Build stone mountain slope with water, stream and boulders in the garden with his own hands + 100 photo ideas

If your cottage is located on a hill or slope and you don't know how to decorate the area, a suitable option will be to design a mountain slope with the help of the rosary, reservoirs and relevant plants, we now discuss. In the end, do mountain stone slope in the garden area with the current along the rocky boulders and a stream of water with their hands, the type of Alpine slide. Well, if you want, it is possible to turn into a full fledged rock garden, of natural large stones, mosses, bonsai trees, ferns, mountain river with lake...
Горный склон в садовом участке

The photo shows the hillside, in the garden – stone garden.

When creating the original mountain slope is very important ask for help to specialists in the field of landscape design. Immediately it should be noted, what is the design of the site will require a significant amount of money and not one day of work. For such a parcel is characterized by the design of the rock garden, rockeries or a mountain stream with waterfall. Let us consider in detail some of the popular types of design hillside.

Options for the design of garden on a hillside

На фото представлены ландшафтные сады

The photo shows a landscaped stone gardens by the stream, with stone bridges.

Landscape garden design divided into three main groups, view:

Landscaped gardens model rocky mountain elephant, the vegetation which corresponds to the natural mountain vegetation.

Fantasy gardens. Here the designer uses some professional techniques, which shows an idealized mountain vegetation.

Collector's gardens. From the name everything is clear, the flora garden is a collection of ornamental plants.

Popular ways to design a garden plot on the hillside + 24 photo

Adopt something from each style, thus create your, not repeatable countryside mountain stream on the dacha, or country house, cottage. Photo examples from the gallery below, help to choose a decent option of a mountain stream or spring, running on natural stones, giving coolness in the heat and the pleasant murmur of the water, not to mention a stunning beauty and highlight your garden.

Model Alpine highlands + 26 photo

26 photo example of landscape design of the Alpine slide, for your garden, as with a stream, and without it + diagram of the device in the context:

It is also necessary to create a rocky slope with exposed boulders. To accomplish this, needed initially when building the garden to dig up the right rocks in the ground. The rest of the place, which will remain empty, you must fill limestone or granite gravel, which will create a imitation of rock scree.

Japanese stone garden + 36 photo examples

38 photo examples of the design style of Japanese garden of stones, see our photo gallery:

Japanese rock garden give your infield of aristocracy and sophistication. Only here to do his own hands, without the help of professionals, you obviously will not work. For this type of landscape design the necessary skills in this area, knowing some of the nuances of design, and subtle design taste.

The main objective in the design of Japanese garden of stones – to show all elements with a winning hand.. Surprisingly, the classic design Japanese garden bridges, lanterns and bamboo, there is no. The slope issue in the form of a rock-slide. The flora on the rocks created from lichens and moss. As one of the dominant elements of the garden must be water, harmoniously included in the overall composition. For Japanese stone garden not suitable plants with bright color, because. its main task is to create a place for relaxation. Therefore, the color of the plants chosen cool shades. Among woody plant species preference of the dwarf barely, the mountain pine and mahonia.

Making a stone garden in the style of "Mountain valley" – 14 photo

The lower part of the slope can be effectively to draw in the style of a mountain valley, for this it is necessary to place at the foot of your slope, few boulders and boulders in random order. Next to them plant the shrubs and conifers, such as: pine, juniper, thuja. Just don't forget about track, you can cobble of natural stone for, what would the composition seemed more natural. Around tracks it is recommended to plant groups of bulbs and small annuals. As for the General background, they will serve as a primer, sprinkled with fine gravel.

Tips to create maximum effect of the mountain slope

Because. your site is hardly an ideal place to create a hillside, landscape designers often use some simple techniques to compensate for different "stocks" of the location of the garden plot.

Tips for building a mountain slope in the garden:

  1. If your rocky hillside has good lighting and a drainage system, you can choose any style of a mountain slope.
  2. With rockery look great moisture-loving plants, therefore, when creating a rock garden, don't forget to do the Creek and to plant such plants, as: saxifrage, astilbe, ferns.
  3. If the slope of your garden is very steep, you can split it into terrace with the help of retaining walls.
  4. To lay the stones on dry masonry, and with a solution
  5. Ampelnye plants for vertical gardening, creeping and coniferous plants are best suited for hillside.
  6. In the process of laying create space for the root system of plants.
  7. The plants should not dominate the composition, because. the basic idea rocky slope. Therefore it is better to plant low-growing plants.

The presence of a mountain stream or pond on the hillside + 24 photo

На фото показан пример построения водоема из камней, на горном, каменном склоне.

The photo shows an example of the construction of the reservoir of stones, mountain, stone slope.

24 photo of the example design running the stream, waterfall in the garden:

Very will look spectacular Creek, flowing in pond on faces of stones and boulders. For its formation it is necessary the presence of a specialist, because the water can not only complement the composition, but improper care can ruin it. If for any reason, will not be able to make a pond, you can always create a dry Creek, which will also complement the composition. The role the water surface, you can use gravel or crushed granite. The shore of the stream, it is desirable to decorate with natural stones or suitable plants (fern, dwarf pine, lichen).

And finally I want to add, what if you create the mountain slope in his garden plot, not only is it important to use the services of professional designers with taste, but listen to your inner self. After all, the stone garden is created in order, what would you rest in him, so don't be afraid to experiment!

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