Construction of pavilions for summer with your own hands: step by step instructions and photo examples of design gazebos

In summer, suburban area is a place of rest from the bustle of the city. In order to comfortably spend the evening on a country site it is recommended to build a gazebo with your own hands: it is possible and kebabs to roast and drink coffee and have some fun noisy company. Next, we consider how to build gazebos, options for its decoration and nuances in the creation of this building.

Preparations for the construction of a gazebo with your own hands

Беседка для дачи своими руками

Gazebo for garden with your own hands

What would a pergola to serve longer and all the time perfectly complement a garden decor it is necessary to consider the following recommendations:

  1. Guarantee longevity gazebos – quality flooded basement and carefully crafted arbor material (if the tree antiseptic, if the metal – anti-corrosion treatment and paint).
  2. You must carefully prepare the place, where to locate the gazebo. If the surface is uneven make sure to align it. It is also not recommended to build a gazebo in the valley, because. rain water will drain in it and sooner or later the gazebo will begin to rot.
  3. Arbor sizes are selected based on the number of residents in the house, and taking into account the purpose of the gazebo: or for the couple's privacy, or for company get-togethers.
  4. To fit the gazebo in the overall design of the site, should make its appearance the same, as the design of the dwelling and other elements of the adjoining territory. It is recommended to use identical material, and decorate with the same plants and garden figurines.
  5. If you don't have the skills to create the design of the gazebo, and how to decorate them, it is recommended to use ready-made examples, which you can easily find on the Internet.

How to build a wooden gazebo for the garden with their hands: step by step instructions

A wooden gazebo is a classic vacation spot. The benefits of wooden gazebos next:

  • Durability
  • Easy care
  • Cheap
  • Combination stone, metal and other materials
  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Easy installation

Before you can begin creating your wooden gazebo for the garden, you need to draw the draft and count the number of required materials.

Further, all the wooden elements, gazebos must be processed antiseptic, protect from moisture, harm insects, of spontaneous combustion and other negative factors.

Of building materials need:

  • Sand
  • Rubble Piles
  • Cement
  • Fittings
  • Board
  • Wood 40*40mm
  • Screws or nails
  • Metal corners (for mounting)
  • The material of the slab roof (slate, corrugated sheet, polycarbonate, etc.)

Once the project is created, and the materials and tools prepared, proceed to the construction of a gazebo with your own hands.

Step 1 – Construction of the Foundation

Фундамент для беседки

The Foundation for the gazebo

Today, there are three., which are widely used in construction: columnar, tape and tile Foundation.

In our case we will apply the pier Foundation, because. it is the most simple and stable. Strip Foundation is also considered a good option, but it requires a lot of effort and money.

The first thing you will need to mark the area of the future shed, to do this, use wooden stakes and rope. After that, the selected area is removed layer of soil (not less than 50 cm) and then filled with a layer of sand (10 cm) and gravel (10 cm), which must be thoroughly compacted. The remaining 30 cm pit must be filled with concrete mortar in the proportion 1 the proportion of cement, 3 sand and 3 crushed stone. The solution is laid waterproofing material roofing felt, on top of which next is masonry brick.

Brick should be laid on the bars in 3-4 number, then fit another layer of roofing material. Bricklaying needed in order, that would be between the ground and the base of the gazebo was a small air pillow, to prevent rotting of the bottom of the gazebo.

Step 2 – Build the frame of the gazebo

Строим каркас беседки

Build the frame of the gazebo

After, how to create a pier Foundation, go to the construction of the frame of the gazebo. To start collect base of bars, stitched boards with nails. Then install the pillars, too, from wooden block 40*40 mm. Once the frame is assembled, sew up his boards. In addition to the boards it is possible to use other materials, for example, branches for weaving, decorative mesh or opaque curtains.

Готовый каркас беседки

Ready frame gazebos

Step 3 – Install the roof

Roofing material the roof will need to do the same, and residential building, what would the buildings combined with each other. If the house is covered with slate, the roof frame is recommended under tile dimensions, that would not crop them, but just nailed to the joists. If the roof is made of shingles, the frame of the gazebo should initially lay OSB plate, and then glue or screw the shingles.

After the gazebo with their hands will be built, you need to build her a table and benches, and also decorate using hedges or other elements of garden decor. Very effectively complement the gazebo music of wind, which will give while relaxing nice music in the background.

Готовая беседка для дачи

The finished gazebo for garden

Metal gazebo for garden

The advantage of metal arbors for the garden is its luxurious appearance and long lifetime. The iron gazebo will give the garden a rich look and attract the guests ' attention. Form metal gazebos can be very diverse: from the usual square to octagonal.

Металлическая беседка для дачи

Metal gazebo for garden

The material for the manufacture of metal gazebos is profiled tube, light weight (unlike metal corner), as well as rather durable and reliable. In order, what would the pipe do not respond to corrosion, it must be clean from rust, then progruntovat and paint.

Connection elements of metal gazebos is made by welding or with the aid of prefabricated structures. Welding of all elements can be carried out at the installation location of the gazebo, so in advance, in the shop. As for modular designs, such arbors are more profitable, because. have a lower price and easily mounted/dismantled.

Wall metal gazebo can be made in the same profile, or use on polycarbonate. The last option is much better, because. polycarbonate will facilitate the design and give arbours aesthetic appearance.

The main drawback of metal gazebos – exposure corrosion, but if you carefully handle all components with primer and paint, this disadvantage can be avoided.

In order, to emphasize the appearance of metal gazebos, you need to properly decorate it, it is recommended to use forged elements, climbing plants, garden lanterns, as well as wood inserts in the design.

The perfect combination of quality and price gazebo polycarbonate

Беседка из  поликарбоната

Gazebo polycarbonate

Recently gaining popularity of cellular polycarbonate, with the help of it do carports, the canopies over the front door and even gazebos. The advantage of gazebos made of polycarbonate the following:

  • Attractive buildings
  • Environmentally friendly material (during the fire, the polycarbonate does not emit toxins)
  • Flammability
  • High strength and elasticity
  • Well miss the sun's rays
  • High resistance to chemicals, temperature changes and mechanical stress
  • The relatively low price of the material
  • Durability

Installation of gazebos made of polycarbonate is a very quick and simple process, and as the material can take different forms, the gazebo can also be made non-traditional forms.

Photo examples of design gazebos with their hands

In order, what would the gazebo, built with his own hands, was attractive, allow cozy to relax and caught the eyes of the guests need to include fantasy and use it to the maximum. If you don't know, how to originally decorate the gazebo, we offer photo examples of design of gazebos for the garden with their hands:

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