Planting gladioli in the garden

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Gladiolus are bulbotuberiferous perennial plants. Today, there are about 5000 different varieties of this plant. Flowers may be the most diverse color: from smoky to purple and Magenta.
Гладиолусы на дачном участке

Gladiolus on a country site

Next, we consider the basic rules of planting gladioli, the timing of flowering plants and some tips on caring for gladiolus with their hands.

The timing of the flowering of gladiolus

There 7 major groups of flowering gladioli. In addition, each group has 3 the term efflorescence (for Russia), depending on the specific climate zone: South, Center, North.

Consider the timing of flowering gladioli each group and subgroup:

  1. Very early (index OP) – South: to 70 days/ Center: to 80 days/ North: to 90 days
  2. Early (index R) – South: 70-74 day/ Center: 80-84 day/ North: 90-94 day
  3. Medium Early (index CP) – South: 75-79 days/ Center: 85-89 days/ North 95-100 days
  4. Average (index) – South: 80-84 day/ Center: 90-94 day/ North: 101-115 days
  5. Late Middle (index SP) – South: 85-90 days/ Center: 95-100 days/ North: 116-130 days
  6. Late (the index P) – South: 91-99 days/ Center: 101-115 days/ North: 131-150 days
  7. Very Late (index OP) – South: 100-114 days/ Center: 115-149 days/ North: over 150 days

Please note that, that flowering period is the time from planting gladiolus, until its full blossoming!

Recommended for beds to choose from several different varieties, what would a flower garden decorated the cottage for as long as possible.

The planting dates of gladiolus

Typically, the timing of planting gladioli depend on the temperature of the upper layer of the soil (to the depths 10 cm). The required temperature should be at least +10 degrees Celsius.

This temperature occurs most often in the second half of April, or in early may.

Treatment of gladiolus before planting

Before, as corms are planted in the ground, you must manually clear them from dry scales, then check for integrity.

If at corm will be detected the affected areas, you need to cut them, then implement the following activities:

  1. Powder cut places charcoal. You can instead use a solution of Malathion (0,2%) or manganese-sour potassium (0,1-0,5%). Corms should be placed in one of these solutions on the half hour.
  2. The room corms under the film on 2 hours.

In addition, the corm before planting, it is recommended to apply special trace elements, which strengthen the immune system gladioli and accelerate the period of their flowering 9-11 days.

Ingredients to create of solution of trace elements (on 10 liters of clean water):

  • 3 grams of boric acid
  • 2 grams of potassium permanganate
  • 1 grams of cobalt nitrate
  • 3 grams of copper sulphate
  • 0,5 grams of zinc sulfate
  • 1 gram molibdenovogo ammonium
  • 2,5 grams of magnesium sulfate

After mixing, the solution must place the corms on 12 hours.

There is also a method of treatment of gladiolus with garlic solution. This requires 4 garlic cloves, pour one liter of water and place in the prepared solution corms on 2 hours.

Planting gladioli

To start tearing a trench for the bulbs. As we have said, the depth of the trench should be 10 cm (either 3 the height of the bulb).

Посадка гладиолусов своими руками

Planting gladioli in their hands

It is recommended to lay the bulbs not just on the ground, and clean sand, peat, humus or compost.

The distance between adjacent corms must be at least 10 cm (if the bulbs are small) and 15 cm for older copies.

After this the trench with bulbs can be filled up with soil and proceed to plant care.

We also recommend you to view the video of the planting of gladioli in the ground!

Planting gladioli in their hands

Care for gladiolus

Gladioli are moisture-loving plants, so be sure to follow quality irrigation. This event must be made not less frequently, than once in 3 day, and in the morning or in the evening.

In addition to irrigation of gladioli, still need to implement the loosening of the soil every 10 days. The cultivation depth should be about 5 cm.

When the plant stretches up to, it will need to be tied up to a peg driven into close.

As weeding, because they can take nutrients, required gladioli.

After complete fading of gladioli, be sure to remove the flowers from the garden, what would be the seeds were spread in the flower bed.

Fertilizer gladioli

Growing flowers, you must fertilize them using organic and mineral fertilizers. For the entire period of growth of gladiolus fertilize only 3 times:

  • First, when first formed 3-4 the leaf on the plant
  • The second time – after the first feeding
  • Third time – during budding

For the first feeding you need to use a solution of 30 gram of ammonium sulfate, 20 grams of potassium chloride, 40 grams of superphosphate and 10 liters of water.

During the second feeding use a solution of half a liter of mullein, 30 grams of the ash and 10 liters of water.

Well, the last feeding is carried out with a solution of 10 liters of water, 30 grams of superphosphate and half a liter of mullein.

Tips on growing gladiolus

What would Your gladioli have long flourished in the suburban area and there are no special difficulties with caring for them, recommend that You consider the following tips on growing gladiolus:

  • Plants love sunlight, so sit them on a well-lighted area
  • Strong gusts of wind can break the stem of a plant, therefore, it is recommended to take care of, we landing gladioli was windless.
  • Soil for roses should be slightly acidic sandy loam or loamy.
  • On the growth and immunity of gladioli positive effect of deep tillage, as well as making ash, peat and fertilizers
  • Don't overdo the humidity of the soil. The wetland area will lead to the death of the plant.
  • Density of planting should be low, otherwise the plants will compete and displace each other from the area.
  • No need to water gladioli cold water.
  • It is forbidden to make in the soil for gladioli fresh manure. Allowed only humus.

Here is all the basic rules of planting gladioli in the ground.

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Planting gladioli in their hands
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