Create landscape design project of the suburban area in 4 weave: photos tiny plot

So, you have a tiny suburban plot 400 m2 – 4 weave. It would seem, that there can be no question of a comfortable and rewarding stay at this country site. But there it was, designers have found a way out and provided the design of the project, which shows, even on a small suburban plot can be all necessary outbuildings and recreation areas. Next, we will provide the design of the project site in 4 weave, and to reveal the cunning plan tiny suburban area.

Planning a suburban area in 4 weave

Planning a suburban area in 4 acres must meet the minimum requirements relaxing in the garden, and should include all necessary commercial facilities for the care of the garden and create a decorative landscape design.

Based on this, suburban area in 4 weave must include the following objects:

Of course, what vegetable garden and blooming garden at this summer cottage will not be, but still to have a rest from city problems you will be able.

Design project of the suburban area in 4 weave

Provide your attention to the most ordinary and easy design project for a Villa plot area of 4 weave:

Дизайн проект дачного участка в 4 сотки

Design project of the suburban area in 4 weave


1. Residential house, 2. Bath, 3.Hozblok, 4.Parking, 5.Wooden arch, 6.Hearth, 7. Track, stacked pebbles, 8.Decorative pond, 9. Decorative conifers (dwarf pines, thuja), 10. Alpine slide, 11. Lawn grass, 12. Inflatable pool, 13. Small flower garden, 14. A bit of garden greenery, 15. Decorative tree, 16. Fencing of hedges.

Photo examples of landscape design suburban area in 4 weave

We provide you the visual picture examples, it is fashionable to plan a suburban area with an area of 4 weave:

Please note that, to create the visual effect of the increase in suburban area, you can use this type of plan as a diagonal planning. Also at their summer cottage in 4 weave is recommended to use the idea for the garden illusion.

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