbeque area is the correct location of this building. Well, if the layout of the space for the barbecue oven is carried out during the design of all suburban area.

Зона отдыха с печью барбекю

Relaxation area with oven, BBQ facilities

If the suburban area has been created and all garden constructions are erected, when choosing a place to BBQ keep in mind the following recommendations and requirements:

  1. BBQ oven it is advisable to place near the gazebo, patio or terrace, what would the cooking was carried out near the place of rest of the company
  2. If a suburban area does not have rest areas, listed above, it is recommended next to the stove barbecue set outdoor furniture in form of table and benches
  3. Smoke from the barbecue didn't hit the house, the furnace should be set to leeward of the room
  4. The installation of the outdoor furnace-a barbecue near the house is strictly prohibited, because. this exposes the house to spontaneous combustion
  5. The installation of the furnace BBQ near the plants is not recommended, because. they can die from excessive heat, give oven
  6. It is forbidden to install the stove-barbecue near the storage of flammable things (for example, store dry firewood)
  7. As the rest of barbecue often gets closer to the evening, consider the functional lighting of the relaxation areas, which will not only make it safer, but also decorative will beautify the entire garden area
  8. If the BBQ will be in the garden, will zamostie site paving slabs or other material, that would increase the comfort of staying in the area (hardly anyone likes to walk on the wet grass, the more that trampled the lawn will significantly impair the view of the garden plot).
  9. If oven BBQ installed at a distance from the recreation area (gazebos either terrace), it is necessary to connect the construction of the garden path

Unlike oven-barbecue from the outdoor fireplace and grill

Fireplace, grill and BBQ oven have a common similarity in all the buildings created his own flame, which is used for different purposes.

The purpose of the grill is fast and convenient to cook kebabs or grilled fish, moreover, the grill can not be part of the decor of the garden plot.

As for the outdoor fireplace and ovens-BBQ, people very often confuse them with each other, because. designs of buildings can beat identical. Unlike BBQ from the fireplace is, that the design of the outdoor fireplace does not have a grate for cooking meat on the fire.

The purpose of the outdoor fireplace is to create a warm romantic atmosphere, but oven-BBQ facilities can not only serve as an element of romance, but as a cooking device for cooking.

The difference between these two constructions is the fact, that outdoor fireplace can only be stationary, the stove-barbecue is a portable and.

Portable stove-barbecue is a very popular, because. have the following advantages:

  • Cheap
  • Compact
  • There are various designs, each of which can complement almost any garden style
Переносная печь барбекю

Portable BBQ oven

As for stationary furnaces barbecue, they are manufactured from brick or natural stone (depending on the overall garden decor).

Unlike the outdoor fireplace, stationary BBQ oven equipped with a grill for cooking meat, a cast iron Dutch oven for baking and a capacity for coals. The design of the stationary barbecue oven is designed with removable bars, which is easy to wash and you can hide for the winter, what she hadn't corrode.

As one of the differences of the furnace barbecue is a General view of adjacent elements, for example, hardly anyone will make an outdoor fireplace connected with kitchen table, and here is for oven-barbecue such a connection is very easy and correct.

How to build a oven, barbecue brick with his own hands?

The construction of the furnace-a barbecue of brick with their hands is a bit difficult job, which requires knowledge of certain skills, such as bricklaying, the creation of the ventilation of the furnace and flue, work with a solution etc. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use for such work with.

Конструкция более сложной печи барбекю

Design is more complex barbecue oven

If you are still determined to build a furnace-a barbecue with their hands, suggest you to create simplest, but it is also a comfortable design:

With the help of refractory bricks, lay in a U-shape furnace, height level with your waist (not less than 1 meter). Between parallel wall structure anchoring 2 grid at a distance of about 30 cm from each other. The upper grille will give the meat, therefore, it is necessary to make larger the grid, but lower coal, need to pick up with thicker fine mesh.

Простая печь барбекю своими руками

Simple oven BBQ with their hands

Here you comfortable, and most importantly almost no cost effective way of creating oven-barbecue with their hands!

Finally, I want to devote some attention to, how to care for stove BBQ. What would the building serve you as much time as possible, you should consider the following recommendations:

After each rest with a BBQ you must clean the mesh from the remnants of the coals (but only then, when the grill has cooled, on the following day)

That the bars did not yield corrosion, in the winter, remove it and bring in the amenities building

If oven BBQ are not protected by canopy, be sure to purchase for her case, to use the arrival of cold weather with rain and snow

If oven BBQ complemented by decorative elements made of wood or metal, treat their protective antiseptic.

It is recommended will familiarise with article about, how to draw BBQ oven their hands!

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