Russian well – original decoration for the garden + 54 photo ideas

Another element of garden design is, it is not strange, ordinary Russian well. From ancient times to our time this device has not lost its value, despite the achievement of modern technology. Properly decorated well, of course, give your garden originality and attractiveness. About, what decorations are popular and will be discussed further and will be presented 54 photo ideas decorating your cottage garden or a well, as with flowers, and without them. At the end there 3 video tutorial to create a well for the decor with their hands, with step by step actions and instructions.

The wooden structure of the well for water

Деревянный колодецMerit tree, as a building material, in fact, it looks perfectly with any of the elements of garden design. A wooden add-on for the well stylishly complement the benches, truck, barrels, flower girls and even the decorative sculpture in the form of mills. Usually, the add-in makes quadrangular, hexagonal or round shape. The wall lay a brick or a round stone and then sheathe boards. As for the roof, that make it a gable. Cover the roof of any intended material: tiles, polycarbonate, straw and even wood. To achieve the best possible combination of design, the roof of the pit is recommended in the same style and same material, that and the roof.

Functional elements and decorations well

One of the most important elements of a well is the roof. It not only protects the water from debris, but not allow it to heat up due to sunlight. One of the traditional components of the well is rotation with a chain and bucket. Such a structure may not perform a work function, but it certainly will give well even more beauty and attract the attention of others. If the add-in for a structure made of wood, a great solution is the ornament, cut this add-in. As well goes well with the colors, which can be seated near it. If somehow a wooden well won't fit into the overall composition, it can be made of concrete, masonry or wrought iron designs. This design will decorate the garden, no worse than wood.

40 Photo ideas design well wood and concrete, metal, natural stone and brick

Wells concrete, stone, metal and wood, as with the roof visor, and without it. Choose which option will fit your style and landscape design garden, suburban area.

Decorative buildings wells

Пример декоративного украшения колодца

An example of a decorative well

Not cool, in most cases, modern wells perform only a decorative role in the garden plot. At all times, for the construction of the buildings was chosen the most practical, affordable and reliable building materials, it is therefore not surprising, for the construction of the columns of wells, often, choose wooden poles with a smooth or carved surface. Around the well is recommended to lay the pavement from paving slabs, she not only harmoniously complement the overall look, but also protect the well from infiltration of surface water. As well can be part of lawn grass, wicker fence, shop handmade and other decoration items.

Flowers to decorate the well

The most time consuming process of decorating the wells is landing near a variety of decorative plants and flowers. They can be placed wherever you like, the main thing, that would not lose the aesthetic appearance of the well. Usually, places for placement of flowers are the foot wells and the roof, but none exclude option of hanging flowers in kaslo and placing pots on the walls of the well. What would blooming well did not stop, recommended combine flowers (when one Bud, others are beginning to blossom). In addition to plants, you can decorate the well wild stone, pebbles, sand and soil, with proper processing, the form will also be original and exciting.

12 Photo decoration ideas decorative Russian well flowers.

Medieval and nautical style well

 морской стиль колодца

Marine style decorative well made of stone and wood.

Античный стиль колодца

Antique style well made of stone and a wooden roof.

These two styles of decoration well, perfectly complements the unusual garden plot, giving it a unique look. As for the medieval style, to recreate the required granite, natural stone or paving stones. Perfect roof for antique well metal dome. It is important to realize the fact, an ancient well has to be combined with other elements of garden decor, and this would require a significant financial investment (to purchase a variety of sculptures, vases, etc.). Marine structure style business will be much easier. All you need, this is to wrap the pillars of a well rope, instead of the bucket to attach the beer keg, and instead of the usual wheels – something like the helm. Will not prevent also to decorate the well with decorative seashells and anchors.

In the video: how to build and decorate the well with their hands

Olga 1972 share option house for decorative well, hand made. Inside is bore with submersible pump.

The uniqueness of your well to achieve just in case, if he made you his own. All you need is a water container, roofing material, gates and poles. The first step is to build a box-borders. For this you can either use ready-made concrete ring, either put the box of bricks with their own hands. Further, in the internal contour of the box set the poles. It is better to lay gravel and pour the solution, otherwise the structure over time can parasitise. Well, in the end, mounted to the roof and installed a water tank. Once the well is built, you can go to its design, which was described above. And remember, that well, to enter into composition with other elements of the garden decor, will definitely stick in the memory of guests and every day will please your eyes, after all, you built it yourself! See manual for design of concrete well with your hands, and photo decorative wells.

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