The automatic watering system for the plants at their summer cottage: the essence and highest quality manufacturers

Today manual labour on the dacha is minimized. Instead, that would be a day to persist in the garden, you can relax in the garden and enjoy the landscape design site. This holiday we provide all the possible technology automatic garden care. One of such technologies is the automatic watering system for the plants, which replaces daily watering garden watering can or hose. This article will tell you about, what is an automatic watering system, and as some manufacturers provide a quality product.
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What is an automatic watering system for plants?

Система автоматического полива растений

An automatic watering system for plants

An automatic watering system for plants is a set of hoses, sensors, valves and sprinkler heads, that are regulated and driven using a small functional remote control.

What is an automatic watering system?

The advantage of an automatic watering system is, you can relax at the cottage, while next to you is in the process of watering and irrigation is necessary for all garden plants. This system not only will save your strength and allow you to enjoy a break, but it will significantly save water resources, that means the money for paying for them.

Very often the automatic watering system for plants set in suburban areas having a large area, occupied by flora. Also efficiently use the system in that case, if line pressure is not sufficient enough for watering plants, only in this case you need to get a water tank or dig a well (well).

Well, the last, what I wanted to say about automatic watering of plants is, the system automatically, so, it can be programmed to turn off/on in a certain period of time, for example, you know, that late at work or with relatives, and the weather is hot and you need to water the garden. In this case automatic watering system will do everything for you, and off to the next cycle.

What is an automatic watering system for plants?

The main components of an automatic irrigation system plants are sprinkler heads, solenoid valve, HDPE pipes and remote control. As well, for convenience, automatic irrigation system plants can be equipped with gidrolizata (the hydrant) and all sorts the weather sensors. Now we take a closer look at the nature and purpose of each component of an automatic irrigation system.

So, first, about what I would like to tell is the Executive body of the watering system – sprinkler heads. These devices ensure watering of plants, because. they actually spray water on the garden. Today, there are a wide assortment of sprinkler heads, which differ in the radius and irrigation by method of irrigation. With regard to the irrigation radius, it can range from a few tens of centimeters to several tens of meters, depending on the manufacturer and the size of the head. The method of watering may vary, there are stationary sprinkler heads, a jet of water which is aimed at a specific area of the garden and rotating head, flood the area around himself. Suggest to prefer fixed heads, because. rotating have a constant problem – seize, no matter how quality product. Standby sprinkler heads are hidden under the ground (aesthetic considerations) and only when it's watering time, they move in and start work. The outlet of the sprinkler heads to the surface can vary from 4-5 to 30 cm.

Поливочная головка

Sprinkler head

Next we go solenoid valve. They also play an important role in the automatic irrigation system and is required in order, to pump water to the sprinkler heads, when they receive a command from the control panel. The solenoid valve are directly connected to sprinkler heads and underground, in special protective boxes.

электромагнитные клапана

solenoid valve

HDPE pipes (polyethylene of low pressure) are the main transportation artery of water from the source directly to the place of watering. Connection of pipes among themselves can be split (by means of flanges and compression fittings) so all-in-one (special welding). Both method has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of permanent connections is the fact, what reliable pipe joint, so, will be absent their course. The plug connection is cheaper and more practical, because. the damaged area can be quickly repaired, but at the same time through the flanges can leak water over time. Both of you can connect with your own hands. Depth of laying of HDPE pipes should not exceed 40 cm.

Трубы ПНД

HDPE pipes

Well, the last, the main component of an automatic irrigation system plant is its "brains" – remote control. The remote control may have different extra keys and controls depending on model, but the main component of the controller is a microprocessor, which just takes the electromagnetic signal to the valve, which open and let the water flow to the sprinkler heads. Today, the remote controls for the automatic watering of the plants is equipped with a timer, who may signal to turn on/off water to a specific point in time, what we said.

Пульт управления системой автоматического полива растений

The remote control system of automatic watering of plants

With the basic components of an automatic irrigation system of plants, we understand, we now turn to the auxiliary, but equally important elements of the system: hydrants and weather sensors.

Hikareteku or, simply put, hydrants represent the tees in the pipeline, one branch of which has a stub (basically this faucet). The hydrant is designed to, that would connect to the irrigation system for extension hose, which will allow for watering plants by hand in areas, where for any reason it is impossible to carry out the irrigation system. This is a very handy element automatic watering system, because. at any time before to water the garden (for example, if one of the sprinkler heads went down).

Вид гидранта

The type of hydrant

Now let's talk about the weather sensors. These devices are installed on the site, where is watering, and the signal about the weather conditions on the control panel. Today the weather sensors can track humidity and air temperature/soil, the wind speed, General weather conditions etc. This allows you to more specifically adjust the watering time and frequency, reducing water consumption. For example, if the weather is rainy, the control panel will receive the signal from the weather sensor and watering will not be involved.

Please note that, that automatic watering system can only work if, when provided with adequate water pressure in the system. So the sensor should be integrated in the automatic irrigation system water pump, which will provide the normal water pressure. But at the same time, if the system is not normally pressure, pump adds nothing to it, therefore, it is necessary to separately construct the tank with a supply of water or dig a well (well) their hands. Only then your automatic irrigation system will function properly and practically does not depend on, is there water in the main thoroughfare

Водяной насос

Water pump

That's actually has all the basic and auxiliary elements of automatic watering system, now consider the most reliable manufacturers of this equipment.

The best manufacturers of automatic system watering plants

Today the market of equipment and accessories for suburban area has a wide range of products from different manufacturers. That would not buy a "pig in bag" and not upset the automatic watering system for the plants due to the fact, she is constantly out of order, it is necessary to give preference to higher quality, a well-established market manufacturers, the names of which we have provided below.

So, our rating is headed by the American company Hunter, which specializiruetsya on irrigation technology and is a leader in this industry. Of course, is their products are relatively expensive, but the quality is at the highest level. Company's business card Hunter is the radius of the irrigation sprinkler heads. American company first of all made head, can dissipate the water on the distance to 24 meters, ideal for large areas, the laid lawn. The record company is sprinklers, which can dissipate the water in the radius 30 feet from sprinkler heads.

Another American company, the products which we suggest is Rain Bird. Automatic watering system plants of this company are of high quality. Advantage products Rain Bird is, that their system have distinctive design features, which allow you to more quickly and easily installed irrigation on a country site.

In addition to the American companies well established Italian firm Claber, products which is high quality and made from environmentally friendly materials. The advantage of watering system Claber is the variety of elements of irrigation, which have various modifications.

Most quality hoses for drip irrigation are hoses company Metzerplas. Israeli company specializiruetsya more only on data devices and occupies one of leading places on the market of equipment for watering plants.

That's all, I would like to tell you about the systems of automatic watering plants! After reading this material, now you can safely go to market and buy its own automatic irrigation system!

What is an automatic watering system?


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