The retaining wall on the site with his own hands: the nuances of the calculation and construction of reinforcing structures.

If you are owner of suburban area in hilly terrain or slope, without strengthening the ground you can not do, because. this area is characterized by the slide and collapse of soil. For that would fastening design not only fulfilled its main function, but also had additional benefits, you can use them as decorative elements of the garden plot. About, how to make a retaining wall with their hands, and what material is best to choose now and we'll talk.
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Materials for the manufacture of retaining walls with their hands

Подпорная стенка своим руками

Retaining wall with his hands

Before you start choosing material for a retaining wall it is necessary to define its purpose. As mentioned earlier, the retaining wall can be a decorative element of the garden plot, and fastening structure, without which the territory can not be build.

If the retaining wall on the site will serve as a decoration, the material for its production can be a tree, gabion or brick.

Gabions are metal mesh containers, filled with boulders and pebbles. Their advantage lies in originality, the unusual appearance and environmentally friendly material.

Подпорная стенка из габионов

The retaining wall of gabions

The advantage of the wooden retaining walls are also attractive in appearance. But the existing problem of wood rot and a weak immune system to harm insects, makes choose still another material for retaining walls, moreover, the stability of the wood is not so great, this means, slopes she will not stand. In order to prolong the life of wooden retaining walls to handle the material antiseptic, and burn the lower part or coat hot bitumen.

Подпорная стенка из дерева своими руками

Retaining wall from wood with your own hands

As for the retaining walls of brick, she is quite attractive, more stable and quickly mounted. Main which must be adhered to in the construction of support walls of brick – the right to maintain the ratio of thickness to length, which should be respected within 1:3.

If retaining wall that will to retain a steep slope or area, vibration (for example, near the railway), you need to use to build such materials, as concrete and natural stone.

If you are going to erect a concrete wall more 30 cm, in advance to build the Foundation. Based on the characteristics of the soil composing the rocks, is enough thickness and depth of the design, otherwise, the retaining wall does not fulfill its intended purpose.

If the height of the retaining walls will not exceed 30 cm, the construction of the Foundation need not, however, you still have very little wall to deepen into the ground. To eliminate swelling of the soil in the winter, be sure to make a pillow of sand and gravel.

Well, the most durable and aesthetically pleasing material for a retaining wall with their hands is a natural stone. The most common natural stone is a syenite, granite and basalt. You can also make a retaining wall of Sandstone or limestone, however, they easily absorb moisture and overgrown with moss, resulting composition acquires a vintage look, which like many cottagers.

Подпорная стенка из природного камня своими руками

Retaining wall of natural stone with their hands

The device of retaining walls

For that would build a retaining wall with their hands need to start to calculate its size, and then move on to construction works.

The nuances of the calculation design retaining wall

In order, what would the retaining wall has served you for ten years, you must correctly calculate all the forces, acting on it and, based on this, choose the material and design features of the wall.

Acting on a wall of force following:

  • Its weight
  • The additional weight of the decorative elements, which can be installed on it
  • The pressure of the soil, which holds the wall
  • Forces of adhesion and friction with the ground

There are also additional phenomena, that affect the design, namely:

  • Swelling of the soil in the winter
  • Vibration (if the area is near a railroad)
  • The influence of wind (if the design has a height of more 2 m)
  • Seismic phenomena (features of the region)
  • Washing away the rain water

When calculating the construction of the supporting wall should be considered load following elements:

  • The Foundation
  • Retaining wall
  • Drainage

In order, to protect the structure from premature collapse should use the following guidelines:

  • In order, that would be the base of the wall does not wash, be sure to create drainage
  • Making the back wall a little rough, you will have more grip with the ground
  • The back face of the wall is necessary to do a slight slope to the held soil
  • That would reduce the pressure on the abutment wall, in the ground lay a large hollow items, having little weight
  • To reduce the chance of tipping of the wall on the front side you should make a small ledge console

How to make a retaining wall?

In order to make a retaining wall correctly, in addition, you need to correctly calculate its structure, it is necessary to follow the instructions, we provide:

The first step is creating a drawing of the future wall, which you will be able to calculate the required amount of materials. In that case, if the material of manufacturing retaining wall concrete, be sure to indicate on the drawing the scheme of reinforcement wall.

You are then required to mark the territory of the future wall, after that, start digging trenches, the size of which is as necessary to calculate. For example, in order to make a sustainable retaining wall of natural stone (the height of the wall 1 meter), you need to dig a trench, a width of at least 40 cm.

After the trench will be dug, be sure to fall asleep in her bed of rubble, to ensure water drainage. For gravel it is necessary to pour still 10 cm of sand and thoroughly compacted it, adding a little water. The finished pillow should be uniform throughout its length and having a small bias in the direction of the slope.

In order, that the wall was smooth (and this is one of the main conditions of the device retaining walls), you need to use the cord, strung along the trench.

The very wall must be installed at a small distance from slope, which later filled with soil with gravel and rubble (to increase the stability). Can be used as a styling liquid solution, and dry styling (if you are using natural stone), the main thing at the end to cover the joints with earth and planted them in the moss (for decoration).

Graphic video example will show you, how just built the retaining wall and even though the video was in English, I think, you all will be clear, because. nothing unusual you will not see!

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Video tutorial creating a retaining wall with their hands

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