Useful tips about, how to create a concrete mixer with his own hands

Construction can not do without cement-sand and other types of solution, which is hard work in the transfer of bulk, their mixing and delivery to the place of work. Thanks to the creation of such a miracle of technology, as a mixer, the work of the builders has become much easier and faster.

Бетономешалка для дачиDevice for mixing concrete, and in simple words "mixer" is a tank, in which to place the required ingredients of the solution and further mixed until a homogeneous mass. Price of cement mixer is relatively high, so it makes sense to replenish it your range of garden equipment, and even more, if there's a lot of repair! There is also a handwritten version of the creation of such a device. Not waste time and move on to the features of choice of mixers, as well as helpful tips creating her own hands.

Characteristics of the various types of cement mixers, as well as the nuances of their work

Пример бетономешалки, подходящей для дома

An example of a mixer, suitable for home

Пример бетономешалки, подходящей для строительных предприятий

An example of a mixer, suitable for construction companies

The sizes and shapes of concrete mixers are very different, depending on the kind of application Assembly. To perfect compact mini-mixer, designed for a small amount of the solution. If a company, engaged in construction works suburban areas or office buildings, you should choose a professional mixer, which is a huge moving concrete mixers.

There 2 the principle of operation of concrete mixers:

  • With gravitational stirring
  • Forced mixing

The device of the first type represent capacity, firmly attached to the land. Covered the ingredients do not move within the container, and here is the working body of the mixer – blades, mix the entire mixture.

As for the mixers with gravitational stirring, the essence of their work lies in the fact, the drum device, inside of which are specially placed blades, rotates, thereby causing the mixture to repeatedly fall from one blade to another, gradually turning into a smooth consistency.

It is also necessary to note several important functions of concrete mixers, which are found on many models:

  1. There are structures of concrete mixers, which allow you to rotate the drum along the horizontal axis, thereby providing the ability to pour the ready solution into a wheelbarrow.
  2. Do not interfere, and such a function of concrete mixer, as an independent loading of raw materials into the drum with subsequent discharge of the mixture. This will facilitate the construction process and keep your health from the "dragging" of heavy buckets.
  3. Some mixers can be easily disassembled, so if you are going to purchase her home, note the device of this design, this feature will allow you to save some space on your building for storing garden tools.

Existing proportions for making the concrete mix

In construction it is important to know, how to prepare the so-called "batch". For the preparation of one cubic meter of concrete should be used around 125 liters of water. This point is very important, because. excess fluid will reduce the strength of the final product.

With water sorted out, now move to the next component of the solution – sand. The sand must be with a small amount of grains, up to 5 mm. The amount of sand in the mortar – 40% of the total weight. Recommended for use with sand, gravel or crushed stone, which will make the solution stronger. The ratio of sand – gravel shall be not less than, than 1:1,2. In the case of the use of rubble – 1:2.

It should also be note, the, and the sand must be clean. Water in any case should not be with oil impurities, and sand with pieces of trash. Another point about water – in the summer it can be cold, but in the winter it is recommended to add in a solution of water, heated to 40 degrees.

How to make a concrete mixer with his own hands?

Как сделать бетономешалку своими руками?

How to make a concrete mixer with his own hands?

For that would make his own concrete mixer, you will need the following materials, as:

  • The container for mortar
  • The motor
  • Two bearings
  • Drive shaft
  • The elements of the construction frame and blades (channel, corners etc.)

Capacity for a solution of ideal plastic or metal barrel having a volume within 200 liters. Drive shaft, often, made from metal pipe. As for the materials for the construction frame and blades, they will serve various metal parts, of steel channel and steel bars.

Since the main work will be to run the motor, it is not necessary to save. It is recommended to install the drive motor with rotation speed of not less than 1500 rpm at a power of 2200 W. The speed of rotation of the drive shaft should be no more, than 48 rpm, so, require additional reducer or the corresponding pulleys of the belt transmission.

So, begin building the mixer. For a start cut in the barrel hole for the drive shaft and secure the tank with bolts. Then cut out a hatch for loading the components of the mixture (it can be placed on the side, dimensions – 25*30 cm). The edges of the hatch sheathe rubber and then install the hatch, which is fixed with hinges using the bolts. What would the hatch is not opened during operation of the mixer, you need, that would cover thoroughly in contact with the rubber, therefore, it is recommended to install the locking corners on the tightening bolt.

Inside the barrels set the base with the blades, which is created from the channels and corners, United welding. What would the solution evenly vmeshivatsya, it is recommended to leave a small gap (about 10-15 mm) between the blades and the walls of the tank.

It is necessary to create the mechanism of overturning of the tank with prepared solution, as well as the movement of the whole Assembly. This will only facilitate your work and make it faster.

Here's the original video clip, demonstrate concrete mixer, created by your own hands:

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