Garden house of economy class with your own hands: photos of the original garden houses

It is not always the cottage is a two storey cottage with a large plot of land. Very often in the suburban area is a small kitchen garden with a garden house of economy class, and that's enough for a comfortable getaway from all the city's problems at the weekend. In order to build a garden house, you need to know step by step instructions, we will provide you with, and also have the necessary project.
Video, showing, how quickly you can build a garden house of economy class with your own hands!

Photos of the original garden houses

Garden houses differ anything: the shape of the roof, material performance, the design feature of, the size of the Windows etc. The roof can be shed, and saddle, pointed Gothic, multi-level, etc., it all depends on the tastes and preferences of the owners. We offer you pictures of garden homes, built with designers:

Projects garden houses

Will skip the explanations and the example images will give you original designs garden houses!

The panel construction of the garden house of economy class with your own hands

Often, those, who is able to build a garden house with your own hands, don't stop with the accumulation of sufficient amount of money to erect large country houses and even cottages. There is nothing complicated in the construction of the garden house of economy class with your own hands. All you need is to draw up a project of building and, following the instructions, step by step to make a garden house. As the main ramanarayana in the country are in the summer time, there is no need to build expensive heavy-walled garden house. As we said, the house we will have economy class, and therefore it is necessary to choose the appropriate (shield or beam). The main material of the building is 10 mm sheets of plywood (optionally, you can use more thickness), the timber is 50*50mm and insulation (in our case, the mineral wool). Go to the step-by-step instructions for creating a panel of house economy class with your own hands.

Step 1 –Do the Foundation and pour the floor

Создаем пол садового домика

Create floor garden house

There 2 popular production version of the design of a garden small house: concrete and brick.

The latter option of putting some of the pillars are of red brick. To create joists and rafters (the subfloor) use the Board section 100*50 mm, which are fastened with plates and metal corners. Can be used as edging, and unedged Board, the only difference, what unedged Board will have to cover with sheets of plywood. There is an option of laying out floor sheets chipboard, but they must be treated with linseed oil, otherwise, if water, they will rot and crumble.

If the Foundation you use concrete solution, then you need to build formwork. Before that you need to dig a hole (depth 70 cm) and to fall asleep in her sand-gravel cushion (thick 20 cm). Then built formwork and poured concrete solution. Throughout the time of solidification of the solution, it must be watered, what he hadn't cracked and has acquired the desired strength. Also will need the harness from a bar (thick 150*150 cm), which in the future will form the frame of the Board. Inside this frame is placed mineral wool (10 cm) and only after this design sewn sheets of plywood in 2 layer (to bind the sheets of plywood using PVA glue).

Step 2 – Construction of walls

Возведение стен

The construction of the walls

Our version of a garden small house – panel, therefore, the walls are double sheets of plywood.

To start at the edge of each Board the boards are nailed 50*50 mm, in the middle of the shield so nailed timber (to ensure cruelty design). The void in the shield need to score mineral wool (formed sandwich panel), for insulation. If the boards to fasten together metal corners, the design will become even stronger. When we proceed to the construction and attachment of the walls, don't forget the mounting plates. Another important point – in advance create openings for Windows and doors, because. built in design to make them much more difficult.

After, how to fully assemble a box of shields, proceed to the casing of the wind straps, and installing Windows and doors. To ensure the strength and durability of the structure, it must be treated with remedy harm bark beetle and fire liquid.

Step 3 – Installation of ceiling joists

Установка лагов потолка

The installation of ceiling joists

This stage involves laying the joists under the ceiling. This should be done as well, as I stacked logs on the floor, but only on each side of the Board are available on 20 cm in length (this is necessary in order, what would edges are not hanging over the walls). You can also experiment with the shape of the edges of the roof, if you plan to build an additional veranda to the garden house. Then there is a problem with the connection of two high level ceilings, because. from the garden house-it will be higher, and verandas below.

Step 4 – Roof installation

Установка крыши

Roof installation

This is final stage. You should prepare a ridge Board 50*150mm, rafters 50*100mm and ties for rafters (attic beams) 25*10mm. The roof was stronger than the need to install the strut. The attachment of the rafters is carried out using a long screw nails (100mm) and corners. After he secured the rafters, sheathe them with plywood (thickness not less than 10 mm) and laid the shingles or roofing material (with the help of roofing nails). The advantage should be given to the tiles, because. it is easy to install, moisture, wind-resistant and resists harmful effects.

That's all, the construction of the garden house of economy class with his own hands completed! Equip it with furniture, decorate and enjoy a welcome rest!

Садовый домик в стиле охотничьего дома

Garden house in the style of a hunting Lodge

Дизайн внутри садового домика

Design inside garden shed

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